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2/11/14 - ROMANTIC VALENTINES GIFT SUGGESTIONS FROM MICHAEL HOLLEY - Michael sponsors anything and everything your lady might want this 14th. >>PLAY BIT
2/5/14 - WEEI IN TEXAS - hear what it sounds like when our new station in Texas joins the WEEI Sports Raio Network. >>PLAY BIT
2/4/14 - GETTING READY FOR THE RUSSIAN OLYMPICS - listen as this poor American tourist tries to check into his Russian hotel. >>PLAY BIT
1/23/14 - JACK EDWARDS VS PETER GAMMONS - a tet a tet that results in poopie and raspberries. >>PLAY BIT
1/22/14 - AMENDOLA: THE MOVIE - the story of a wide out and the one man who has loved him from the start. >>PLAY BIT
1/20/14 - PATRIOTS FANS ARE PISSED OFF - today is the one day Pats fans can truly be pissed...and thsi is why. >>PLAY BIT
1/16/14 - A DRAMATIC READING OF BENVER BRONCOS FANS TWEETS - a parody of the Spint commercials getting ready for the AFC Championship game. >>PLAY BIT
1/13/14 - PEYTON MANNING AWW SHCUCKS - the show that explores why Peyton Manning is good and Tom Brady is evil. >>PLAY BIT
1/10/14 - HULK AND THE PATRIOTS VS RIC FLAIR AND THE 49ERS - Hear why the endorsement of the Hulk for the Pats is WAY better than the one by Flair for the 49ers. >>PLAY BIT
1/8/14 - THE BEST WHITE RAPPERS EVER - decide between Alex Trebec, Bob Costas and Brian Williams. >>PLAY BIT
1/6/14 - GET ROWDY AT GILLETTE - A guide for teh fans on how to get loud for the Patriots and Colts game. >>PLAY BIT
12/13/13 - STITCH IS HEADING BACK TO BUFFALO - a loose parody of the Hangover movies comparing Stitch to Alan and sending him back to Buffalo >>PLAY BIT
12/12/13 - JENNY DELL PLAYS ANSWER THE QUESTION JERK - Hear some great answers to some great questions on ATQJ with Jenny Dell. >>PLAY BIT
12/11/13 - WEEI AT DISNEY - they are supposed to be at the Winter Meetings...but... >>PLAY BIT
12/10/13 - 43 HOURS IN ORLANDO - a horro story of a trip to Florida for Mut and Lou. >>PLAY BIT
11/21/13 - FRANCESSA LOVES A ROD - listen to the absurd love fest here. >>PLAY BIT
11/20/13 - THE GRONK SONSPIRACY - uncovering the conspiracy in the style of the Oliver Stone movie JFK. >>PLAY BIT
11/19/13 - SENILE JERRY AUSTIN TRIES TO EXPLAIN THE NON-PENALTY ON GRONK - a pretty accurate recreation of what happened on TV right after the game. >>PLAY BIT
11/18/13 - THE JETS GO TO CHUCK E CHEESE - Rex apparently took the to Dave and Buster but the way they played the next day, it might as well have been Chuck E Cheese. >>PLAY BIT
11/11/13 - FAURIER RECOMENDS CHATHAM - You want in depth Patriots breakdowns? CHRISTIAN totally recoments Matt! >>PLAY BIT
11/7/13 - MIKE SALK ON VACATION - even when he is not on teh air, he is still "on". >>PLAY BIT
11/6/13 - MAYOR SPEAK FOR MARTY WALSH - teaching Marty how to speak like a true Mayor. >>PLAY BIT
11/5/13 - 2013 RED SOX WRAP UP POEM - a poem to reflect upon the 2013 Red sox championship season >>PLAY BIT
10/29/13 - THE DUMBEST QUESTIONS OF THE 2013 MLB POST SEASON - hear the top five dumb-ass questions here. >>PLAY BIT
10/28/13 - THE TERRIBLE POST SEASON OF STEPHEN DREW - at the time of teh creation of this bit, Drew is just 4 for 47, batting.085. >>PLAY BIT
10/24/13 - LOST IN TRANSLATION - a new film starring Mike Salk asking David Ortiz questions >>PLAY BIT
10/22/13 - GREAT MOMENTS IN RED SOX HISTORY WITH MAYOR MENINO - Hear a bunch of Red Sox related gaffs from Mayor Menino here. >>PLAY BIT
5/20/11 - JACK EDWARDS NEW ALBUM - Hear 4 brnad new songs from Jack and get soem bonus material on teh B side of his debut album. >>PLAY BIT
12/16/10 - THE JETS BLAME TEH PATIOTS - They are blaming them for Trip-Gate as well as everything else bad that's ever happened to them. >>PLAY BIT
12/17/10 - BILL BURT'S BIG BIT - Composite of Bill and the Eagle Trib boys doing a Rex Ryan bit. Find the full video online. >>PLAY BIT
12/20/10 - TOM BRADY WANTS A BEE BEE FUN FOR CHRISTMAS - A true story of Tom's Christmas want set to the them of the "A Christmas Story" film. >>PLAY BIT
Salk & Holley
10/21/13 - INGLESIAS - a new film starring former Red Sox player current tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias. >>PLAY BIT
10/21/13 - 2013 ALCS HIGHLIGHT MONTAGE - Hear all the best moments from the 2013 Sox and Tigers ALCS. >>PLAY BIT
10/17/13 - FRANCESSA HATES CARRIE UNDERWOOD AND HER DUMB SONG - Mike has NOT been waiting all night for Sunday Night. >>PLAY BIT
10/15/13 - SAY SOMETHING EXCITING - on this game show we see if Bill Belichick can say something exciting. >>PLAY BIT
10/14/13 - PATS AND SOX COMEBACK WIN RAP - Rock out to the amazing comeback wins set to rockin music right here. >>PLAY BIT
10/10/13 - YOU KNOW THE SOX ARE BACK WHEN.... - They are only truly back when the fans start complaining about them for no good reason. >>PLAY BIT
10/10/13 - SKEEVY HOLLEY - listen to Michael Holley creep out over Jenny Dell getting doused in beer. >>PLAY BIT
10/9/13 - JOE MADDEN IS THE MOST INTERESTING MAN ON EARTH - parody of teh Dos Equis ads with the Manager of the Rays. >>PLAY BIT
10/8/13 - LIP SMACKING BILL BELICHICK - would you listen to The Coach lip smack for a half hour for a Klondike bar? >>PLAY BIT
10/8/13 - TBS IS THE TAMPA BAY STATION - listen to how much love TBS gives the Rays vs the Sox. >>PLAY BIT
9/24/13 - BILL BELICHICK STARS ON LAW AND ORDER WITH SALK AND HOLLEY - listen as the witness turns the tables for the first time ever. >>PLAY BIT
9/18/13 - SEINFELD ON THE METS BROADCAST - Just as (un)funny as the original show. >>PLAY BIT
9/17/13 - BILL LOVES EVERYBODY - from the creators of Everybody Loves Raymond this show features Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley. >>PLAY BIT
9/13/13 - BRADY IS WHINEY - A montage of Brady freaking out at his teammates set to teh tune of Halleluja. >>PLAY BIT
9/11/13 - MIDNIGHT MAN CRUSH - it was supposed to be Bruins Midnight Madess but Salk turned it into the Torey Krug man-crush show. >>PLAY BIT
9/6/13 - BILL BELICHICK AS A MOVER - Bill just told the press he once worked as a mover so we managed to dig up this sound of him on the job…..drinking, smoking and slacking. >>PLAY BIT
9/5/13 - FANTASY FOOTBALL NERD TALK - Hear the fantasy football Nerd-a-thon on WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
8/14/13 - TOM E. CURRIN SPORTS FLASH RAP - hear Tom E not just do a Sports Flash, but rap it! >>PLAY BIT
8/13/13 - FLASH BASH - John Saucier takes us through some of the best and biggest Flash screw ups of 2013. >>PLAY BIT
7/31/13 - ROGER CLEMENS SCREWS BOSTON YET AGAGIN - after everything he has already done, listen to Boston screw over Boston yet one more time. >>PLAY BIT
7/31/13 - THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR - for Mike Salk, MLB Trade Deadline day is teh best day of the year. >>PLAY BIT
7/30/13 - SALK AND HOLLEY DRAW A CROWD - well ok, it might not be JUST them that draw the crowd....but they are still there. >>PLAY BIT
7/26/13 - A SAFE PLACE FOR WOMEN - the Salk and Holley Show is a safe place for tmatter how nuts they are. >>PLAY BIT
7/25/13 - MINIHANE TANGUAY CRAZY LADY RAP - Hear a mash of of Kirk, Gary and the crazy lady in teh truck from YouTube in this song. >>PLAY BIT
7/24/13 - HE SAID HE SAID - a new sit-com with Clay Bucholz and John Farrell not agreeing on anything. >>PLAY BIT
7/23/13 - THE BIGGEST LIES IN HISTORY - On this cheesy music radio style countdown we showcase the biggest liars in history capped off with Ryan Braun. >>PLAY BIT
7/19/13 - K.G. AND PAUL PIERCE TO THE NETS - Hear how happy Paul was when K.G. joined him in Boston vs. how not psyched they are to be in Brooklyn. >>PLAY BIT
7/17/13 - THE SALK AND HOLLEY BAD RAP - along the lines of some of teh terrible raps Salk has been into lately, we made this one just for the show. >>PLAY BIT
7/16/13 - MEETING THE BIG 3 vs. MEETING THE 2013 CELTICS - Back to back, you will get to hear the MASSIVE difference in their intorductions in this bit. >>PLAY BIT
7/12/13 - SALK AND MUT ON NESN PROMO - a.k.a. "2 Nerds Debating on NESN"....according to a certain mid-day producer. >>PLAY BIT
7/11/13 - SALK AND HOLLEY CAUSE DAVID ORTIZ TO BREAK A RECORD - Because Big Papi spoke to Salk and Holley he went on to break a record later that night. Well...that is one way of looking at it. >>PLAY BIT
7/10/13 - MIKE SALK REALLY LOVES HIS CO-WORKERS - He reeeeeeeeeeally loves his co-workers. >>PLAY BIT
7/9/13 - THE JOHN LESTER SUCKS RAP - highlights of the recent suckiness of Lester set to music. >>PLAY BIT
6/25/13 - BASEBALL SEASON IS ON - Thank to the Bruins, you may have missed half the season, but yeah....we have baseball! >>PLAY BIT
6/24/13 - NIK WALLENDA ON THE RADIO - it was exciting on why not trying it on the radio? >>PLAY BIT
6/19/13 - GREG CAMPBELL BONE CRACKER MONTAGE - montage of teh bone cracking moment along with sound from Greg set to Bone Cracker by Shocore. >>PLAY BIT
6/14/13 - DO WOMEN LIKE BAD BOYS? - Salk and HOlley try to determine if women rally do go for the bad boys? >>PLAY BIT
6/13/13 - HAVING TROUBLE SAYING AWAKE AFTER STANLEY CUP FINAL GAME 1? - Check out this 5 Hour Energy ad parody to help keep you awake and employed. >>PLAY BIT
6/12/13 - BRUINS AND BLACKHAWKS "ENEMY" PROMO - in this promo, we TRY ot make it sound like these 2 teams are hated rivlas....but the teams are not cooperating. >>PLAY BIT
6/11/13 - TIM TEBOW EPK FROM THE PATRIOTS - Learn everything you can about the new backup QB from the most forthcoming team in the NFL. >>PLAY BIT
6/11/13 - HANNAH STORM INTRODUCES PATRIOTS FANS TO TIM TEBOW...WHILE HITTING ON HIM - Hear all the school girl giggling from the interview here. >>PLAY BIT
6/6/13 - BRUINS/PENGUINS GAME 3 MONTAGE - relive all the greatest moment from game 3 in this 2 minute montage set to some great tunes. >>PLAY BIT
6/4/13 - BUY THE SAME PURPLE LIPSTICK THAT SIDNEY CROSBY USES - Ladies, if you like it on Sidney, you will love it on your lips! >>PLAY BIT
6/4/13 - BOSTON BRUINS/CHARLES RAMSEY "DEAD GIVE AWAY" REMIX - hear highlights from Game 2 between the Bruins and Penguins set to "Dead Give Away" by Charles Ramsey. >>PLAY BIT
5/31/13 - GRONKENSTEIN - with yet anothe rsurgery under way, check out Dr. Gronkenstein put the Gronk back together again. >>PLAY BIT
5/28/13 - THE MIKE SALK FASHION FAUX PAS - Salk committed the fiendish faux pas of wearing a clashing tie. hear how this disaster happened. >>PLAY BIT
5/22/13 - TORTORELLA: SON OF THE MOST INTERSTING MAN ON EARTH - actually....just a huge D-Bag. >>PLAY BIT
5/20/13 - JACK EDWARDS IN HIS LIVING ROOM - through the magic of radio, Jack comes to the Salk and Holley show crystal clear from his living room. >>PLAY BIT
5/8/13 - MUT VS SALK: THE DEBATE - Hear the debate AND the pre-debate here. >>PLAY BIT
5/7/13 - WHY IS PHIL KESSEL SO FAT? - Mike Salk says that the Poutine is to blame! >>PLAY BIT
5/3/13 - PORNO MAX - Hear Cedric Maxwell going all X rated during the Celtics broadcasts. >>PLAY BIT
5/2/13 - NEW YORK IS WORREID - The Celtics have come back to just one game down and New York is WORRIED. >>PLAY BIT
4/26/13 - DIRTY TALK AT WEEI - Hear some dirty and bizarre talk going on over the airwaves of WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
4/26/13 - BEN GETS IT DONE - Hear how Producer Ben is the ONLY one on the S&H Show that knows what to do with a woman he has paid to see. >>PLAY BIT
4/23/13 - SWEATY SALK - Hear all about the (right) armpit problem of Mike Salk. >>PLAY BIT
4/4/13 - JOHN STERLING CHEAPENS BASEBALL - Game 2 of the 2013 MLB season and the King Clown barks out another joke of a home run call. >>PLAY BIT
6/5/13 - JACK EDWARDS ON THE NHL ON NBC - hear the "endorsement" of the NHL on NBC from Jack Edwards. >>PLAY BIT
4/3/13 - L.B PRONOUNCES JAROMIR JAGR - Listen to this Bruins expert explain just how to pronounce the name of the new Bruins forward. >>PLAY BIT
4/2/13 - THE YANKEES MOCK THE RED SOX WITH THEIR MUSIC SELECTION - They did it on opening day. Hear what other mocking tunes you might hear this season. >>PLAY BIT
3/29/13 - JAROME IGINLA TRADED TO BOSTON......NO, WAIT - Hear from Jarome where he REALLY wanted to go. >>PLAY BIT
3/21/13 - MIKE SALK LIVES WITH HIS PARENTS - WEEI has finally found a host who is just like our listeners. >>PLAY BIT
5/21/13 - SALK vs MUT ON TV - in terms of presentation, this one turned out to be JFK vs Nixon. >>PLAY BIT
3/14/13 - SALK IS COMING TO BOSTON FROM SEATTLE - Boston is nothing like Seattle....check out this bit to hear just some of the differences. >>PLAY BIT
5/14/13 - BRUINS TWEETS - Hear what Bruins "fans" where saying half way through the 3rd period of game 7 and what the SAME people were saying after O.T. >>PLAY BIT
3/12/13 - BUDDY NIX GETS PRANKED.....AGAIN - Hear the Bill GM being the butt of all sorts of jokes from other General managers. >>PLAY BIT
3/7/13 - MAX (AND OTHERS) LOVE BIG BOOTIE OPRAH - Hear about the love that Max shares with Terrence Howard and Dave Chappelle for big bootie women like Oprah. >>PLAY BIT
Dennis & Callahan
10/11/13 - WIN A CRUISE WITH JOHN DENNIS - no ALCS tickets with D&C...but you can win this! >>PLAY BIT
8/14/13 – DINO AFTER DARK – Hear what John Dennis is doing late nights on cable TV. >>PLAY BIT
6/10/13 - D&C SAY COLUMBUS IS AN ORIGINAL 6 TEAM - when you want accurante hockey talk (with no hint of sarcasm at all), you want Dennis and Callahan. >>PLAY BIT
5/31/13 - BUY THE BOSTON STRONG DVD - you can relive the concert just as it was onlilne.....shoppy and missing some stuff. >>PLAY BIT
4/5/13 - THE MORNING SHOW AND ALCOHOL - Kirk stays away from it and Dino has never had a beer in his life.......really! >>PLAY BIT
3/18/13 - KIRK MINIHANE VS EVERETT IN BRIGHTON - Hear the disagreement that will soon become a battle in the ring. >>PLAY BIT
3/13/13 - DO IT THE CALLAHAN WAY - Gerry Callahan is sick of doing thing the way the station wants him to. Now, he will be doing things his way. >>PLAY BIT
3/6/13 - TALES OF WOE FROM THE MORNING SHOW - Hear D and C explain just how hard it is to get guests in the morning….and then kinda contradict themselves. >>PLAY BIT
3/5/13 - THE DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TALK SHOW SUPERSTAR - Thing it is a glorious life? Think again....and listen to Kirk Minihane take care of business al by himself. >>PLAY BIT
2/26/13 - DENNIS, CALLAHAN AND MINIHANE LOVE PRON - being a sports talk show radio host does nto get you nearly as many women as you these guys hae to resort to the same stuff you do. >>PLAY BIT
211/13 - STORM PORN - During the Blizzard of 2013, the weather reporters got a little TOO excited about the snow. >>PLAY BIT
2/5/13 - LOUD SEX IS GOOD SEX - Hear Kevin Winter give examples of how loud sex can be great sex. >>PLAY BIT
