Welcome to the CARTOONS page where you’ll find a bunch of great original Flash Animations. Below are some of WEEI’s FLASH 850 Animated cartoons featuring your favorite personalities from Sports Radio 850 WEEI along with other original cartoons including The FAT Chick and Mental break. Enjoy!


Check out the installment of TOM THE ASTRONAUT

Here is the first FLASH 850 animated cartoon featuring your favorite flash boys.

Here is Episode 2. It's the follow-up to the one above.

It's FLASH 850 Episode 3 featuring Dale and Holley below.



This cartoon is actually the first one I ever created. I did this one as kind of a tutorial to learn how to do the FLASH 850 animated cartoons. People seem to love this one though. Everyone seems to know a "fat chick" like you'll meet here.

Back by popular demand, it's The Fat Chick. Watch episode 2 and tell me the fat chicks you know don't do the same exact thing.


Below, the FAT Chick stars in her very own music video with a HUGE supporting cast



This is a cartoon I developed called “Mental Break”. The two main characters voices are based on those I use for Jon Meterparel and Pete Sheppard. The cartoon is about six minutes long. ENJOY!