Penthouse J is not just the name of the band, but it s also the name of the place where this music was born. Pete Gustin, the front-man and singer of the band moved to New York City in the year 2000 in order to work for Sirius Satellite Radio. Once there, he found a little place on the corner of 54 th and 7 th just steps away from the Ed Sullivan Theatre. This top floor apartment had exclusive access to an enormous rooftop patio with a beautiful view right down 7 th Avenue towards the giant television screen in Times Square. This amazing rooftop patio was the place where a great many of the original Penthouse J songs were written. The name of the apartment, in a building called “The Adlon”, was Penthouse J. Back then, Pete was writing and producing the music all by himself. Now, Penthouse J is more than just Pete Gustin. Tim Salter joined up with Pete at the very end of the work being done an the album called “Mind the Time” to contribute guitar work for the songs “Evil Inside”, “Rymin’ & Stealin” and “In A Funk”. For the band’s second album entitled “Music So Good It Should Be Illegal” Tim wrote and played not just all the guitar parts, but the bass parts as well.

Tim, having come from a heavy metal background, and Pete whose influences can be traced to Beck and the Beastie Boys have come up with a new and very exciting sound.

As Penthouse J is now taking it’s music to the street, Berklee School of Music student Pat Ryan has joined the band. He contributed some bass work to the title track of the second album and will be on stage with Pete and Tim wherever they perform.

If Pete’s voice sounds familiar to you, there might be a reason for that. If you listen to the radio, and you live in America, chances are pretty good that you've heard the voice of Pete Gustin at some point in your life. Currently, Pete is an announcer and the Creative Services Director for the highest rated sports talk radio station in America; Sports Radio 850 WEEI where he is best known for his comedy bits ( He is also the main voice of Sirius Radio's heavy metal channel called "Hard Attack" where he is often referred to as “The Voice of Hell”. In the past, he has spent time on air at WRKO, WEGQ, WPXC, WBZ and even made appearances on New York's WNEW and KTU.

Pete had been writing and performing music from as far back as 1997 when he began to create such silly songs as “Song 2”, “Recognizable Face” and “Groove Attic” which can all be heard in the “Comedy and Goofy Music” section above. Pete’s first stab at music was humorous at best, but over the years, his sound developed, and now with Tim Salter on board, Penthouse J has become something that people are really talking about.

You can keep up with the goings on of Penthouse J by visiting their MYSPACE BLOG

Above you can watch a video segment done by Fox 25's Butch Stearns on Penthouse J's lead singer, Pete Gustin. It focuses mainly on the work he does for Sports Radio 850 WEEI in Boston.