2/4/13 - GOD MADE DENNIS AND CALLAHAN - parody of the Paul Harvey "God Made A Farmer" spot heard on the Super Bowl. >>PLAY BIT
2/1/13 - RONAIAH TUIASOSOPO TALKS TO HIS SHRINK - long before coming clean about hishoax to Manti, Ronaiah talks to his shrink. >>PLAY BIT
1/28/13 - MR. NEGATIVE - he is, ironially, the only Celtics fan around who is happy that Rondo is out for the season. >>PLAY BIT
1/18/13 - MANTI SAYS TV AND MOVIES MADE HIM DO IT - The Brady Bunch, Animal House, Weird Science and Napoleon Dynamite...they all made up girlfriends. So why not the Notre Dame linebacker? >>PLAY BIT
12/18/12 - SANDY HOOK TRIBUTE - 2 minutes and 22 seconds to help you remember and never forget what happened in Connecticut. >>PLAY BIT
12/4/12 - CRAZY CALLER DEFENDS JAVON BELCHER - hear this caller to D&C say that the woman probably got what was coming to her. >>PLAY BIT
11/29/12 - GIVE TO DENNIS AND CALLAHAN - tiz the season...for you to give to Dennis and Callahan. >>PLAY BIT
11/8/12 - DRUNK PEOPLE LOVE DENNIS AND CALLAHAN - Hear why people who like booze like D&C. >>PLAY BIT
11/7/12 - NO POLITICS ON D&C - today is teh day after the election....but you will NOT hear a peep about it with D&C. Orders from up top. >>PLAY BIT
11/2/12 - KIRK IS CRAFTY - Listen to the very crafty way that Kirk Minihane goes for the morning job with Dennis and Callahan. >>PLAY BIT
10/24/12 - BOBBY VALENTINE TO JOIN THE DENNIS AND CALLAHAN SHOW - Hear what Bobby will be doing for his post Red Sox job. >>PLAY BIT
10/24/12 - CHACH TWEETS - Hear how D&C Producer Chach booked Jay Mohr just by tweeting. >>PLAY BIT
10/19/12 - D&C HAVE THE CRAZIEST CALLERS IN RADIO - Hear these crazy Friday callers ramble, stumble....and try to trade Tom Brady. >>PLAY BIT
10/10/12 - 7 PSYCHOPATHS - Before it was ever a movie, 7 Psychopaths have been hosting on air at WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
9/27/12 - JOHN DENNIS GETS A PETICURE - and he got it from......Rex Ryan. >>PLAY BIT
9/12/12 - 18 YEAR OLD BOY KISSES 65 YEAR OLD BOYFRIEND - An older woman is called a cougar. An older man is called a lion....because you will be lyin about it, too. >>PLAY BIT
9/7/12 - THE BOBBY VALENTINE BACKUP PLAN - if Bobby loses his job with the Red Sox, it looks like he is lined up to be joining the Dennis and Callahan Morning Show. >>PLAY BIT
8/31/12 - MUFF TALK - Today we are talkin all about muff with Dennis and Callahan. >>PLAY BIT
8/24/12 - DAVID CASSIDY LOVES DENNIS AND CALLAHAN - completely out of the blue, Davi dCassidy called Dennis and Callahan to talk Red Sox, Jimmy Fund....and of course, tell them how great they are. >>PLAY BIT
8/15/12 - METER AND HIS ASS CAT - hear the story of Jon Meterparel and teh cat that sleeps on his ass. >>PLAY BIT
7/17/12 - D&C ARE NUMBER 7 IN THE COUNTRY - Hear about Talkers Magazine list of the 100 best sports talkers in the U.S. including John, Gerry and .... hmmmmm. >>PLAY BIT
6/12/12 - WHEN UNINFORMED SPORTS TALKING HEADS ATTACK - See what short work Kirk Minihane makes of the uuninformed sports hosts that tried to attack his views on Tim Thomas. >>PLAY BIT
6/11/12 - COCK TALK WITH DENNIS AND CALLAHAN - The Celtics are done for the season so now D&C have something new to talk about. >>PLAY BIT
6/7/12 – THE MAYOR MINUTE – hear the breakdown of the Celtics and Heat game 6 by the inimitable Mayor Thomas M. Menino. >>PLAY BIT
5/31/12 - CHACH BOOKS "PAST" TOM BRADY - Confused as to why his watch is 3 hours behind his own, Chach tries to give "Past" Tom Brady some advice as he books him on the show. >>PLAY BIT
5/25/12 - RECAP OF METER CALLING THE PAW SOX GAME - Check this out and hear how amazingly amazing Meter sounded during the Paw Sox game >>PLAY BIT
5/24/12 - METER IS SET TO CALL A PAW SOX GAME - Hear the first RED SOX game Meter ever called to see why they chose him to call teh Paw Sox tonight. >>PLAY BIT
5/21/12 - METERS TRIP TO THE DENTIST - Hear Meter recount hsi trip to the Dentist along with actual sound from the adventure. >>PLAY BIT
5/10/12 - JOSH BECKET STARS IN A NEW FILM AS CRAPPY GILMORE - Happy Gilmore was a hockey player forced to play golf. John "Crappy gilmore" Becket is a golfer forced to play baseball. >>PLAY BIT
5/9/12 - KEVIN YOUKILIS IS WALKING - No...literally. He is getting paid $12 Million a year this year and he is on a walking program right now. >>PLAY BIT
5/8/12 - THE OIL CAN BOYD RAP - hear excerpts of the incredible Oil Can interview with Dennis and Callahan set to music. >>PLAY BIT
5/7/12 - BASEBALL CAMP WITH OIL CAN BOYD - Come learn about drugs, liquor......and...oh yeah, baseball! >>PLAY BIT
5/1/12 - AMARE STOUDEMIRE GIANT GLASS COMMERCIAL - who do you call when your fire extinguisher glass is busted? >>PLAY BIT
4/30/12 - METER TURNS 40 - Hear all of the wonderful things that Meter can look forward to now that he is 40. >>PLAY BIT
4/11/12 - RED SOX TITANIC - Titanic is back....but this time it looks like it will be the Red Sox season...not the big boat. >>PLAY BIT
4/4/12 - A PREVIEW OF JON METERPAREL CALLING CELTICS BASKETBALL - Get excited....tinkle in your pants a little...Meter is gonna call the Celtics game tonight! >>PLAY BIT
3/26/12 - A WILD AND CRAZY VACATION BY JON METERPAREL - Hear how Meter got drunk, wet, shirtless and recognized while down in the Caribbean. >>PLAY BIT
3/15/12 - METER HAS B.C. PHONE SEX - Hear Todd McShay talk dirty to Jon Meterparel about former B.C standout linebacker Luke Kuechly. >>PLAY BIT
2/27/12 - JON METERPAREL GOES TOPLESS - Hear what happens when Meter gets naked from teh top up in Foret Meyers. >>PLAY BIT
1/4/12 - THE BEST OF IGGY - A retrospective on the career of Ian "Iggy" Meropol as D&C Porudcer. >>PLAY BIT
12/12/11 - SOB STORIES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS - Hear the tragic story of Lamar Odom getting his heart broken as he gets traded out of L.A. >>PLAY BIT
12/5/11 - D&C GUSH OVER HIEDI WATNEY - Dressed in their tuxedos and holding chmpagne and chocolates D&C and their callers do their best to impress teh departing Heidi Watney. >>PLAY BIT
11/14/11 - FIREMAN ED SPELLS THE TRUTH WITH HIS NEW APP - a parody of a REAL app the Jets fan made, it allows you to spell out the truth about the Jets. w-e b-l-o-w. >>PLAY BIT
11/8/11 - THE SONGS OF JACK EDWARDS - Hear Jack singing everything from The Black Eyed Peas to John Lee Hooker and even Bob Markey on his new musical album. >>PLAY BIT
11/3/11 - VAGINA GRABBER - Parody of the Britney Spears song "Womanizer" this one is dedicated to Julian Edelman. >>PLAY BIT
11/2/11 - THE VAGINA RAP BY MUT - does this really need a description? >>PLAY BIT
10/20/11 - I DRINK AT HOME (THE RED SOX ANTHEM) - a parody of the George Thorogood song I Drink Alone. >>PLAY BIT
10/12/11 - FENWAY PARK - A show featuing Josh Becket as Eric Cartman alongside other Sox pitchers eating and drinking in the clubhouse. >>PLAY BIT
10/11/12 - IGGY VISITS OCCUPY BOSTON - Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about the Occupy Boston people and movement with these 2 minute interview package by Iggy from the D&C Morning Show. >>PLAY BIT
10/4/11 - THE HOTTEST NEW BAR IN BOSTON IS AT FENWAY PARK - Join WEEI for some beer and food at the hottest new bar in Boston called The Red Sox Clubhouse. >>PLAY BIT
10/3/11 - THE B.C. SQUIRREL - Get your tickets now for B.C. Football to see the best new player in college football - the Squirrel. >>PLAY BIT
9/28/11 - POPCHIPS SONG BY METER - A take off on the David Ortiz Popchips song featuring Jon Meterparel on the mic. >>PLAY BIT
9/16/11 - THE METER AND POPEYE SHOW - Hear a brand new show featuring Jon Meterparel and the father of Dan LeBatard >>PLAY BIT
8/29/11 - THE 4 B OF PATRIOTS MONDAY - Tune in for Brady, a Baby, his Bad phone and soome Beeping! >>PLAY BIT
8/25/11 - WIN AN OUTGOING VOICE MAIL MESSAGE FROM DENNIS & CALLAHAN - Win a message from these guys and you will not be disappointed! >>PLAY BIT
8/24/11 - DONG TALK WITH D&c - guaranteed to give you more big, long dong talk in teh morning than anyone else, we present the Dennis and Callahan Morning Show. >>PLAY BIT
8/3/11 - CHACH SKIPS OUT ON HIS BILL - Hear how Chach terrorized a restaurant in Maine then skipped out on teh bill........kinda. >>PLAY BIT
7/27/11 - THE COMPETITION FOR D&C IN THE MARCONI AWARDS - Hear who else is nominated for Major Market Personality of the Year. >>PLAY BIT
7/25/11 - RICH AND THE KINDA FAMOUS - John Dennis and Gerry Callahan both had cooler weekends than you did...guaranteed! >>PLAY BIT
7/20/11 - JOHN DENNIS MEETS LARRY DAVID - while out on the set of the 3 Stooges movie, John Dennis actaully got to meet and hang out with Larry David. >>PLAY BIT
6/27/11 - FRENCH LESSONS WITH D&C - Listen to a cller that just doesn't seem to get the the joke give D&C some very serious French lessons. >>PLAY BIT
6/16/11 - IGGY ON THE STREETS AFTER THE B'S WIN TEH CUP - Hear reaction from Bostonians on teh streets after the Bruins won The Cup! >>PLAY BIT
6/15/11 - HAR'S TUNE HAS CHANGED - Compare this Vancouver's early bravado to her new nervous tone. >>PLAY BIT
6/7/11 - PINK HAT HOCKEY ANALYSIS - Hear Bruins breakdowns from fans that have been watching hockey for all of......3 whole games. >>PLAY BIT
6/7/11 - PINK HAT BRUINS FANS - now that they're in the Finals...EVERYONE loves the Bruins! >>PLAY BIT
6/3/11 - PSYCHIC ED PREDICTS THE BRUINS LOSS IN GAME 1??? - listen as Ed layed out exactly how and when the B's would lose in game 1.....kinda. >>PLAY BIT
6/1/11 - WHY YOU SHOULD HATE CANUCKS FANS - Learn real quickly why you should hate Chucks fans as much as you hate Yankees & Jets fans. >>PLAY BIT
5/26/11 - NANABULA'S 3 KEYS FOR THE BRUINS - It's Nanabula's 3 keys for the Bruins winning Game 6 against the Lightning.....that didn't exactly work out. >>PLAY BIT
5/24/11 - RAY LEWIS WARNS THE SUPER FRIENDS OF AN IMPENDING CRIME SPREE - Ray Lewis tells the Super Friends that if the NFL season stays locked out that crime will be on the rise. The Super Friends take fast action. >>PLAY BIT
5/20/11 - JON METERPAREL'S YARD SALE - Stop by for some amazing junk he got for free and teh amazing opportunity to meet the "Big Star", Meter himself. >>PLAY BIT
5/18/11 DINO'S TWILIGHT ZONE - Hear what would happen to the D&C Show if John Dennis woke up in The Twilight Zone. >>PLAY BIT
5/16/11 - THE MOTHER EFFER WITH THE YANAKA - a parody of the Chris Rock play "The Mothe rEffer With the Hat" this one stars Jon Meterparel. >>PLAY BIT
5/10/11 - "REPORTERS" ASK BIG BABY WHERE HE'S BEEN - Listen as "reporters" try to figure out who teh big, fat guy wearing number 11 during the play-offs is. >>PLAY BIT
5/10/11 - WHERE IS BIG BABY - a musical montage of Glenn "Big Baby" Davis sucking in Game 4 of Celtics/Heat mixed with some fantastic 3rd person talk of Glenn by Glenn. >>PLAY BIT
5/6/11 - A recap of Dennis and Callahan's coverage of the death of Bin Laden featuring interviews with Senator Brown, Curt Schilling and more. >>PLAY BIT
5/4/11 - GIVE FAVORS TO GET FAVORS - It's John Dennis's advice on how the Celtics can get better calls from teh refs this year. >>PLAY BIT
4/21/11 - THE BOSTON RED SOX FOOD FETTISH SEGMENT - Tune into the 2011 Red Sox games to see a hot chick eating gross amounts of weird food. >>PLAY BIT
4/8/11 - THE JOHN DENNIS HORNDOG INTERVIEW WITH SHERRIE DALY - Check out the common theme of questions asked by John Dennis to John Daly's ex, sherrie Daly. >>PLAY BIT
4/7/11 - SHERRIE DALY WON'T SHUT UP - John Daly's ex went on with Dennis and Callahan and just talked, talked, talked throughout the whole interview. >>PLAY BIT
3/25/11 - LOU MERLONI'S FAVORITE MORNING SHOW - D&C are #1 in Bosotn, so Lou probably listens to them...right? >>PLAY BIT
3/25/11 - LOU MERLONI'S FAVORITE MORNING SHOW - D&C are #1 in Bosotn, so Lou probably listens to them...right? >>PLAY BIT
CUT CRAZY CHACH- What happens when Button Boy Steve Ciaccio gets a little out of control with cutting stuff off the air? Take a listen and find out. >>PLAY BIT
THE METER BOX- “The Meter Box” is a product from the D&C Show. It’s a small skinny cheap product that agrees with everything you say. >>PLAY BIT
NOMAR RAP- The original Nomar Rap featuring Jerry Trupiano with a little help from Joe Castiglione touting a bunch of Nomar blunders and errors. >>PLAY BIT
PETE ROSE SINGS- Pete cashes in once again on this album. >>PLAY BIT
RATHER RAP- The Damn Rather rap was originally not allowed to be played on WEEI because I manipulated Rather’s words to say things he really did not say. Howie Carr originally had the balls to air this bit which, after that, ended up on the Dennis and Ca >>PLAY BIT
SOX LITTLE BUDDIES- Pedro had Nelson, and now the rest of the team has their own little buddies. >>PLAY BIT
WOLFE TEACHES METER HOW TO GAMBLE- I was sure this one would piss off my boss Jason Wolfe big time. Surprisingly though, he just laughed and patted me on the back. I’m sure he cussed me out after he left my studio though. >>PLAY BIT
CHRIS BERMAN IN THE LOCKER ROOM- Berman kisses ass in the Sox locker room during the 2004 Post Season. >>PLAY BIT
12/14/6 – THE RED SOX NEGOTIATING WITH BORAT INSTEAD OF BOROS- This could quite possibly be the reason for the delay in the Matsuzaka deal. >>PLAY BIT
12/12/6 - NEGOTIATING WITH BOROS - This is a silly little bit explaining why teh Sox are having such a tough time negotiating with Scott Boros right now. >>PLAY BIT
NOMAR LEAVES AND METER REJOICES- 2 days after Nomar got traded, we find Meter in his house singing in glee along to “Ding Don the Witch Is Dead”. >>PLAY BIT
9/13/5 - BRADY'S BAD PHONE ON PATS MONDAY- This is the reason that Brady's phone sounded like crap on Patriots Monday. Sabotage from Belichick. >>PLAY BIT
CHACH SOUND EFFECTS CELL PHONE- D&C producer Chach comes out with his own cell phone full of sound effects just like he uses on the morning show. >>PLAY BIT
D&C MASSAGES- Dino convinces the guys to get a massage. Meter & Callahan seem to have the most fun. >>PLAY BIT
D&C-ALUS- Take off on Cialus ads, this product will help to “get you up” in the morning. >>PLAY BIT
DINO’S WONDER YEARS- Drudging up all sorts of old memories, we visit Dino’s back in school during his “Wonder Years”. >>PLAY BIT
DOPEY DAY CARE- This take off on the movie “Daddy Day Care” has Chach trying to take care of his own 2 kids. >>PLAY BIT
CHACH & METER @ TREASURES- It’s the 2 guys first trip to a strip club. >>PLAY BIT
METER FOR THE WIZARD- Old classic bit where meter pretended to be in K.C. broadcasting a Revolution soccer game while he was actually watching it on tV. >>PLAY BIT
METER IN MIAMI- Meter got fired from the Revolution Soccer play-by-play gig when he took his vacation to Miami with his hot wife. Here’s a recap of that weekend trip. >>PLAY BIT
METER MOWS- When Meter bought his first house ever in Weston, he also took his first crack at using a lawn mower. Doesn’t’ sound too funny…but it is! >>PLAY BIT
METER’S ARTICLE- Steve Brown wrote an article on our boy Meter, and this is the research Steve did to write the article. >>PLAY BIT
PAREL- This bit introduced John Meterparel’s split evil personality, Parel. >>PLAY BIT
1/3/5- METER – Take off on the movie “Ray”, this film highlights the singing “talents” of our very own John Meterparel. >>PLAY BIT
METER PROSPECTS THE HELLS ANGELS- Flash Boy John Meterparel is raying to become a member of the Weston Hells Angels and here'’ what he has to go through to do it. >>PLAY BIT
60 MINUTES INTERVIEWS CHACH- This (fake) espose goes in depth with Steve “Button Boy” Ciaccio to learn about all those amazing buttons he pushes. >>PLAY BIT
1/5/5- D&C PLAY PAINTBALL- The crew of the D&C Morning Show go to a paint ball range and do pretty poorly during the competition. >>PLAY BIT
METER SINGS “TRICKY”- When Meter went thourgh his Kid Yid Phase, I wrote him a bunch of songs to sing. This one is a cover of Run DMC’s “Tricky”. >>PLAY BIT
METER SINGS “HUMPTY DANCE”- More Kid Yid magic as Meter covers this Digital Underground classic. Man…he has NO thither and NO singing ability. >>PLAY BIT
METER SINGS “VANILLA ICE”- Meter and the Foreskins (also known as……me) covers Vanilla ice in this Kid Yid “classic”. >>PLAY BIT
METER SINGS “PRETTY FLY FOR A FLASH GUY”- Kid Yid covers the Offspring for this tune. Probably his worst “singing” effort ever. Despite terrible singing though, it’s still pretty damn funny. >>PLAY BIT
METER SINGS “TOO SEXY”- This Kid Yid crap is getting kind of ridiciulous, but in this one, he covers Right Said Fred”. >>PLAY BIT
METER WITH JIMI WILLIAMS- Meter sits down with the Sox ex-Manager to TRY and get some career advice. >>PLAY BIT
DUMBER & DUMBERERER- Take off on the movie “Dumb and Dumber”, this film stars the D&C Producers Steve Ciaccio and (ex) producer Suggy. This is the debut bit for the Rene (of the D&N Show) impression that Callahan LOVES. >>PLAY BIT
UNSOLVED JEWISH MYSTERIES- Back in 2003, Meter was struck in the head with a golf ball while out golfing. It almost killed him and this bit tries to find the culprit. >>PLAY BIT
METER AND THE RABI- Meter makes his appearance with Rabbi Ron Freedman on Jewish TV………and then I do my Meter impression to change the whole thing around. >>PLAY BIT
PZS CELL PHONE AD- The “Personal Zapping System” phone will zap the hell out of anyone who happens to be talking on their cell phone while on camera at a sporting event. Man…are those people annoying. >>PLAY BIT
THE TONE DEAF TOUR 2004- A promo for John Meterparel out on tour singing with William Hung (American Idol goofball supreme) >>PLAY BIT
STUCK ON NEW- Take off on the movie “Stuck On You”, this film features Producer Steve Ciaccio stuck to John Meterparel as they try to go through their daily routines. >>PLAY BIT
D&C’s SINGING HOLIDAY- Inspired by the fine singing of Jerry Remy, this is a collection of Holiday tunes sung by members of the Dennis and Callahan Morning Show. >>PLAY BIT
1/7/5 – TED GOING CRAZY- Another bit (this one for D&C) using the newly famous Ted sound from Wednesday night Jan 5. Man he loves his college hoops! >>PLAY BIT
1/17/5 -BONNIE BERNSTIEN’S DUMBASS QUESTIONS- sure, Bonnie asked Coach Dungy if things went “Ah-ree” instead of “ah-rie”, but believe it or not, that’s not the only thing she’s messed up while interviewing. >>PLAY BIT
1/10/5-AUTHENTIC D&C- Well, Doug Mientkiewicz got his ball authenticated to possibly make some extra cash, so take a listen to what D&C have gotten authenticated to score some extra dough of their own. >>PLAY BIT
1/11/5- MANNING FOR MASTERCARD- I took Payton’s MasterCard ad and switched it around a bit to reflect how things will be after the Pats play the Colts on Sunday. GO PATS! >>PLAY BIT
1/20/5- D&C ARE NUMBER 1!- Well ok, this one’s mostly just a B.J. for Dennis and Callahan. But hey, they deserve it. They 9as well as the rest of WEEI)came in first in the latest ratings book…and yes, they beat Stern! >>PLAY BIT
1/25/5- D&C TO JACKSONVILLE- Entercom is sure to send D&C to Florida with all the perks and in all the class that they usually do……….right? >>PLAY BIT
1/28/5-D&C TO JACKSONVILLE “WHAT’S UP” AD PARODY- Another bit-by-request for D&C wanting to point out how cheaply their trip to Jacksonville is gonna be. >>PLAY BIT
3/23/5- THE INAPPROPRIATE NEWS- Channel 7 brought you “Burschi in his Back Yard” and now, the Inappropriate news at night brings you these following stories. The last one you’ll love. >>PLAY BIT
2/3/5- METER INTERVIEWS LARRY IZZO- 2 things about this interview. 1- Meter spends half his time plugging a hair salon on Newbury Street and 2, he actually says he’d like to try grabbing a mans’ testicles. Meter…is…weird! >>PLAY BIT
2/8/5- JOHN DENNIS’S AIRPLANE FIGHT STORY…THE REAL VERSION- it’s Dino’s recount of the fight, vs. the real audio account of it. >>PLAY BIT
2/9/5- DONOVAN MCNAMM FOR CHUNKY SOUP- After his puking and gagging all over the field in SuperBowl 39, Campbell’s has changed his Chunky Soup ad a bit. >>PLAY BIT
2/15/5- JOSE CANSECO’S OTHER IMPLICATIONS- Here are some of the other implications that Jose wrote in his book, that have not yet come out in the press. >>PLAY BIT
2/18/5- TONY MAZ ON WWE-EI RAW- Evil Tony is in rare form these days and here he is appearing on a parody of WWE Raw calling out all his enemies. >>PLAY BIT
2/22/5- METER’S VOCAB GOES AH-REE- Just like Bonnie Bernstein, Meter’s been having some trouble with words lately. >>PLAY BIT
2/25/5- D&C's 3 HOUR BOAT TOUR- Well, they called me up from Florida and relayed this story that apparently really happened to them, and, they wanted a bit made out of it. Here it is. >>PLAY BIT
3/14/5- REAL CONGRESSIONAL AUDIO- This is the kind of audio that’s really gonna happen, but you wont’ hear, from the congressional hearing son steroids in baseball. >>PLAY BIT
3/16/5- THE RED SOX ON TV- You’ve heard that the Red Sox taped an episode of ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, but here are samples of some other TV shows they’re gonna be on. >>PLAY BIT
3/30/5- JOHNNY DAMON’S BOOK PROMO- Johnny promos his new book with this (fake) ad >>PLAY BIT
3/31/5- THE BARRY BONDS RAP- In the fine tradition of the “Nomar Rap” and the “Mayor’s Rap”, enjoy this latest edition courtesy of Barry Bonds. >>PLAY BIT
3/25/5- DATING TIPS BY PAT O’BRIEN- Listen to these instructional tapes to learn how to bag the woman of your dreams. >>PLAY BIT
4/4/5- THE DOUBLE D’S- A brand new reality series featuring America’s favorite idiots, Johnny Damon and his girlfriend/fiancé >>PLAY BIT
4/5/5- TICKLE ME JACK-O- Michael Jackson’s new doll based on Tickle Me Elmo…and the most recent testimony in his case. >>PLAY BIT
4/6/5- DINO’S MOM CATCHES HIM SWEARING- John Dennis’ Mom is actually none-too thrilled with the foul language he sometimes uses on air. Here she is (or an impression thereof) expressing her discontent. >>PLAY BIT
4/13/5- COST CUTTING PSA- WEEI needs your help. Listen to this PSA to find out why. >>PLAY BIT
3/15/5- THE DOUBLE D’S EPISODE 2- It’s another visit into the life of everyone’s favorite “idiot”, Johnny Damon and his wife. >>PLAY BIT
4/26/5- MTV CRIBS FEATURING JOHNNY DAMON- A (fake) recap of MTV’s visit to Johnny’s crib. >>PLAY BIT
4/19/5- TOM BRADY vs. MICHAEL (RON MEXICO) VICK- Take off on an SNL skit that compares who Tom Brady picks up women to how Michael Vick does it. >>PLAY BIT
4/27/5- COUSEY CALLS GERRY CALLAHAN, JOHN- He called Jerry John at lest a couple of times. How flattering. >>PLAY BIT
4/29/5- THE RED SOX MARCHING ORDERS TO D&C- In response to Howard Bryant saying the Sox give WEEI (amongst other media outlets) “marching orders”, we have decided to come clean. >>PLAY BIT
5/4/5- A PROMO FOR NESN’s “IN STYLE” PROGRAM.- This one never ran on air. Listen and maybe you'll find out why. >>PLAY BIT
5/10/5- METER’S HAVING A BABY- and here’s the whole story >>PLAY BIT
5/11/5- MTER AND THE WIZZINATOR- Meter ALMOST caught Onterio Smith with the Wizzinator, but he had no idea what that white powder was. Very gross bit. >>PLAY BIT
5/18/5- METER GOES TO SEE STAR WARS- Audio from John Meterparel disguised and in line to go see his favorite movie. >>PLAY BIT
5/20/5- BE NICE TO EDGAR- After Tony Laruss told us how much booing Edgar can hurt his feelings, John Meterparel started an action group to try to get Boston fans to be nicer to our new shortstop. >>PLAY BIT
5/25/5- AMERICAN IDOL MEETS 24- If you like 24, you should watch the American Idol Finals. Really. If you don’t believe it, just listen to this promo from Fox. >>PLAY BIT
5/26/5- ATHLETE OUTREACH PROGRAMS FOR BAD KIDS- Bad kids get bad role models…so says Gerry Callahan. >>PLAY BIT
6/2/5- A PSA FOR S.N.O., “SAY NO TO ORAL”- A Public service announcement sparked by the events at Milton Academy. >>PLAY BIT
6/3/5- WEEI TRAINING TAPE- Kind of like the San Francisco 49ers Training Tape, but made for new employees of WEEI by John Dennis’s “Media Wise”a >>PLAY BIT
6/8/5- LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND ON THE RADIO- The Globe says our hosts make a LOT of $$$$, so let’s explore. >>PLAY BIT
6/9/5- D&C ON QUEER EYE- The Sox weren’t the only ones featured on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. >>PLAY BIT
6/14/5- D&C HAVE PARTS OF FENWAY NAMED AFTER THEM- Fisk has his pole, and D&C now have their parts of Fenway. >>PLAY BIT
6/21/5- STEWART O’NAN’S “HOW I GOT MY BALLS AT FENWAY”- A training tape teaching you how to steal fowl and home run balls from little kids just like Stewart does. >>PLAY BIT
6/28/5- THE CELTICS RETURN TO ENTERCOM- Now Boston’s News/Talk station will be featuring the Boston Celtics. What do news talkers know about sports….? >>PLAY BIT
6/30/5- RUSSIAN BOARD OF TOURISM AD- Come to Russia, where they like to say “Where what you’re wearing…is mine”. >>PLAY BIT
7/6/5- THE ADAMS & JOHNSON EXTRAVAGANZA- What happens with D&C go away and Adams and Johnson fill in? Well…it’s interesting…that’s’ a nice euphemism huh. >>PLAY BIT
7/12/5- METER GETS THE BC PLAY-BY-PLAY JOB- …the big question is…how? >>PLAY BIT
7/12/5- JOHNNY DAMON: IT’S A GLOBAL THING- The whole world knows who Johnny Damon is (according to him). He’s so popular he even got to headline Live 8 in London. >>PLAY BIT
7/21/5- WHAT MANNY DID IN THE WALL- So what exactly did Manny Ramirez do when he ran inside the Green Monster? Listen here and find out. >>PLAY BIT
7/26/5- METER AT THE ACC MEETINGS- Wanna know what Meter’s doing down in Virginia? >>PLAY BIT
8/25/5- MILLAR HIT ANOTHER HOMER! - …and of course we take this as another opportunity to rip on him. At this point I almost feel bad for the guy. >>PLAY BIT
7/28/5- CHACH IN CHARGE 2- D&C like making fun of Chach so much, we made a sequel to the first bit. >>PLAY BIT
8/1/5- RENTERIA RAP- following in the fine tradition of the “Nomar Rap” and the “Mayor’s Rap” this is a montage of Edgar’s errors. >>PLAY BIT
8/4/5- METER’S AUDITION FOR BUD- Meter (and Gerry) will be featured in an upcoming ad for Bud. How did Meter get this gig? Listen and find out. >>PLAY BIT
8/10/5- THE SURRINGE LIFE- It’s Episode 1 of this all new reality series starring Jose canseco, Mark McGuire and Rafael Palmero. >>PLAY BIT
8/18/5- PATRIOTS MONDAY PROMO- Mostly a straight promo for Patriots Monday…interrupted with just a few Billy Goat references. Sorry Tom. >>PLAY BIT
8/24/5- METER ENDORCES BABY PRODUSTS- …but not exactly doing the greatest job at it. Congrats on the new baby though Meter! >>PLAY BIT
8/22/5- METER DOES PLAY BY PLAY ON HIS KIDS BIRTH- What else is he gonna do in the delivery room? >>PLAY BIT
9/8/5- OAKLAND RAIDER RADIO PROMO- A promo heard on raider Radio asking their fans to come out and support the team the day before they left for New England. >>PLAY BIT
9/15/5- DENNIS AND CALLAHAN MORNING SHOW VOIC MAILS FOR SALE- now you can have anyone from the D&C Morning Show record your outgoing message. >>PLAY BIT
9/19/5- AIR TRAN AIRWAYS PARODY- You’ve heard those Air Tran commercials where passengers end up sitting next to annoying people (like pirates or monster truck announcer guys). Well…what’s more annoying that Meterparel talking about BC? >>PLAY BIT
9/22/5- CHACH AND METER GO TO CLEMSON- This is what happens when a Flash Boy and Button Boy make the trip for B.C football. >>PLAY BIT
9/29/5- METER IN TRAINING FOR BC- After the Clemson performance, we sent Meter “back to school” to improve on his –lay-by-play skills. >>PLAY BIT
10/12/5- NHL PROMOS ON OLN- During the Hockey games on OLN, you’ll most likely hear ridiculous promos like this. >>PLAY BIT
10/13/5- EXECUTIVE CHACH- D&C Producer “Cahc” was just promoted. Let’s see what lofty heights this promotion has taken him to. >>PLAY BIT
10/20/5- “IN STYLE” ABOUT THE NBA DRESS CODE- Michelle Damon talks to the D&C Morning Show about the mandated NBA dress code. >>PLAY BIT
10/21/5- WHY BAMBURGER DID IT- This is the real reason Michael Bamburger ruined Michelle Wee’s pro golf debut. >>PLAY BIT
10/27/05- PETE GUSTIN AS PETE SHEPPARD ON THE SPORTS FLASH- In this live sketch I impersonate Pete Sheppard live from Aruba responding to the last flash I did as Jon Meterparel. >>PLAY BIT
11/10/5- CHACH CALLS JOHN HENRY- It’s Chach’s attempt to get John Henry on the D&C Show. >>PLAY BIT
11/18/5 – THE 5 METAPHORS- A take-off on the Visa “5 layers of Protection” ads. Those can be found here: >>PLAY BIT
12/14/5 – CO-GM’s AS THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES- It’s a very loose parody featuring the new Red Sox co-General Managers and their supporting cast. >>PLAY BIT
12/15/5- BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN…THE VIDEO GAME- All the other big films get their own video games, so why not BBM? >>PLAY BIT
1/13/6 – METER’S BETTING SPREE- For some reason Jon Meterparel has betting everyone on everything lately. It continues here. >>PLAY BIT
1/17/6 - 1-900-METER-PIX - Meter's been hot with his picks lately, so it's time to capitalize. >>PLAY BIT
1/18/6 – PEYTON’S PATH TO THROWING YORU TEAMMATES UNDER THE BUS- A three step program from Peyton Manning. >>PLAY BIT
1/27/6 - WITHOUT THEO- A song parody of Eminem's "Without Me" chronicling the return of Theo to the Sox. >>PLAY BIT
4/14/6 – EXTRA VOICES ON THE D&C SHOW- An explanation of who those extra voices you hear on D&C belong to. It’s their producers Chach and Teter. >>PLAY BIT
2/2/6 – METER’S AMERICNA IDOL AUDITION- When Idol came to Massachusetts Meter took his one shot at super-stardom. >>PLAY BIT
2/7/5 – BRADY ON THE COIN TOSS- Brady almost didn’t do the coin toss. Let’s check out his voice mail and see what other stuff he might have had going on that week. >>PLAY BIT
2/8/6 – METER FOR PEPTO-BISMOL- This bit is rated “I” for immature bathroom humor that’ll either make you laugh, lose your appetite, or be offended. Good luck. >>PLAY BIT
2/9/6 - THE RICK TOCCHET GAMBLING LINE- It’s actual audio taken from the wager line. You might recognize some of the people calling in from the D&C Show. >>PLAY BIT
2/23/6 – JON METERPAREL, THE COWARDLY TOUGH GUY- Meter talks tough about Theo Epstien…until he’s face to face with Theo. >>PLAY BIT
2001? – TOM BRADY BUNCH- I’m putting this one up by a special request on the forum. Apparently, it was a memorable bit, but I don’t think I could have been more wrong in it. Whoops. >>PLAY BIT
3/1/6 – SPRING TRAINING WEEK WRAP-UP – This is a 3 minute wrap-up of D&C down in Fort Myers. It highlights all their best moments. >>PLAY BIT
3/3/6 – GERRY’S ANN COLTER STORY…CHECK THE FACTS – it’s Gerry Callahan’s story of Ann Coleter calling him vs. the “Real” audio. >>PLAY BIT
3/7/6 – DRUMMING UP EXCITEMENT FOR THE WBC- This bit chronicles propaganda used to drum up false excitement for the U.S. vs. Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. >>PLAY BIT
3/8/6 – METER MISSES THINGS- Recently we’ve learned that Meter missed his Prom. This bit explores other big events Meter has missed in his life. >>PLAY BIT
3/10/6 – SOPRANOS SEASON 6 PREVIEW- This one is a song sung to the tune of The Sopranos that gives a preview of what will come this Sunday. >>PLAY BIT
3/15/6 – 24 vs. THE SOPRANOS- It’s Dennis and Callahan’s reasons why 24 rules and the Sopranos sucks. >>PLAY BIT
3/21/6 - SOPRANOS EPISODE 3 PREVIEW - if you liked episodes 1 and 2 you'll love what's coming up in episode 3. (BTW, the show has been horrible) >>PLAY BIT
4/5/6 – BONDS ON BONDS, THE OUT-TAKES – It’s the video footage you didn’t’ see of Barry on “Bonds on Bonds” >>PLAY BIT
4/6/6 – KATIE LEAVIGN NBC- It’s the audio of Katie giving her goodbye announcement followed by what was going on backstage. >>PLAY BIT
4/17/6 – UNDERCOVER STING AT WEEI- The undercover cop that worked Falmouth High is now trying some of her trick here in Boston with the Dennis and Callahan Show. >>PLAY BIT
4/26/6 – JOHNNY DAMON ON MARTHA STEWART- The New York Yankee appears on Martha’s show and teaches her a neat little party trick. >>PLAY BIT
5/1/6 – DENNIS AND CALLAHAN ARE #1- and here’s a bit to honk their horns about it. >>PLAY BIT
5/4/6 – PROMO FOR A CANCELLED SOX GAME- The next time a Sox game is called due to weather the team is being forced to run the following promo. >>PLAY BIT
5/9/6- D&C EXTRA SPONSORSHIPS TO AFFORD THE SOX- after reacquiring the Sox on Entercom the D&C Show will now be doing extra sponsorships in order to keep their salaries up. >>PLAY BIT
5/11/6 – D&C NOT LISTENING – Dennis and Callahan never listen to the bits. Ever. If they do….they just gloss over them and don’t acknowledge them. I’ll probably take s^&t for this bit though. >>PLAY BIT
5/17/6 - D&C MISS THE RATINGS PARTY- WEEI had a ratings party to celebrate our success but D&C (among others) just didn't show. >>PLAY BIT
5/19/6 - D&C DO LAST CAL- D&C have decided to borrow this hugely entertaining segment from the Big Show in this bit. >>PLAY BIT
5/24/6 – SESAME STREET GOES GANG- Spoofing off of the T-shirts being worn in local high school depicting Ernie and Bert as gang members this bit depicts gang-land war on Sesame Street. (Rated PG-13) >>PLAY BIT
5/26/6 – MINI-METER TRAINIGN SESSIONS – D&C have a new intern that looks JUST MIKE Jon Meterparel. Here the original Meter teaches Mini-meter how to be more like him. >>PLAY BIT
5/31/6 – BEN AFFLECK NEWS UPDATE- The media has been ALL OVER Affleck and every silly thing he’s been doing here in Boston lately, so now, EEI has piled onto the Affleck silly news updates. >>PLAY BIT
6/2/6 – SOPRANOS SEASON 6 RECAP- Two days before the season finale this bit gives a season recap and a preview of season 7. >>PLAY BIT
6/6/6- SCOOTER ON SOCCER- Fox has loaned out Scooter the talking baseball’s cousin named Shooter to the World Cup broadcast to explain the wonderful game of soccer. >>PLAY BIT
6/13/6 – D&C AS SOCCER HOOLIGANS- This bit chronicles the attempt of members of the Dennis and Callahan Morning Show to become soccer hooligans. >>PLAY BIT
6/14/6 – ANNE COULTER TALKS TO JOHN DENNIS- and explains why she didn’t come on their show. >>PLAY BIT
6/20/6 – DINO INTERVIEWS BRAD FAXON- and it’s friggin’ riveting. >>PLAY BIT
7/12/6 – DINO TRAINS HIS NEW GOLDEN DOODLE- John Dennis ahs taken the week off to stay at home and train his new hybrid pup. >>PLAY BIT
7/17/6 – DINO GETS TRAINED BY HIS GOLDEN DOODLE- Dino tried training his new pup but instead he learned a few things from the doggy. >>PLAY BIT
7/20/6 - D&C GET DOGS- Seening what joy Dino's new Dog Krafty has brought him, other members of the D&C morning show are getting their own dogs. >>PLAY BIT
7/21/6 – THE SOUNDS OF BRAD FAXON- If you liked hearing Brad Faxon hit a Tee shot on the D&C show, you’ll love this1 >>PLAY BIT
7/25/6 – METER FOR THE RIP TIDE – As the TV voice of the New England Rip Tide Meter has been put into some rather interesting situations of late. >>PLAY BIT
8/9/6 – JERRY TRUPIANO FAKES YOU OUT- Ever heard Jerry make a call during the game that sounded like it was about to be a home run, then it ended up being caught on the track? Learn how he fakes people out right here. >>PLAY BIT
8/23/6 BILL PARCELLS BACKYARD DRILLS FOOTBALL DVD – This is a take-off on the real ad. Don’t’ be fooled, it’s not the real ad. Listen all the way through and you get it. >>PLAY BIT
9/1/6 – METER PULLS A KYRA PHILLIPS- During the George Bush press conference, Kyra Phillips left her microphone on while in the crapper. Ironically enough, Meter just did the same thing at a B.C. game. >>PLAY BIT
9/7/6 – SPEECHES AT AHRVARD – I actually made this bit for John Depetro on WRKO because this Katami at Harvard is pissing me off so much. Why they don’t understand this is wrong befuddles me. >>PLAY BIT
9/8/6 – D&C RING TONES – These are the ring tones that the members of the Dennis and Callahan morning show might soon be selling. >>PLAY BIT
9/8/6 – DO YOU WANT TO SPEAK AT HARVARD? – If you want to speak at Harvard, listen to this audio checklist to see if you’re the king of person they’re looking for. >>PLAY BIT
9/15/6 – JOHN DENNIS INTERVIEWS DEVRA LAFAVE – Why should Matt Lauer have all the fun? Dino wants to interview the sexy crazy lady too. >>PLAY BIT
9/29/6 – CALL KIM ETHRIDGE- Wanna make a bad situation even worse? Call Kim Ethridge today. >>PLAY BIT
10/3/6 – METER REPLIES TO CONGRESSMAN FOLEY- Well...Meter looks like a young boy…so why wouldn’t’ the honorable Congressman write to him too? >>PLAY BIT
10/5/6 – AN INTERVIEW WITH FORMER CONGRESSMAN MARK FOLEY- “An interview with a pervert.” This is the interview you haven’t heard yet. >>PLAY BIT
10/12/6 – HOW GERRY CALLAHAN HEARS DUVAL PATRICK ADS- You hear them one way while Gerry hears them like this. >>PLAY BIT
10/20/6 – D&C CELEBRATE THEIR RATINGS AT JUSTIN’S – D&C are number 1 again and head to Sebastian Telfair’s stomping grounds to celebrate. >>PLAY BIT
10/24/6 – WESTERN MASS SPORTS FLASH- this is what Meter’s Sports Flashes will have to sound like after we go live in western Massachusetts. >>PLAY BIT
11/15/6 – D&C’s INTERVIEW WITH A MEMBER OF THE JAPANESE MEDIA – This went just about as well as you’d expect. >>PLAY BIT
11/17/6 – DAISUKE – A new reality TV Show featuring the Red Sox newest pitcher. >>PLAY BIT
11/21/6 – COMCAST NAPOLEAN CARPOOL AD PARODY- I’ve heard from the listeners that a great many of them have no idea what Napoleon is saying in their ad. This ad with Dino and Meter will help explain. >>PLAY BIT
12/7/6 – DINO & METER, THE NEWEST MEMBERS OF RED SO XNATION- These two Sox rump swabs have teamed up to do an ad just like Coco Crisp and his Dad did. >>PLAY BIT
12/13/6 – GERRY CALLAHAN’S BASEBALL INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO – Taking audio from Gerry’s interview with Julio Lugo, this video will help destroy the confidence of any player young or old. >>PLAY BIT
1/5/7 – REX GROSSMAN’S TO-DO LIST FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE ’07 – He was doing everything but preparing for the game. >>PLAY BIT
1/9/7 – D&C ARE THE SMARTEST MORNING SHOW HOSTS IN ALL OF BOSTON – even though they have a bit of trouble with geography…and fruit. >>PLAY BIT
1/18/7 – PEYTON MANNING AS “HAPPY FEET” - A parody of the movie by the same name, this one stars Peyton Manning losing his cool in the pocket. >>PLAY BIT
1/18/7 – PEYTON MANNIN’S MANY COMMERCIALS – Here’s a taste of the many ads everyone’s favorite quarterback does. >>PLAY BIT
2/1/7 – MR. ED 2007 – This is a very sick parody of the disgusting film called “Zoo” being played at SunDance right now. I don’t’ normally do this, but I’d suggest you be 18 or over to hear this one. >>PLAY BIT
2/1/7 – MORE GUERILLA MARKETING TECHNIQUES – Since Aqua Teen Hunger Force was so successful at it, don’t be surprised if you see more coming soon. >>PLAY BIT
2/13/7 – PAMPERING DAISUKE – In order to get him to sign the deal, the Sox had to promise to make Daisuke Matsuzaka the most pampered athlete ever. >>PLAY BIT
2/15/7 – METER CALLS ED DEL GRANDE- Meter is starting to shit himself over this bet he made with Curt Schilling, so he’s calling the Master Plumber to get a little advice. >>PLAY BIT
2001- TOM BRADY BUNCH SONG -Wow...I just found this one from back in '01. Funny how far Brady and the Pats have come. >>PLAY BIT
2/27/7 – SPINELESS MAN – After bailing on his contest with Curt Schilling, Jon Meterparel now has a new nickname and alter ego: Spineless Man. >>PLAY BIT
3/6/7 – HUGE NEWS WITH DENNIS AND CALLAHAN- Not only to they break it, but they react to it soooo well. >>PLAY BIT
3/8/7 – THE BIG O IS PISSED ABOUT STEALING – D&C stole the Bob Kraft guy for their flashes, and that was the final straw. >>PLAY BIT
3/8/7 – D&C PLAGIARIZE THE BIG SHOW (FULL BIT) – It’s not just the Bob Kraft guy that D&C stole from the Big Show. It’s o much more. >>PLAY BIT
3/15/7 - METER'S CELTICS TRAINING - An instructional tape for Jon Meterparel to learn from before calling a Celtics game on the radio. >>PLAY BIT
3/16/7 – IS YOUR FIFTH GRADER SMARTER THAN CHACH – It’s a new show from the makers of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” >>PLAY BIT
3/28/7 – METER’S BLOG FROM ARUBA – Keeping with the soon-to-be overused theme of Blogs, this one is for Meter’s Aruba vacation. >>PLAY BIT
4/18/7 – DINO KNOWS RAP AND HIP-HOP- Michael Holley said that John Dennis did not know the difference between rap and hip. This bit proves otherwise. >>PLAY BIT
4/24/7 – “WHAT IF” WITH CHACH – “What if” Chach called the Sox/Yankees game instead of Joe Morgan? >>PLAY BIT
5/1/7 – DINO IN THE WOMEN’S ROOM – John Dennis was ACTUALLY caught using the women's room at Gillette Stadium on draft day 2. >>PLAY BIT
5/4/7 – DIGITAL GERRY CALLAHAN – Gerry Callahan returns early from resting his voice…but has to use text-to-speech to communicate. >>PLAY BIT
5/15/7 – TRIPPING UP SCHILLING – D&C somehow got Curt to make the Bonds comments, now they’re trying to drag more newsworthy comments out of him. >>PLAY BIT
5/17/7 - METER’S AWKWARD MASSAGE – “audio” from the massage Meter just got from a 65 year old woman. >>PLAY BIT
5/23/7 – METER FILLS IN ON “YANKEES TALK” – Seeing as Meter has become such a Yankees rump swab as of late, this seemed like the perfect show for him to fill in on. >>PLAY BIT
5/30/7 – THE RON MEXICO SCHOOL FOR DOG FIGHTING TRAINING – Do you need to compensate for something? Come on down and learn how to make your dog fight. >>PLAY BIT
6/4/7 – WHO’S CO-HOSTING WITH DINO NOW? – You heard bob Neumiere with Dino today, so who’s next? >>PLAY BIT
6/6/7 – 28 WEEKS LATER – A parody of the movie by the same name featuring Gerry Callahan being out of work for a VERY long time. >>PLAY BIT
6/7/7 –NUEMY’S SUGGESTIONS FOR D&C – Neumy thinks D&C should get rid of HEADLINES……great idea Neumy. >>PLAY BIT
6/127 – LIFE WITHOUT A CAR STARRING SEAN GRANDE – It’s the true story of San Grande being played by Steve Carell. >>PLAY BIT
6/14/7 – JUNIOR – A parody of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie explaining why Gerry Callahan’s been gone for so long. >>PLAY BIT
7/12/7 – THE METER METER AND METER SHOW – Without D&C in studio, it seems like Jon Meterparel is doing EVERYTHIGN these days. >>PLAY BIT
7/17/7 – VOTE METERPAREL PRESIDENT OF RED SOX NATION – We will keep hounding you to do it until you do. >>PLAY BIT
7/23/7 – METER’S MYSPACE PAGE – he CLAIMS that he didn’t create it. >>PLAY BIT
8/1/7 – CINGULAR WIRELESS AD PARODY – featuring a dropped call between Sean McAdam and the Big O. >>PLAY BIT
8/3/7 - D&C NOT ALLOWED IN THE LUXURY BOX - Here are some good reasons as to why Entercom won't let them go up in the box. >>PLAY BIT
8/14/7 – LOCKED OUT – The Don Gennis and Gary Hoolihan story. >>PLAY BIT
8/24/7 – METER LOVES DAN PATRICK – This one is based more in reality than one might hope. >>PLAY BIT
9/12/7 – D&C GOT THEIR NEW BIG DEALS DONE - …but now there’s nothing left for anyone else. >>PLAY BIT
9/18/7 – O.J.: TRYING TO GET CAUGHT – It’s a brand new Video game where you do everything you can to get your ass caught. >>PLAY BIT
9/20/7 – D&C (McNUGGETS PARODY) JINGLE – This is clearly the greatest jingle ever. >>PLAY BIT
9/26/7 – ALL COLLEGIATE PRODUCTIONS – Much like Fred Smerlas’ All Pro Productions, this one is presented by Jon Meterparel for B.C. Football Games. >>PLAY BIT
9/26/7 – METER AND JAGS AFTER THE SOX GAME – When you want some Sox Talk…you get Meter on B.C. Football. >>PLAY BIT
9/28/7 – TAKE A TRIP TO MYANMAR – Come on down to Myanmar and get involved in some Monk beating today. This is totally tasteless. >>PLAY BIT
10/2/7 – BOB NIGHTINGALE LOVES THE YANKEES - …almost as much as Peter loves the B.C. Eagles. >>PLAY BIT
10/11/7 - INFESTATION - Parody of The Who's "My Generation" talking about the infestation of lovely Cleveland. >>PLAY BIT
10/18/7 – THE BENCHWARMER – from the makers of the film “The Benchwarmers” it’s a film about Jacoby Ellsbury who for some reason is riding the bench. >>PLAY BIT
11/2/7 – WHAT IF TOM BRADY DID GET HURT? – If Brady got hurt, everyone in New England would be devastated…except for one person of course. >>PLAY BIT
11/5/7 – THE BILL BELICHICK FAN CLUB SHOW - …also known as The Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
11/6/7 – WHAT ELSE METER HAS MISSED WHILE IN THE BATHROOM – it’s not just the call of B.C. football Meter missed while taking a leak. >>PLAY BIT
11/7/7 - DEFENDING METER - you know...he's not the only person on WEEI to have ever messed up at his second job. >>PLAY BIT
11/15/7 – TOM BRADY HAS A POTTY MOUTH – Seriously, he swears on air like every time we have him on. >>PLAY BIT
11/20/7 – LEARN BIG WORDS FROM STEPHEN A. SMITH – Man….he’s got some big ones. >>PLAY BIT
11/30/7 – NAKED PICTURES – Anybody wanna commission a 7 foot tall naked pic of a celebrity? >>PLAY BIT
12/10/7 – NFL NETWORK AD PARRODY –Parody of this ad: >>PLAY BIT
1/9/8 - HOW CAN BRIAN McNAMEE MAKE THIS UP TO CLEMMENS(EDITED VERSION) - Brian is dying to figure out a way to make this all up to Roger. Here's what he offered. >>PLAY BIT
1/9/8 - HOW CAN McNAMEE MAKE THSI UP TO ROGER (the unedited version) - D&C wanted to hear it but there is NO WAY IN HELL this coudl get played on air. >>PLAY BIT
1/17/8 – SAN DIEGO RADIO - Click here to hear what’s on the radio in San Diego Radio. >>PLAY BIT
1/23/8 – FRED vs. DINO IN FOOTBALL TRIVIA – Lets’ determine who knows more about football once and for all. >>PLAY BIT
1/23/7 – LARRY IZZO ON WITH D&C – Hear this ridiculous interview D&C did with Larry Izzo. BTW, this bit is a reprisal of the “Soccer Mom’s in the Morning” idea. >>PLAY BIT
1/24/8 – DENNIS AND CALLAHAN SUPER SATURDAY PROMO – D&C can't be in Arizona so they’re throwing their own party this year. >>PLAY BIT
1/28/8 – BRADY LOVES D&C – Denis and Cally Anne are back for this love-in with Tom Brady. >>PLAY BIT
2/12/8 – METER CALLS LARRY LUCHINO – Meter calls Larry to “congratulate” him on the hiring of Dale Arnold. >>PLAY BIT
2/22/8 – CHACH’S BLOG – An audio version of D&C Producer Chach’s online blog. >>PLAY BIT
2/28/8 – THE REAL WORLD – It’s a version of the Real World live from Florida featuring D&C. >>PLAY BIT
8/6/8 - OUTBACK THE REST STOP - A bit on men at rest stops that never made it to the air. Just a wee bit too racey. >>PLAY BIT
3/7/8 – METER’S WORK-OUT METHOD – A 3 DVD set from Jon Meterparel teaching you how he works out. >>PLAY BIT
3/10/8 – METER CALLS THE SOX GAME – it’s highlights and lowlights of Meter calling the Sox/Dodgers game. >>PLAY BIT
3/13/8 – IGGY – A debut bit for Dennis and Callahan producer Iggy. >>PLAY BIT
3/21/8 – DALE IN JAPAN – a recap of Dale Arnold’s first day in Japan. >>PLAY BIT
4/14/8 CONFUSION ON WEEI - Here's a few reasons as to why our programming may be a bit confusiong these days. >>PLAY BIT
4/16/8 – PIMPIN’ AIN’T EASY – unless you’re Cardinal Bernard Law. >>PLAY BIT
4/25/8 - GOLDKLANK IS A BIG SHOT - A bit done in the actual words (sic) of the Channel 7 FM. >>PLAY BIT
5/6/8 CHACH IN THE BOX - Listen to what a drunken Chach sounds like in teh suite at Fenway. >>PLAY BIT
5/13/8 – WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS FLASH? – a brand new fun game to play featuring WEEI Flash Boys. >>PLAY BIT
5/15/8 ARLEN SPECTRE RAP – in this rap Arlen admits just how ridiculous he is. >>PLAY BIT
5/29/8 – MOST BIZARRE MAN EVER – parody of the Dos XX’s ad featuring Jon Meterparel. >>PLAY BIT
6/26/8 – D&C FREESTYLE RAP – A parody of the tasteless Shaw rap. >>PLAY BIT
7/10/8 – METER LOVES HEIDI – Meter’s new Binkie for the Day is Heidi Watney. >>PLAY BIT
7/21/8 – HOW DOES MANNY’S ASS TASTE – it’s a question Manny Ramirez asks in this Shaq parody rap. >>PLAY BIT
7/23/8 – GOOD IDEAS GONE HORRIBLY WRONG – This one would be Jermaine doing flashes. >>PLAY BIT
7/30/8 – METER COVERS “BEAR WEEK” DOWN IN PROVINCETOWN – No meter, it’s not the Chicago Bears. >>PLAY BIT
8/7/8 – FELGERISMS – All those wonderful things Michael Fenger offers to the WEEi airwaves. >>PLAY BIT
9/2/8 – OBAMA’S ELECTION RALLY – Change change change!!!!! >>PLAY BIT
9/5/8 – JUST TALK SPORTS – it’s a conviction a lot of people THINK they have when it comes to Dennis and Callahan. >>PLAY BIT
9/10/8 – ALABAMA WANTS JEWS – This is based on a TRUE STORY. >>PLAY BIT
16/8 D&C RADIO LESSON ON FLOW – Featuring their personal FLOW KILLER, Iggy. >>PLAY BIT
9/24/8 - MASTERCARD PARODY FOR ELLIS HOBBES - It's D&C's response to Ellis ripping the fans. >>PLAY BIT
10/3/8 - GERRY GILDED CALLAHAN - He's apparently the richest man in radio. >>PLAY BIT
10/6/8 – DINO’S BIG MIS-USED WORD OF THE DAY – Today’s word is “interloper”. >>PLAY BIT
10/10/8 - THE PRODUCERS MARATHON - It's a trip inside Chach's head during his BAA half marathon. >>PLAY BIT
10/16/8 - SLUMP BUSTER ENERGY DRINK PARODY - Take off on the Kevin Youkilis ad for a drink that can hopefully help the Sox. >>PLAY BIT
10/22/8 – RAY FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE CRITIQUES D&C – Ray gives us a great example of how humor should be done. >>PLAY BIT
10/23/8 – D&C ARE LISTENING – Hello? >>PLAY BIT
10/29/8 – DENNIS, CALLAHAN AND McCAIN – Who loves John McCain more than these guys? >>PLAY BIT
11/4/8 - IGGY'S ELECTION INTERVIEWS - Hear just why people are voting for Obama. >>PLAY BIT
11/4/8 – SPORTS RADIO WEEI TALK SPORTS - …or do they? >>PLAY BIT
11/5/8 - OBAMA'S PERFECT WORLD - Hear all the wonderful things that will happen now that Obama is President. >>PLAY BIT
11/26/8 - CHUCK AND DIANE - Here's a little ditty about Diane Wilkerson and Chuck Turner. >>PLAY BIT
12/3/8 – OBAMA CLAUSE – he’s coming to town with his big bag of CHANGE. >>PLAY BIT
12/9/8 – THE LONGEST YARD (UP MY ASS) – a new film starring ne prison inmate O.J. Simpson. >>PLAY BIT
12/10/8 – CALL IN GAY DAY – D&C Producers Chach and Iggy call in gay. >>PLAY BIT
12/18/8 - METER SINGS "I ONLY WANNA BE WITH JEWS" - a parody of the Hootie and teh Blowfish ssong, sung quite terribly by Jon Meterparel. >>PLAY BIT
1/7/8 - MORTIFIED - A Jon Meterparel compilation CD dedicated to Coach Jags. >>PLAY BIT
1/8/9 - COACH JAGS SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES - ex-B.C. Coach Jags gets teh axe, Godfather style. >>PLAY BIT
1/13/9 – HD RADIO RIP Parody of the Fox 25 Digital TV spot and rip of the every-confusing HD radio. >>PLAY BIT
1/13/9 – ESPN BROKE IT FIRST – no matter what the story is…ESPN broke it first. >>PLAY BIT
1/21/9 – CHACH SINGS – the dumbest CD you’ve ever heard in your life from D&C Producer Stephen “Chach” Ciaccio. >>PLAY BIT
1/22/9 – WHY D&C HATE OBAMA – David in Brookline is convinced it’s because they resent the fact that Obama is more famous than them. >>PLAY BIT
1/29/9 – THE REAL LIFE STORY OF BRANDON LANG – The true story behind the man that the film 2 FOR THE MONEY is based on. Audio taken from an interview with D&C. >>PLAY BIT
2/5/9 – ONE SECOND ADS – Just like the one-second ad from Miller on the Super Bowl, we’re now doing some here on WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
2/5/9 – TOM VERDUCCI SPANKS MICHAEL FELGER – Tom is latest in a long line of people to spank Michael Felger for something he’s done on air. Today’s magic word is “unprofessional”. >>PLAY BIT
2/6/9 – DINO THROWS FELGER UNDER THE BUS TO VERDUCCI – Felger didn’t read Verducci’s book, but Tom didn’t know that…until Dino told him. >>PLAY BIT
2/10/ - JON METERPAREL'S INTERVIEW WITH ALEX RODRIGUEZ – it’s a little more interesting and probing that the Gammons interview. >>PLAY BIT
2/12/9 – IGGY’S TOWN HALL QUESTION TO OBAMA – it’s almost as good as Julio Asegueda’s question down in Tampa Bay. >>PLAY BIT
1/18/9 – A RECAP OF CHACH’S SPRING TRAINING BLOG FROM LAST YEAR – As D&C and Chach get ready to head down to Ft. Myers, we look back at Chach’s stellar work from Spring Training last year. >>PLAY BIT
2/26/9 – KELLY MALONE’S IMPRESSIONS OF THE FLASH STUDIO – The words “smells like ass” come up in this bit. >>PLAY BIT
3/9/9 – CHACH’S INTERVIEW WITH BIG BABY – Seeing as how D&C’s interview with Big Baby didn’t’ go so well they decided to give Chach a crack at it. >>PLAY BIT
3/11/9 – DENNIS AND CALLAHAN NEW FORMAT – As suggested by the now defunct Globe O.T., here is D&C’s new show format. >>PLAY BIT
4/3/9 – GERRY CALLAHAN: PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER – Hear how a professional speaker…speaks. >>PLAY BIT
4/13/9 – THE VOICELESS JON METERPAREL – Hear what Jon Meterparel can do with barely any voice at all. >>PLAY BIT
4/15/9 – PAUSE, SIGH, LIE – it’s Jon Meterparel’s “tell’ for when he is about to lie. >>PLAY BIT
4/29/9 – BULLY BEATDOWN – John Dennis makes his first appearance on this MTV show. >>PLAY BIT
5/12/9 – THE PRODUCERS BLOG – Believe it or not, it’s the most popular page on >>PLAY BIT
5/14/9 – THE BALLODS OF A TRANSGENDERED T TRIVER – A brand new CD put out by the MBTA. >>PLAY BIT
5/19/9 – METER FOR MASCONOMET – Mete’s commencement speech for a high school he knows nothing about. >>PLAY BIT
5/22/9 – THE JOHN STERLING SCHOOL FOR CHEESY BROADCASTING – Listen to this to learn how to be the cheesiest broadcaster ever. >>PLAY BIT
6/3/9 - TURTLE TALK - It's a brand new segmetn on the D&C Show! >>PLAY BIT
6/4/9 – TURTLE TALK AND DIK DIK TALK – It’s Turtle talk followed up with a short segment of Dik Dik Talk. >>PLAY BIT
6/9/9 –DELUSIONAL LUGO – Everything is GREAT according to Julio. >>PLAY BIT
6/10/9 – JOHN DENNIS DOES PLAY BY PLAY – In an effort to get a more brutally honest take on the game, John Dennis sits in alongside Joe Casitglione. >>PLAY BIT
6/12/9 – METER’S BIG ANNOUNCEMNTS – No offense to Heather Mitts or anything…but who the hell is she anyway? >>PLAY BIT
6/24/9 – HEATHER MITTS INTERVIEW – Courtesy of Meter and Meropol (aka Iggy) >>PLAY BIT
7/7/0 = DICK KISSES ASS – Greg Dickerson comes right out and admits he is a paid bum kisser for the Boston Celtics. >>PLAY BIT
7/20/9 – PHOBIA – A brand new film showcasing yet another fear of Jon Meterparel. >>PLAY BIT
7/24/9 – DINO GETS HARRASSED BY THE COPS – and fights back with a string of sponsors. >>PLAY BIT
8/25/9 – BRADY FORGETS METER – Tom Brady calls Jon Meterparel, Chach. >>PLAY BIT
9/1/9 - NEUMY ON STEELY DAN - It's classic rock talk on weei. Thanks for that Neumy. >>PLAY BIT
9/4/9 – SKIP – When the call screener says “SKIP”, it means you should “skip” that call. It’s doesn’t mean that the guys name is Skippy. >>PLAY BIT
9/11/9 – ANGRY DINO – Host of the hap hap happiest morning show in Boston. >>PLAY BIT
9/16/9 – BILL BELICHICK FAN CLUB SHOW (2) - …also known as The Big Show. Who gets to touch Bill first? >>PLAY BIT
9/23/9 - DRUNKEN SUE CALLS D&C - Wanna mix a little J&B with your morning does of D&C? >>PLAY BIT
9/30/9 – DINO’S MORPHINE PHONE CALL – A typical John Dennis phone call, except this one is placed from his hospital bed with a little morphine on the drip. >>PLAY BIT
10/5/9 – D&C BROADCASTING FROM HOME – Dino gets to do it, now everyone wants to. >>PLAY BIT
10/23/9 – VOTE FOR CHACH’S VOICE – WEEI management wants to get rid of the Chach Bit Voice. Vote now on weei dot com slash producers for your favorite Chach voice. >>PLAY BIT
10/27/9 – DINO IN ENGLAND – it’s amazing how well John Dennis fit in over in London while the Pats were there. >>PLAY BIT
10/27/9 – TOM BRADY DOES HIS HOMEWORK – John Dennis told Brady to find out what “Mind the Gap” means while over in London…and he did it! >>PLAY BIT
11/5/9 – 3 PERCENT LESS – Just like the ad says, Dennis and Callahan are vowing to do 3 percent less. >>PLAY BIT
11/5/9 – CHACH LEFT THE SHOW – and why did he leave in the middle of the show? To go meet a hockey player! >>PLAY BIT
11/11/9 – JOHN DENNIS FOR CONGRESS – John Dennis is actually running for Congress. Listen to his first…and only…interview with the lovely press. >>PLAY BIT
11/13/9 – D&C’s I HAVE A SMALL PENIS RAP – every single member of the Dennis and Callahan show raps this surprising confession. >>PLAY BIT
11/18/9 – COMPUTER GEEKS AND MATH NERDS – There are two groups of people that do not like Dennis and Callahan. >>PLAY BIT
12/2/9 –THE HOLIDAY SONGS OF JON METARPAREL– Your favorite Christmas songs sung with a slightly Hebrew twist. >>PLAY BIT
12/3/9 - ELAN WOODS FOR NIKE - Tiger's wife has taken over as spokesperson for Nike Golf. (voice by Julie Harding) >>PLAY BIT
12/9/9 – THE HOLIDAY SONGS OF TIGER WOODS – All your favorite holiday tunes with a Tiger twist. >>PLAY BIT
12/15/9 – THE SPEAKING BEE WITH METERPAREL – See if Jon can say the word “cafeteria”. >>PLAY BIT
1/6/10 – LIFESTYLES OF THE BITCHING FAMOUS – a recap of Gerry Callahan’s vacation to the D.R. >>PLAY BIT
1/12/10 – BRADY CALLS CHACH – actually, Tom is calling Dennis and Callahan, but Chach always loves to say “hi”. >>PLAY BIT
1/13/9 - METER VISITS A SEX THERAPIST - Meter's got a problem and tries to address it. >>PLAY BIT
1/18/10 – MARTHA’S LATEST NEGATIVE AD FOR SCOTT BROWN – you can expect to hear something like this coming out of Martha’s camp some time soon. >>PLAY BIT
1/27/10 - EMILY ROONEY IS PISSED – Emily is pissed that Martha lost the election and now she wants to rant and lie about D&C’s involvement. >>PLAY BIT
2/3/10 - NO IGGY – A take-off of the Blackstreet song “No Diggity” commemorating an off-day for D&C producer Iggy. >>PLAY BIT
2/9/10 – TIGER WOODS FINAL SEX ADDICTION THERAPY SESSION – Listen in on Tiger’s final session. >>PLAY BIT
2/10/10 – JIM ROME IS NOT COOL – The Dennis and Callahan Morning Show take aim at this middle aged white guy….who doesn’t realize he’s a middle aged white guy. >>PLAY BIT
2/11/10 – WHY D&C DON’T TALK JUST SPORTS – because sometimes when you talk just sports you end up talking about crap like this. >>PLAY BIT
2/17/10 – CHACH’S OLYMPIC VACATION – listen as D&C Producer Chach tries his hand at some Olympic sports. >>PLAY BIT
2/24/10 – METER AND HIS DAD AT THE STRIP CLUB – Listen into the adventures of Meter and his Dad at a Strip Club in Florida. >>PLAY BIT
2/25/10 – THE FAT AND THE CURIOUS –a take-off on “The Fast and the Furious” featuring John Dennis and Producers Chach drag racing in Fort Meyers Florida. >>PLAY BIT
2/25/10 – THE RUSSIAN RESPONSE TO MIKE MILBURY – Mike called the Russian hockey team “Euro-Trash” and this is what Russia had to say in response. >>PLAY BIT
3/3/10 – GETTING GUESTS AT SPRING TRAINING – Listen to this bit to hear how Meter and Chach have been getting guests down in Florida. >>PLAY BIT
3/18/10 – MESSY BIG SHOW – The Big Show left a bunch of food in the studio and D&C did NOT like that one bit. >>PLAY BIT
3/22/10 – SHUTTING IGGY UP – Listen to what lengths Dennis and Callahan will go to in order to shut their Producer Iggy up. >>PLAY BIT
3/26/10 – METER’S INTERVIEW WITH JOSLYN JAMES – the interview you did not hear with Tiger’s girl/porn star. >>PLAY BIT
3/29/10 – STONE DRUNK BEFORE 10AM – seems like Dennis and Callahan get about one to two of these every month; someone calling in stone drunk before 10am. Meet M.J. >>PLAY BIT
4/6/10 – TIGER IS BACK TO BANGING – this is the press conference following Tiger’s announcement that he going back to being a hound. >>PLAY BIT
4/20/10 - D&C's TIGER WOODS TEXT RAP - a little rap featuring D&C reading Tiger's texts to Joslyn James >>PLAY BIT
4/15/19 - TEA PARTY RALLY RECAP - a recap of the Rally on Boston Common featuring D&C's Iggy. >>PLAY BIT
4/23/10 – BILL BELICHICK VALUE RAP – Bill Belichick raps about his very VALUEABLE round one draft pick. >>PLAY BIT
5/4/10 – THE KEVIN GARNETT GAY-DAR – a handy little devioce that will help you make heads or tails or any person or situation. >>PLAY BIT
5/10/10 – BUBBLE BOY – The overprotective Jon Meterparel is turning his son into the “Bubble Boy”. >>PLAY BIT
5/12/10 - D&C KARAOKE - it's the music from D&C that you HAVEN'T heard in teh Mikey-oke competition. >>PLAY BIT
5/28/10 – THE PRODUCERS IN THE BOX - a recap of the WEEI producers enjoying the night in the Entercom Luxury Suite at Fenway. >>PLAY BIT
6/8/10 – WHEN PRODUCERS ASK QUESTIONS – Find out what happens when Chach and Iggy do celebrity interviews at Tom Brady’s Best Buddies Football Game. >>PLAY BIT
6/15/10 - JON AND KATE (PLUS HER HUSBAND) PLUS 2 1/2 - A married, pregmant newscaster from Main called in and professed her love for Jon Meterparel. >>PLAY BIT
6/24/10 – CHACH PISSES OFF CHRIS BERMAN ON A GOLF COURSE – Listen as D&C Producer Chach walks in front of Boomer right before he’s about to swing off the tee. >>PLAY BIT
7/6/10 – FILL-IN TIME ON D&C – Our fill ins are great! But they don’t always have all the tools it might take to get the job done. >>PLAY BIT
7/13/10 – 2 ANGRY MEN – a brand new movie featuring Mel Gibson and John Dennis. >>PLAY BIT
7/14/10 - CHACH TRIES TO BOOK MEL GIBSON - D&C producer Chach calls up the angriest man in America and tries to see what it will take to get him to come on the show. >>PLAY BIT
7/19/10 - WATCHING DAISUKE PITCH - Tune in....if you enjoy watching paint dry or grass grow. >>PLAY BIT
7/21/10 – METER BOOKS BRIDGET THE MIDGET – as it turns out, Stoughton cops aren’t’ the only ones who are interested in Bridget the Midget. >>PLAY BIT
7/26/10 - THE NEW ENGLAND IN WATER BOAT SHOW - everyone is coming...except for John Kerry. >>PLAY BIT
7/28/10 – METER CALLS DONNA SIMPSON – Meter calls up the 600 pound woman to see if he can get himself some BIG action. >>PLAY BIT
7/29/10 - TIRED OF BLEEPING MEL - a song sung by D&C producer about how annoying it is having to bleep out Mel Gibson each and every morning. >>PLAY BIT
8/16/10 – PROMO FOR HARD EFFING KNOCKS – More intrigue, more ego and more swears than all the other seasons of the show combined. >>PLAY BIT
8/25/10 - ERIN ANDREWS HOSTS COLLEGE FOOTBALL LIVE - This is what CFL with Erin Andrews sounds like if you make the mistake of watching with the sound on. >>PLAY BIT
8/26/10 - REVIS AND BUTTHEAD - forget Hard Knocks and check out this new show with Darrelle Revis and REx Ryan. >>PLAY BIT
8/30/10 – TOM BRADY IS STILL A MAN – Despite the new haircut and the “richer than he is wife”, listen to this to find out why Brady is still a real man. >>PLAY BIT
8/31/10 – STUCK IN A MINE – the brand new reality TV show coming to you live from Chile. >>PLAY BIT
9/1/10 – D&C ARE HUGE IN NEWTON – They’re huge in Newton with everyone…even Ellie. >>PLAY BIT
9/2/10 – CHAT ROULETTE – you never know who you might meet…or who you might see performing a sex act…on Chat Roulette. >>PLAY BIT
9/10/10 – IGGY’S BIG REPORT – Check out Producer Iggy’s big, exciting report from the Tom Brady accident scene >>PLAY BIT
9/15/10 – CHACH INTERVIEWS INSE SAINZ – one great mind interviews another. >>PLAY BIT
9/29/10 - CHACH CAN'T TEXT - with teh texting ban going into effect, what will D&C Producer Chach do? >>PLAY BIT
10/12/10 - BRETT FAVRE FOR WRANGLER JEANS - Real, comfortable, easy to get yoru dick out of to snap a pic with, jeans. >>PLAY BIT
10/20/10 – WHAT IS THE DENNIS AND CALLAHAN TV SHOW – what exactly will the D&C Show……be? >>PLAY BIT
11/3/10 – MOST UNINTERESTING PERSON – As WEEI searches for the most interesting person in sports this bit looks for the exact opposite. >>PLAY BIT
11/12/10 – DENNIS AND CALLAHAN WILL BE ON NESN – meaning that ONE person had to be let to go make room. >>PLAY BIT
1/6/11 _ HOW METER PAN HANDLED HIS WAY TO A PLAY-BY-PLAY GIG - If homeless man Ted Williams can do it, so can Jon Meterparel. >>PLAY BIT
1/21/11 - BILL BELICHICK'S COORS LIGHT AD - Listen to find out why Bill has never gotten to do one of these for real. >>PLAY BIT
1/26/11 - IGGY KNOWS EVERYTHING - After his appearance on a not-so-well-listened-to podcast it became clear that D&C Producer Iggy does indeed know everything. >>PLAY BIT
2/2/11 - JOHN DENNIS: THIS IS YORU LIFE - a recap of Dino's professional life as relayed by former and curernt co-workers and interns. >>PLAY BIT
2/8/11 - WHO SHOWS UP FOR TRUCK DAY - "Truck Day" is an exciting Bosotn Tradition that a very select group of people have been participating in for years. >>PLAY BIT
2/8/11 - IGGY GOES TO TRUCK DAY - D&C Producer Iggy went to Truck Day to leanr all about the crowd. >>PLAY BIT
2/9/11 - WHO WANTS TO DATE PHIL FROM REVERE - This caller to D&C currently dates a 16 year old hooker from the D.R. but can be yours if you're interested. >>PLAY BIT
Mut & Merloni
6/20/13 - MUT AND LOU ARE BAD ASSES....UNTIL MOM CALLS - Hear how quickly their bad ass tone can change with one phone call from Mommy. >>PLAY BIT
6/17/13 - THIS IS HOW THEY TALK HOCKEY IN CHICAGO - based on the back and forth between Mut and Lou and teh Chicago station, here is a promo for Chicago hockey talk. >>PLAY BIT
6/7/13 - THE LITTLE LEAGUE PLAYING DAYS OF MUT - you heard the championship play of Little League Lou. Now, we check out Little League Mut. >>PLAY BIT
5/3/13 - LOU MERLONI LEAVES HOME TO DO GAMES - This is good news for the listeners....but Mrs. Merloni is not a fan of the disappearances. >>PLAY BIT
4/9/13 - HOW LOU MERLONI MADE IT TO OPENING DAY - Hear the super tiny list of people that the Red Sox called BEFORE they got to Lou. >>PLAY BIT
3/27/13 - TOM CARON IS WORRIED ABOUT THE END OF THE WORLD - Listen to Tom warn you about the extreme danger of mereots hitting Earth. >>PLAY BIT
3/14/13 - THE BIGGEST WELKER FAN EVER GOES NUTS ON LOU - Hear this yahoo call up and freak out on Lou merloni for "running him out of town". >>PLAY BIT
3/13/13 - MUT AND LOU WILL NOT MIXX PATRICK CHUNG - No matter what he did on the field, "Mr. Its Confidential" will not be missed on the mid-day show. >>PLAY BIT
2/25/13 - LOU MERLONI AND MIKE MUTNANSKY FOR HUSBAND AND FATHER OF THE YEAR - hear straight from their wives thwy these 2 guys deserve these awards. >>PLAY BIT
2/13/13 - LOU MERLONI ABANDONS THE FOLKS BACK HOME TO HEAD TO FLORIDA - While Lou is living it up in FLA, ehck out these voicemail messages from his wife and son back home in FREEZLING Massachusetts. >>PLAY BIT
2/12/13 - SHELBY REPORTS FROM THE BEAN POT - Hear Mut and Merloni intern shelby report from the midst of the mania that is The Bean Pot. >>PLAY BIT
1/25/13 - LENNAY.....IS A GIRL - The Big Show was CONVINCED that "Lennay" was a man....but as it turns out...she is really a girl. >>PLAY BIT
12/11/12 - HOUSTON RADIO HOSTS THINK THE PATRIOTS SUCK - The day before the Patiots beat down the Texans, hear what Houston radio hosts had to say about Boston and the Pats. >>PLAY BIT
11/1/12 - MUT AND LOU TALK ABOUT CANDY - riveting radio. OK, maybe not....but very funny. >>PLAY BIT
7/27/12 - TRAMPOLINE TALK WITH MUT AND LOU - listen to Mut & Lou discuss gymnastics and trampline jumping with a very enthusiastic caller as we parody teh "In Case You Missed It" spot on WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
7/16/12 - CALL AND TALK TO SKITSO LOU - Hear Lou Merloni beg to talk to a caller....then tell him to shut up....then ask to talk to him...then tell him to shut up. >>PLAY BIT
5/23/12 - MUT AND LOU WANT TO KICK YOUR ASS - come on down to Dave and Busters where Mut and Lou will kcik yoru video games. >>PLAY BIT
5/22/12 - BRADFORD ALREADY BROKE THE ORTIZ NEWS - Why are people all amazed with the Ortiz comments on leadership? He already told Bradford all of this a LONG time ago. >>PLAY BIT
5/16/12 - MUT AND LOU HAVE AN INSIGHTFUL INTERVIEW WITH A VET ABOUT THE SIZE OF DOG BALLS - how could this NOT be the biggest and best interview of the week on WEEI? >>PLAY BIT
5/16/12 - SEXUAL MUT & LOU - Check out the most erotic mid-day show on the radio. >>PLAY BIT
4/12/12 - MUT AND LOU ADVICE FOR D&C - A perfect instance of Show on Show crime, listen to Mut and Lou give their opinion on the D&C interview with Bobby V. >>PLAY BIT
3/21/12 - SINGLE SYLLABLE MUT - hear Mut break down phrases and words into simple single syllables so that EVERYONE can understand. >>PLAY BIT
3/9/12 - A SENIOR MOMENT FROM MUT AND LOU - sure would be awesome to have Marty Turco on the air >>PLAY BIT
2/24/12 - THE FINAL DAY OF THE MUT STACHE - Hear this retrospective on what Mut learned and how he lived while rocking the Mut Stache. >>PLAY BIT
2/23/12 - THE RAP ALBUM DEBUT OF MUT - Appearing on the Bru Tang Clan album, Mut is ALMOST the whitest guy to ever appear on a rap album. >>PLAY BIT
1/9/12 - MUT HATES TEBOW - Listen to Mut hating on Tebow before the Broncos/Steelers Wild Card Game....hatred which was NOT rewarded with a Broncos loss. >>PLAY BIT
1/6/12 - HIS WIFE LOVES MUT AND MERLONI - Listen to one aller tell Mut and Lou just how much...and how bizarrely...she loves the mid-day guys. >>PLAY BIT
9/22/11 - THE GOOD, TEH BAD AND TEH TERRY...FRANCONA - Listen to Terry Francona tke out his guns and take aim at the Boston media in defense of his team. >>PLAY BIT
9/1/11 - LOU MERLONI SAYS WELCOME TO THE RED SOX - Hear the tape that the Red Sox play to rookies welcoming them to the organization. >>PLAY BIT
8/11/11 - STEVE BUCKLEY: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - listen to Buckley use the worst fake voice ever in an attempt to lure Mut & Lou into talk of his Old Time Baseball Game. >>PLAY BIT
7/22/11 - MICHAEL BERGER (AND LOU MERLONI) PREPARE FOR U2 - Hear Berger and Lou warming up their voices in preparation for a U2 sing-along. >>PLAY BIT
7/11/11 - LOU SWEARS - An update to the original "Bass-Ass Mut & Lou" bit, thsi one features Lous coming back from vacation and swearing right out of the chute. >>PLAY BIT
6/29/11 - HERM EDWARDS ADVICE TO MUT - Hear the advice Herm Edwards gives to Mut regarding his marriage and being a big-shot radio star. >>PLAY BIT
6/23/11 - MUT'S BIG DAY! - it's oen day before Mut gets married. Listen to the preperations and the advice. >>PLAY BIT
6/14/11 - THE IMPRESSIONS OF LOU MERLONI - Hear the amazing vocal impersonation skills of WEEI's Lou Merloni as he gets ready for his big comedy show debut. >>PLAY BIT
6/10/11 - LADIES LOVE MUT & MERLONI - The most popular show with the ladies seems to be WEEI's mid-day shoow of Mut & Lou. >>PLAY BIT
6/3/11 - MUT'S IMPENDING WEDDING - even kick-ass sports talk show radio hosts can't do everything they want...once they get engaged. >>PLAY BIT
5/23/11 - MUT'S BIG BACHELOR PARTY WEEKEND - If you thought Mut's weekend was gonna be quiet and tame....think again! >>PLAY BIT
5/11/11 - MUT'S DAD SPEAKS OUT - Now that Mike Mutnansky is a big, huge radio star, his dad wants to remind teh world where he came from. >>PLAY BIT
3/25/11 - LOU MERLONI vs. THE JEALOUS SIDEKICK - Hear the jealous FM sidekick attack Lou Merloni for...well...having a job tht he wants. >>PLAY BIT
MR. STAT GEEK ON THE RAIDIO- A rare D&N bit using the “Real men of Genius” music to pay tribute to Neumy. >>PLAY BIT
N.E.R.D. TEST- Take the N.E.R.D. test to see if you can be part of Neumy’s stat geek team. >>PLAY BIT
WALLACH’S A PRO- This one’s not really a D&N bit, but it does feature D&N Flash Boy John Wallach. It’s an intro for his weekend show featuring one of his many embarrassing moments. >>PLAY BIT
D&N BUS TRIP TO NEW YORK- D&N take the “auto-coach” down to NYC when the Sox took on the Yanks. Neumy has a blast. Dale’s a bit skittish about the whole thing. >>PLAY BIT
DALE ARNODL GOES ICKY BALOOKIE- A bit made out of the famous Meter/Arnold fight over Edger and Nomar. Man…does Dale get pissed in this one! >>PLAY BIT
PAPPOOSE POND AD- This is a parody of the Canobee Lake Park ad using their actual jingle music. It has Dale talking about just how great his vacations to the Pond in Maine really are. >>PLAY BIT
DALE @ PARENTS WEEKEND- Dale goes to visit his son Taylor (played by Ted Nation Producer Mark Merriman) up at Bowdoin and embarrasses the hell out of him. >>PLAY BIT
2/10/5- NEUMY’S LEAVING, MASTERCARD PARODY- The final bit for one Mr. Bob Neumiere. A parody of the MasterCard ads. We’ll miss ya Neumy. >>PLAY BIT
4/29/5- THE DALE AND HOLLEY RAP- 2 Great rants from dale and Michael set to music. Done in the style of the Nomar Rap, the Mayor’s rap, and the Dale Sveum Rap. >>PLAY BIT
5/25/5- DALE ARNOLD’S BEDTIME STORY- A female called said she’d LOVE to hear Dale read a bed time story. Happy to oblige…here ya go lady. >>PLAY BIT
9/23/5- THE WALLACH RAP PART II- Wallach used to have a “Wallach Rap Open” for his Weekend Show, but now, a new and improved one for the mid-day show. >>PLAY BIT
1/20/6 – EXTENDED DALE AND HOLLEY RAP – This is an extended version of the original Dale and Holley rap featuring a en outburst by Holley on some caller named Cliff. >>PLAY BIT
3/11/11 - MUT & MERLONI WEEK 1 IN REVIEW - a recap of week 1 on the Mut and Merloni show. >>PLAY BIT
The Big Show
6/19/13 - THE SAUCE MAN STRIKES OUT AT A BAR - Even when all 6 feet 11 inches of teh Sauce Man is not is still funny! >>PLAY BIT
4/26/13 - SAUCE MAN AT A BAR - Sauce is so big....he actually hits on 3 women at once! >>PLAY BIT
4/25/13 - BOSTON ATHLETS SWEAR - ortiz is the latest to have done it, but he is not the first and will not be the last. >>PLAY BIT
4/22/13 – DAVID ORTIZ SWEARS – Not only did he swear on live TV and Radio…but he has been doing it for years. >>PLAY BIT
4/9/13 - THE YANKEES TICKET LINE HAS CHANGED - the # Yankees fans used to call to get tickets is not a very hot chat line. >>PLAY BIT
2/28/13 - LEARN TO TALK HOCKEY LIKE L.B. - Get your hockey IQ up and learn to talk like a pro. Take lessons from Lyndon Byers. >>PLAY BIT
2/15/13 - THE BEST MOMENTS OF THE BIG SHOW WITH GLENN ORDWAY #2 - 4 minutes worth of some very memorable moments that have happened on The Big Show over the last 15+ years. >>PLAY BIT
2/15/13 - THE BEST MOMENTS OF THE BIG SHOW WITH GLENN ORDWAY #1 - 4 minutes worth of some very memorable moments that have happened on The Big Show over the last 15+ years. >>PLAY BIT
2/15/13 - THE BEST BITS OF THE BIG O - Over 18 years, Glenn gave us a TON of mmaterial to make bits about. Here are some of the highlights. >>PLAY BIT
2/11/13 - THE SAUCE MAN RADIO PROGRAM RECAP - hear the very BEST of the first ever Sauce Man Radio program. >>PLAY BIT
2/7/13 - IS ANDY SABOTAGING THE BIG O - Listen to find out of Big Show producer Andy is using Glenns own words to sabotage him. >>PLAY BIT
2/4/13 - GO DADDY TRIES TO MAKE AN EVE NMORE DISGUSTING AD THAN THE SUPER BOWL KISSING ONE - If you thought Bar Rafaeli making out with Walter was bad...check these ads out. >>PLAY BIT
1/30/13 - SOUTHIE RULES: THE WORST SHOW EVER - this is what happens when they combine a bunch of awful Boston stereotypes with a reality show whose characters are given scripts. Brutal. >>PLAY BIT
1/25/13 - ARE YOU A FEMALE? - an all new game show hosted by Michael Holley and Glenn Ordway. >>PLAY BIT
1/22/13 - WHO IS DAN SILIO - Learn a little more about the guy who got suspended for saying all Erin Andrews is good for is making peephole videos. >>PLAY BIT
1/21/13 - KIRK MINIHANE HATES STUPID CALLERS - Hear Kirk EXPLODE on a caller to WEEI that admittedly knows nothing about the Ravens. >>PLAY BIT
1/17/13 - MANTI TEO TALKS ABOUT HIS IMAGINARY GIRLFRIEND - Manti didnt have much at Notre Dame, but he did have an awesome fake girlfriend. >>PLAY BIT
1/16/13 - 11 YEAR OLDS LOVE THE BIG SHOW - this little dude loves the Big Show....but hates them at the same time. >>PLAY BIT
1/10/13 - KEVIN GARNETT INSPIRED HONEY NUT HCEERIOS AD - it tastes like the wife of Carmello Anthony. >>PLAY BIT
1/9/13 - THE CELTICS DO NOT KNOW US - Listen to players from the Boston Celtics TRYING to read WEEI host names. Who are these guys anyway? >>PLAY BIT
1/4/13 - REX RYAN HAS A WEIRD TATTOO - he has one of his wife in a Sanchez jersey doing the Tebow. But hey, the WEEI hosts have some weird ones too. >>PLAY BIT
12/20/12 - HAVE YOURSELF A VERY SAUCY CHRISTMAS - Hear John Saucier singing all of your favorite holiday tunes like only he can. >>PLAY BIT
12/18/12 - REXIPRO - the new medication to treat bi-polar disease....which we jokingly say that Rex Ryan suffers from in this bit. >>PLAY BIT
12/12/12 - 50 SHADES OF SAUCE - Get all hot and bothered hearing 50 Shades of Grey read by John Saucier. >>PLAY BIT
12/11/12 - WEEI HOSTS CAN NOT GET THE NEW NUMBER RIGHT - Dial 617-779-um.....something. >>PLAY BIT
12/5/12 - HE REMINDS ME OF RAJON RONDO - Hear this bizarre caller tell The Big Show that RG3 reminds him of Rajon Rondo. >>PLAY BIT
12/6/12 - CEDRIC MAXWELL LEARNS ABOUT HANUKKAH - Max saw a bunch of candles and thought it was.....a birthday! >>PLAY BIT
11/30/12 - CEDRIC MAXWELL SOUND RAP - Hear some great sounds (and yo momma) from Max set to music. >>PLAY BIT
11/27/12 - THE SAUCE BOX GPS UNIT - featuring John Saucier as the voice, this is teh largest GPS unit on the market today. >>PLAY BIT
11/14/12 - DONT LITIGATE ME ELMO DOLL - check out this doll to learn how he made the sexual abuse alligations go away. >>PLAY BIT
11/11/12 - DON-T DIDDLE ME ELMO - a new doll issued on the heels of the sexual abuse alligations against the voice of Elmo. >>PLAY BIT
11/7/12 - 7 FEET OF SAUCE - check out the all new album from John Saucier! >>PLAY BIT
11/6/12 - ANTI-ORDWAY POLITICAL AD 2 - in an effort to try and win your vote for favorite Big Show host, this ad was bought and paid for by Michael Holley. >>PLAY BIT
11/6/12 - ANTI-ORDWAY POLITICAL AD 1 - in an effort to try and win your vote for favorite Big Show host, this ad was bought and paid for by Michael Holley. >>PLAY BIT
11/6/12 - ANTI-HOLLEY POLITICAL AD 2 - in an effort to try and win your vote for favorite Big Show host, this ad was bought and paid for by The Big O. >>PLAY BIT
11/6/12 - ANTI-HOLLEY POLITICAL AD 1 - in an effort to try and win your vote for favorite Big Show host, this ad was bought and paid for by The Big O. >>PLAY BIT
10/31/12 - WATCHING THE GAME ALONE AT A BAR WITH GLENN ORDWAY - His power was out so Glenn had to go watch the Celtics alone at a bar where everyone else was playing trivia (true story). >>PLAY BIT
10/29/12 - BIG SHOW CANCELLATIONS - hear what Sandy has forced the cancellations of. >>PLAY BIT
10/25/12 - YES OR NO WITH BOBBY VALENTINE - Hear Bobby try to answer questions with a simple yes or no. >>PLAY BIT
10/23/12 - BOBBY VALENTINE vs JOHN FARRELL - hear a fantasic back-to-back comparison of the former and current Red Sox Managers. >>PLAY BIT
10/18/12 - SOUTHERN SOUL WITH PAULA DEAN AND MICHAEL HOLLEY - Hear Michael doing a cooking show with his favorite TV chef. >>PLAY BIT
10/16/12 - CLASSES ON BEING CLASSY FROM RICHARD SHERMAN - Hear some tips on how to be classy from the guy that taunted Tom Brady. >>PLAY BIT
10/17/12 - THE YANKEES FANS ARE CRYING - Hear the Yankees fans go from arrogance to tears in no time flat. >>PLAY BIT
10/10/12 - SAUCEMAN STYLE - the Gangham beat set to the vocal stylings of John Saucier >>PLAY BIT
10/8/12 - THE NEW PHONE NUMBER JINGLE - Here are 2 new ways to remember our new phone number. Sauce Style or the Joe Castiglione way. >>PLAY BIT
10/5/12 - JOHN RYDER DOES STAND UP - John told a John Dennis joke that got him some giggles so now he has taken the act on the road! >>PLAY BIT
11/4/12 - THE BEST OF BOBBY VALENTINE ON THE BIG SHOW PART 2 OF 2 - Hear all of the greatest Bobby moments as he joined the Big Show in the second half of the season. >>PLAY BIT
11/4/12 - THE BEST OF BOBBY VALENTINE ON THE BIG SHOW PART 1 OF 2 - Hear all of the greatest Bobby moments as he joined the Big Show in the first half of the season. >>PLAY BIT
10/2/12 - TOM BRADY SAYS F.U. BI*&%ES - yeah...he said it. No one wants to admit it though. >>PLAY BIT
10/1/12 - THE BEST AND WORST PREDICTIONS EVER - Hear Glenn Ordway NAIL his prediction of the Jets/49ers game and Michael Holley....well...not nail it. >>PLAY BIT
9/26/12 - MUT AND MERLONI FAIRY TALE TALK - Listen to some werid guy call up and, instead of talking straight up ref lock-out, starts talking Ogres and Fairy Tales. >>PLAY BIT
9/26/12 - PETE CARROL LOVES THE CALL OF THE REPLACEMENT REF - hear Pete in the locker room after the refs gave him the Green Bay game. >>PLAY BIT
9/24/12 - WHAT THE REPLACEMENT REFS WERE DOING BEFORE THE NFL - Hear what jobs these guys had before the real refs got locked out. >>PLAY BIT
9/21/12 - INTERVIEW ADVICE FROM HERM EDWARDS - take these 3 tips from Herm and you too could give a GREAT radio interview. >>PLAY BIT
9/19/12 - HERM EDWARDS RAP - Hear Herm set to music with audio taken from his rookie symposium. >>PLAY BIT
9/17/12 - TROY BROWN ON BOBBY VALENTINE - Hear the Patriot great and how he cant seem to stop talking about Bobby V. >>PLAY BIT
9/10/12 - THE NEAR DISASTER OF BRADYS NOSE - You could hear the women all over New Englnad screaming when Wimbleys knee hit Toms nose. >>PLAY BIT
9/6/12 - BOBBY V WANTS TO PUNCH OUT GLENN ORDWAY - Hear the build up to the "punch out" moment between Glenn and Bobby. >>PLAY BIT
8/30/12 - THE REPLACEMENT REF CIRCUS - Come see the zebra hilariy that will be taking place in the NFL this year. >>PLAY BIT
8/30/12 - THE LEAST INFORMATIVE PATRIOTS HALFTIME SHOW EVER - Instead of telling you ANYTHING about the game, channel 4 decided to tell us allllll about Trader Joe. Wow....thanks. >>PLAY BIT
8/29/12 - THE MANAGERS CHALLENGE - we have secretly replaced the normally chatty Bobby Valentine with this guy. Will anyone notice? >>PLAY BIT
8/28/12 - THE BILL BELICHICK AWESOME INTERVIEW - Hear just how exciting Bill Belichick can be while talking to the mediea. It is AWESOME!! >>PLAY BIT
8/28/12 - OTHER SONGS TO BE BANNED AT PENN STATE - They already banned Sweet Caroline so what else will they ban in Happy Valley? >>PLAY BIT
8/20/12 - THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES: FENWAY PARK - check out the latest episode of the soap opera that is the 2012 Boston Red Sox. >>PLAY BIT
8/13/12 - HOW DeOSSIE GOT BACK ON THE BIG SHOW - Hear what Steve had to do in order to return to the good graces of the Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
8/13/12 - WEEI SMACKDOWN WITH KIRK AND HAGS - Hear Kirk Minihane disassemble Hags in a poor attempt to defend some bad reporting. >>PLAY BIT
8/10/12 - GET DRUNK LIKE JOHN LACKEY - Drinking in the clubhouse is such a good idea that EVERYONE should do it! >>PLAY BIT
8/1/12 - SAUCIER SPOILS THE OLYMPICS - It is drive time radio and it is his job to tell you the scores... >>PLAY BIT
8/1/12 - JERRY JONES WANTS SOME GLORY HOLE - no really....he does. He said just that. >>PLAY BIT
7/31/12 - HANNAH STORM INTERVIEWS SLASH HITS ON TIM TEBOW - Hear the very best of this super uncomfortable interview slash pick-up session between Storm and Tebow. >>PLAY BIT
7/30/12 - ROB BRADFORD SWEARS - We all know that Josh Becket swears a lot, so check out the "when in Rome" attitude of Rob during his latest interview. >>PLAY BIT
7/25/12 - THE BECKET AND LESTER STRUGGLING RAP - Hear a montage of Becket and Lester struggling on the mound plus their plesant post-game comments. >>PLAY BIT
7/24/12 - THE MIKEY ADAMS HIGH SCHOOL REUNION - Hear all about how Mikey was the only thing worth looking at during his most recent high school reunion. >>PLAY BIT
7/20/12 - BACK ON THE RED SOX BAND WAGON - Hey, teh Red Sox won a game!!! Time for everyone to pile back onto the band wagon. >>PLAY BIT
7/18/12 - HERM EDWARDS GREAT SPEECHES - He is not in an NFL locker room any now, Herm is making his weird speeches to anyone that will listen. >>PLAY BIT
7/17/12 - THE BIG O IN ITALY - Hear all about the vacation Glenn just took in Italy where, amongst other things, he was mistaken for Chef Boyardee. >>PLAY BIT
7/16/12 - KIRK MINIHANE CRIES - Listen to Kirk ADMIT that listening to some Bruce Springsteen music makes him well up and cry. >>PLAY BIT
7/13/12 - KEEPING ALLISON IN CAMBRIDGE QUICK - The Big Show has discovered the one and only way to make Allison tolerable: keep her QUICK! >>PLAY BIT
7/11/12 - THE BIG SHOW INTERVIEW JONATHAN SPICOLI PAPELBON - Hear the Papelbon interview mixed in with some cuts from Spicoli and see if you cna tell teh difference. >>PLAY BIT
6/28/12 - MAGIC MIKE NIGHT FOR WEEI - Capitalizing on the male strippe rmovie, WEEI has decided to roll out all of our hosts named Mike, half-naked and on stage. >>PLAY BIT
6/26/12 - THE MIAMI HEAT TEACH US HOW NOT TO BE COOL CHAMPIONS - Hear how LeBron and Wade celebrated their championship vs. how people with real class have done it in the past. >>PLAY BIT
6/18/12 - THE RETIREMENT OF THE CLASSIEST PLAYER IN NFL HISTORY: L.T. - Hear L.T. remind you just how classy he is on his way out the door of the NFL. >>PLAY BIT
6/14/12 - THE DIRTY TALKING LITTLE O DOLL - Use this plush, buddly talking doll and the sexy words of Glenn Ordway to get your special someone in the mood. >>PLAY BIT
6/13/12 - HEAR WHY KIRK MINIHANE IS A BAD ASS - Listen to Kirk undress some other Boston radio/tv hosts that try to attack his views on Tim Thomas. >>PLAY BIT
6/11/12 - THE CURSE OF THE "GOOD EFFORT" KID FROM MIAMI - Right after this little nitwit started pulling for the Heat is when everything went sour for Boston. >>PLAY BIT
6/11/12 - MISSING MAGIC JOHNSON - Now that the Celtics are out of the post-season, what the people of Boston will miss most is teh BRILLIANT commentary of Magic Johnson. >>PLAY BIT
6/8/12 - CEDRIC MAXWELL FEELS BAD FOR LEBRON JAMES - Max is sick of people piling on to poor LeBron and implores for your kindness >>PLAY BIT
6/7/12 - MAYOR MENINO IS FAKING HIS SPORTS FLUBS - unnamed sources confirm that there is no way in Hell that Mayor Menino could possibly be messing up this much without trying to do it on purpose. >>PLAY BIT
6/7/12 - THE STEPHEN A. SMITH RAP WITH COMMENTS - Hear some comments by Stephen A. set to music PLUS his comments about the rap on air at WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
6/6/12 - THE STEPHEN A. SMITH RAP - hear some comments from Stephen A. about the Celtics as "Champions" set to music. >>PLAY BIT
5/31/12 - BOSTON CELTICS FOUL RAP - a montage of all the ridiculous foul calls the Celtics have endured of late set to music >>PLAY BIT
5/29/12 THE PRIME COUGAR FOR THE MIAMI HEAT - With all that Miami has to offer, this is what ends up reprsenting them during their title run. (search Miami Heat Victory Chant on YouTube) >>PLAY BIT
5/21/12 - REOPENING THE GOLF-GATE CONSPIRACY - Explore this audio from the Sox/Phillies to see if Becket indeed may have further injured hsi lat while golfing. >>PLAY BIT
5/17/12 - BIRD AND MAGIC: THE MUSICAL-if you missed the VERY short run of this musical, here is a ridiculous recreation of the on-stage nonsense. >>PLAY BIT
5/16/12 - MIKE FRANCESA WANTS YOU TO FOLLOW DENNIS & CALLAHAN ON TWITTER - hear all the great reasons why Francesa thinks you should follow D&C. >>PLAY BIT
5/11/12 - KEVIN GARNETT SUPERMAN RAP - Rock out to this K.G. Rap played over a Superman theme and featuring some of his greatest moments and quotes. >>PLAY BIT
5/11/18 - GROVER EXPLAINS "GOOD" AND "BAD" USING K.G. AND JOSH BECKET - Sesame St. could not pick 2 better examples of GOOD and BAD. >>PLAY BIT
5/10/12 - JOHN LACKEY ATTACK AD ON JOSH BECKET - As bad as everyone though John Lackey was last least he is not Josh Becket. >>PLAY BIT
5/9/12 - CHARLES BARKLEY ON FASHION - Hear Sir Charles discuss what he knows best- Fashion! Inspired by his comments on the bizarre zebra print jacket of Rajon Rondo. >>PLAY BIT
4/26/12 - THE BOBBY V AND BIG O LOVE FEST - Hear how a once strained relationship has beome one of the more loving ones on all of Boston radio. >>PLAY BIT
4/25/12 - NANABULA RAP #3 (BRUINS VS. CAPITALS - Get geared up for Game 7 with the newest Nanabula Rap! >>PLAY BIT
4/24/12 - AUDIO FROM THE SAINTS WIRE TAPPING SCANDAL - Hear exclusive conversations between Drew Brees and his opponents. >>PLAY BIT
4/19/12 KIRK MINIHANE HATES THE WHINER LINE - Actually....Kirk hates everything, but check out this bit to hear his thoughts on the Whiner Line in particular. >>PLAY BIT
4/18/12 - THE SCHEDULE EXCITES MUT - Hear the brouhaha stirred up by Mut getting (somewhat sarcastically) excited over the release of the Patriots schedule. >>PLAY BIT
4/12/12 - THE BIG O IS NOT IMPRESSED WITH JENNY DELL - Everyone else LOVES the new Red Sox sideline reporter, but Glenn thinks she needs a little work in the warobe department. >>PLAY BIT
4/10/12 - OZZIE GUILLEN SENSITIVITY TRAINING CLASSES - Learn how to be just as sensitive as the dictator loving, foul mouthed, name calling Manager of the Marlins. >>PLAY BIT
4/9/12 CRANKY YANKEE RAP - Hear the Cranky Yankee Bitch set to music crapping on her least favorite team in baseball: The Red Sox >>PLAY BIT
4/5/12 - BOBBY VALENTINE IS APPEARING EVERYWHERE - Beyond having a spot on New York radio, it seems like you will be able to see and hear Bobby V EVERYWHERE this year. >>PLAY BIT
4/3/12 - JIM GRAY PISSES OF BILL WALTON....AGAIN - Hear some amazingly awkward moments between Jim and Bill after Kentucky wins the NCAA Championship Game. >>PLAY BIT
4/3/12 - MY FIRST NATIONAL ANTHEM BY PLAYSKOOK - Hear this putrid version of the National Anthem apparently created by PlaySkool and performed by The Fray. >>PLAY BIT
4/2/12 - RAY LEWIS THE PREACHER - After he is all done with football, you can make a pretty safe wager on what Ray Lewis will be doing next. >>PLAY BIT
3/29/12 - JOSH BECKET SWEARS HIS ASS OFF ON THE BIG SHOW - The problems with the interview had nothign to do with phone troubles. It was actually all due to the salty language of Josh. >>PLAY BIT
3/28/12 - BOBBY VALENTINE: PITCH MAN EXTRAORDINAIRE - Hear the Red Sox new Manager help to sell anything and EVERYTHING. >>PLAY BIT
3/26/12 - THE TIM TEBOW RELIGIOUS REVIVAL TOUR COMES TO NEW YORK - Hear Timmy trying to save the Godness heathens of New York...and New Jersey. >>PLAY BIT
3/23/12 - CARL CRAWFORD FOR #2 - Carl Crawford is campaigning to be made the Red Sox permanant #2 hitter. >>PLAY BIT
3/22/12 - THE NEW YORK JETS CIRCUS - Come see teh circus that is sure to be teh 2012/13 New York Jets. >>PLAY BIT
3/22/12 - TIM TEBOW SOUNDS LIKE A REAL JET - One day of being a member of Gang Green and Tim is already sounding like his new Head Coach. >>PLAY BIT
3/15/12 - HOW TO SILENCE DANNY AINGE - normally a tough man to shut up, hear how Dale Arnold managed to silence Danny Ainge........twice. >>PLAY BIT
3/8/12 - HELP BILL BELICHICK SET HIS CLOCK - Billcannot seem to figure out how to change his care clock and needs YOUR help. >>PLAY BIT
3/2/12 - CEDRIC MAXWELL FAT CHICK RAP - Hear Cedric rap about hwo much he loves them fat chicks. >>PLAY BIT
2/24/12 - FedEx PARODY SHOWING JUST HOW THE RYAN BRAUN URINE GOT "DELIVERED" - What happened after the package of pee pee went to Portland? Who knows... >>PLAY BIT
2/14/12 - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY FROM KIRK - Listen to the special way that Kirk Minahane will be celebrating this special day with his loved one. >>PLAY BIT
2/10/12 - DANCE LIKE A GRONKOWSKI - a brand new DVD set that will teach you when and how to party at the most inappropriate times possible...just link Gronk! >>PLAY BIT
2/6/12 - WHAT GISELE HAS DONE TO BRADY - Before Gisele the Pats won 3 in 4 years. After Gisele....nothig. Hear the timeline here. >>PLAY BIT
2/3/12 - WEEI.COM REPORTERS LIVE FROM THE BROOM CLOSET - Hear where set up their beat reporters to cover Super Bowl 46. >>PLAY BIT
2/2/12 - CELEBRATE VALENTINES DAY LIKE OCHO AND HIS GIRLFRIEND DO - by dropping a big huge log in front of each other. >>PLAY BIT
2/1/12 - WHY CHRIS CARTER WILL NOT COME ON WEEI ANYMORE - Hear why Chris has boycotted WEEI due to his being upset about his treatment on The Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
1/31/12 - ZAK DeOSSIE ON MEDIA DAY....ABOUT HIS DAD - Instead of talking about Super Bowl 46, Zak DeOssie spent a good portion of his media day talking about his Dad, Steve. >>PLAY BIT
1/30/12 - FRED SMERLAS THREATENS TO POUND DALE ARNOLD - hear Fred calmy threaten to come over to table on Dale so that he can finally answer a question he was asked. >>PLAY BIT
1/18/12 - DREW FORRESTER "RAVENS WIN" RAP - Listen to Drew freak out about how all the Ravens do is win. >>PLAY BIT
12/19/11 - WHERE WAS JESUS WHEN TEBOW NEEDED HIM - Learn where Jesus was while Tebow was losing to the Patriots. >>PLAY BIT
12/19/11 - BOBBY VALENTINE CALLS DUSTIN PEDROIA - Listen to teh first conversation between Bobby V and his 2nd baseman. >>PLAY BIT
12/7/11 - MAYOR MENINO OFFENDS ATHLETES THAT NEVER PLAYED SPORTS - Seriously....he actually said that. >>PLAY BIT
12/6/11 - JACK EDWARDS OVERBOARD FIGHT CALLING - Hear the difference between the way Jack calls a fight and the way it really goes. >>PLAY BIT
11/21/11 - TARDY HOLLEY - Find out why Michael Holley was more than 20 minutes late to his gig on the Big Show here. >>PLAY BIT
11/18/11 - MEET THE DIVINE TIM TEBOW - His relationship with God helps him to feel complete....and to win football games! >>PLAY BIT
11/17/11 - SO YOU THINK YOU CAN BE A SIDELINE REPORTER - The all new game show from John Dennis designed to replace Heidi Watney. >>PLAY BIT
11/14/11 - SNORE ROOM - The new book by Michael Holley covering the the work habbits of Mikey Adams. >>PLAY BIT
11/9/11 - THE REX RYAN RAP - a rap song featuring all of yoru favotire quotes from the Jets Head Coach. >>PLAY BIT
11/2/11 - RON BORGES ON THE DEMISE OF THE PATRIOTS - Ron is predicting the demise of the Pats.......again. >>PLAY BIT
11/2/11 - BILL BELICHICK IS THE MASTER OF ELUSION - no one evades and eludes questions quite like Bill. >>PLAY BIT
10/28/11 - GLENN ORDWAY HOSTS THE DAN PATRICK SHOW - Hear the difference btween the happy, positive (southern) callers from the DP Show and what The Big O is normally used to. >>PLAY BIT
10/26/11 - THEO EPSTEIN AS MILTON WADDAMS - Hear how Theo got treated just like Milton Waddams did in the movie Office Space. >>PLAY BIT
10/24/11 - TIGHT ENDS AND WIDE RECEIVERS - the new video starring Rob Gronkowski and Bibi Jones. >>PLAY BIT
10/19/11 - MIKEY ADAMS AT OCCUPY BOSTON - Hear MIkey Interviewing the thoughtful folk at Occupy Bosto about sports and their agenda. >>PLAY BIT
10/18/11 - GETTING JOHN HENRY TO APPEAR - Getting John to appear at your station is easy! Just mention one of his ventures. >>PLAY BIT
10/14/11 - THE 2 STYLES OF INTERVIEWING HEIDI WATNEY - Hear teh very different styles used by Mikey Adams and John Ryder to interview Hiedi Watney. >>PLAY BIT
10/14/11 - HARD HITTING MIKEY ADAMS - Listen to Mikey prove he deserves to be on NESN over Mut with his hard-hitting Hiedi Watney interview. >>PLAY BIT
10/12/11 - RED SOX FANTASY CAMP - Send your kids to Red Sox training camp to act just like a Red Sox your own rick. >>PLAY BIT
10/11/11 - THEO SIGHTINGS IN CHICAGO - A Chicago resident was 99.9% sure he saw Theo Epstein in Chicago. Like Elvis, he seems to be EVERYWHERE. >>PLAY BIT
10/10/11 - BEST INTERVIEW EVER: DAVID ORTIZ EDITION - Hear some insightful answsers from David Ortiz on his not-so-top-flight cell phone. >>PLAY BIT
10/7/11 - THE REPEATING REX RYAN DOLL - His act is so tired that i will put your little ones to sleep immediately. >>PLAY BIT
10/5/11 - JOHN HENRY TWEETS - Hear the not-so-friendly response John Henry got when he took to Twitter to talk about the Red Sox. >>PLAY BIT
10/4/11 - THE NEXT SONG FROM HANK WILLIAMS JR. - After having his last song pulled due to his "Hitler" comment, check out his come-back somg here. >>PLAY BIT
10/3/11 - CLASSIFIED AD: RED SOX MANAGER JOB - check this out if you think you have what it takes to be the next Manager of the Boston Red Sox. >>PLAY BIT
9/30/11 - CARMINE THE RED SOX COMPUTER GETS AN UPGRADE FROM T-PAIN - A parody of the T-Pain ad for Toshiba, The Sox look to upgrade their stat computer after a disappointing 2011. >>PLAY BIT
9/28/11 - FEAR AT FENWAY - Check out the HORROR at Fenway Park presented by Spooky World. What could me more scary than the 2011 Red Sox! >>PLAY BIT
9/29/11 - RED SOX COLLAPGE MONTAGE - Hear a montage of the Sox sucking, the Yankees blowing it and teh Rays winning from the Blanck Night of September 28, 2011. >>PLAY BIT
9/28/11 - CALL THE CRANKY YANKEE HOTLINE - if you happen to be feeling a little too good about your favorite sports team call the Cranky Yankee B*&^ and that will be taken care of right away. >>PLAY BIT
9/26/11 - WHO TEXTED JOHN LACKEY - Find out who it was from the media that texted Lackey and upset him before the game on 9/25. >>PLAY BIT
9/23/11 - PORNO FOR PATRIOTS FANS - This is the filthy followup to A Football Life for the Patritos fan that wanted even MORE. >>PLAY BIT
9/21/11 - THE JOHN LACKEY RAP - Hear Lackey "um" and "ahh" his way through this rap that encompasses his 2011 season with the Red Sox. >>PLAY BIT
9/14/11 - BIG SHOW PRODUCER ANDY CUTS OFF VINCE WILFORK IN TRAFFIC - Hear what happens when Andy cuts off and flips off Big Vince on teh way to the stadium. >>PLAY BIT
8/24/11 - TIME FOR (FANTASY) FOOTBALL - Mut and Merloni take all the fun out of the NFL and go all fantasy talk once a week. >>PLAY BIT
8/23/11 - MICHAEL HOLLEY GETS BELICHICK SLAPPED - Bill Belichick welcomes Michael Holley to his interview process with a lighthearted back-hander. >>PLAY BIT
8/11/11 - THE LAWRENCE TAYLOR PROSTITUTION RAP - created on teh heels of the Pimp from the incident getting sentenced. >>PLAY BIT
8/10/11 - CHAD OCHOCINCO WANTS TO LIVE WITH YOU - Ocho wants a Pats fan roomie. Here are some of the potential candidates. >>PLAY BIT
8/5/11 - JOE CASTIGLIONE RAP - Some of the most famous calls from JOe such as "Red Sox win eiteht SEVEN" and an emphatic "GOOOONE" all mixed up into a rap. >>PLAY BIT
8/4/11 - EVERYBODY LOVES TROY BROWN AND TEDY BRUSCHI - Well...ALMOSTT everybody loves them....except for this one lady. >>PLAY BIT
8/2/11 - ONE SINGLE COLTS FAN CLAPS FOR PEYTON - Listen to this one bizarre-ass dude clap for Peyton during an otherwise clap-free press conference. >>PLAY BIT
8/1/11 - WHERE OCHOCINCO SHOULD LIVE - Ocho asked, so here are a few suggestions as to what communities he might fit into here in Boston. >>PLAY BIT
7/27/11 - PUT DUSTIN PEDROIA AT CLEAN-UP - Given teh shot to hit in the 5 spot, Pedroia went 3 for 4 and ALLLLMOST hit for the cycle. >>PLAY BIT
7/22/11 - IT IS HOT. WHAT DO I DO??? - if you are too dumb to figure out how to stay cool, the news will be happy to tell you. >>PLAY BIT
7/21/11 - JOHN FROM MEDFORD FOR MAYOR - Hear why YOU should vote for John from Medford for Mayor! >>PLAY BIT
7/18/11 - WHY SOCCER STILL ISN'T POPULAR IN AMERICA - hear how teh Women's World Cup Soccer team failed to advance teh cause of soccer yet again. >>PLAY BIT
7/12/11 - HOW MUT STOLE MIKEY'S JOB - Hear how Mut took Mikey Adams gig over at NESN. >>PLAY BIT
7/11/11 - MORT GOLDMAN CALLS THE BIG SHOW - Listen to this caller from New York call up the Big Show and sound JUST LIKE Mort. >>PLAY BIT
7/8/11 - J.D. DREW THE BUZZ KILL - listen to what J.D. does on teh heels of a back to back to back home run attack by the guys in front of him in the line-up. >>PLAY BIT
6/29/11 - LARRY BIRD IS PROUD OF GLENN ORDWAY - Hear how surprised Larry Bird sounds to find that Glenn Ordway is actually "doing well". >>PLAY BIT
6/28/11 - WHY AMERICA HATES BOSTON - Hear just a few examples of why all of North America hates us "spoiled" Boston sports fans. >>PLAY BIT
6/20/11 - BOSTON BRUINS PARADE RECAP - 1.5 million attended...even though Mayor Menino refused to allow anyone to give speeches to the full crowd. He spoke though as did Jacobs...who TRASHED Neely. >>PLAY BIT
6/20/11 - DIE HARDS HATE THE PINK HATS - Hear a so called "Die Hard" Bruins fan's reasons for hating the Pink Hats. >>PLAY BIT
6/17/11 - VANCOUVER BOARD OF TOURISM THEME SONG - Hear Vancouver the way it really a WAR ZONE after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. >>PLAY BIT
6/17/11 - WHY MAYOR MENINO HATES BRUINS FANS - First he killed the Game 7 part, and now he won't let Bruins fans gather for a celebration rally after the parade. >>PLAY BIT
6/16/11 - 7 TITLES IN 10 YEARS - a montage of all of Boston's 7 titles starting from Super Bowl 36 and going up to the 2011 Stanley Cup. >>PLAY BIT
6/16/11 - MIKE ADAMS' PUNNISHMENT FOR PICKING AGAINST THE BRUINS - Mikey picked against the B's and now it's time to pay up...with some ink! >>PLAY BIT
6/15/11 - MAYOR MENINO IS A BOSTON BRUINS PARTY POOPER - Listen to Mayor Menino's reasons for not allowing a party outside the Garden on the night of game 7. >>PLAY BIT
6/14/11 - NANABULA'S BRUINS RAP #2 - if you liked Nanabula from Quincy's first Boston Bruins rap, you'll LOVE thisone. >>PLAY BIT
6/14/11 - DALE ARNOLD'S DILEMMA - On Wednesday the 15th he'll be calling the Red Sox game but will most definitely have at least one eye on the Bruins game. >>PLAY BIT
6/13/11 - LeBRON'S NEW SHOE CALLED THE #2 - Buy it...or don't buy it. He could care less. He's better than you anyway. >>PLAY BIT
6/10/11 - DON'T HATE ON THE PINK HATS - You might actually enjoy the Pink Hat Bruins fans a bit more after hearing this hard-core original B's fan. >>PLAY BIT
6/9/11 - HOLLEY DOUBLE DIPS - Michael HOlley missed out on the Big Show yesterday to appear on ESPn and we give him a bit of a hard time about it in this bit. >>PLAY BIT
6/8/11 - NANABULA FROM QUINCY'S BRUINS RAP - Hear some phone calls from Nanabula about the Bruins set to music for his first ever rap song. >>PLAY BIT
6/6/11 - EVERYBODY LOVES KATHRYN - Find out why everyone at WEEI and beyond loves (maybe a little bit too much) NESN's Kathryn Tappen. >>PLAY BIT
6/3/11 - RENT A GREEN MAN - It's your chance to rent one of Vancouver's Green Men for your event! >>PLAY BIT
5/31/11 - THE MIAMI HEAT NEW THEME SONG - the perfects song for the perfectly clueless, front-running Miami Heat fan base. >>PLAY BIT
5/24/11 - JACK EDWARDS CURES FOR PROBLEMS IN THE BEDROOM - Learn how Jack can help with everything from E.D to "screamers" to lack of zeal in the sack. >>PLAY BIT
5/23/11 - THE JACK MONOLOGUES - Hear audio from this one-man-show featuring Jack Edwards dropping knowledge and soliloquies on his adoring fans. >>PLAY BIT
5/20/11 - DAVE MISHKIN IS A HOMER - Listen to teh Lightning Play-by-Play man define "homer" and by doing so, define himself. >>PLAY BIT
5/18/11 - JACK EDWARDS IMPERIOUS RAP - Jack's post-game 7 message about imperiouis conceit set to music. >>PLAY BIT
5/17/11 - A SONG FOR A NERVOUS BRUINS NATION - Listen to teh tune that fans at The Garden might be singing if the Bruisn go down tonight. >>PLAY BIT
5/16/11 - REVENGE ON THE CRANKY YANKEE B*&#H - After having to take her crap all season long it's finally nice to give it back to teh Cranky Yankee B&%$H after the Sox swept the Yankees. >>PLAY BIT
5/13/11 - MAX LOVES FAT CHICKS - a montage of Cedric Maxwell professing his true love for larger women including Michelle Obama & Oprah. >>PLAY BIT
5/11/11 - THE MOST EAR PIERCING PLAY-BY-PLAY GUY ON THE RADIO - Meet Dave Mishkin from the Tampa Bay Lisghtning. Funny thing is, he thinks this sounds "natural". >>PLAY BIT
4/10/11 - WHEN BLOGGERS ATTACK 2 - Listen to the fall-out from part 1 in this series as the Bloggers attack the Big Show for having attacked them. >>PLAY BIT
5/9/11 - CSNNE'S CAUSEWAY STREET STUDIOS - Come see Gary & Donnie and BANG LIKE HELL on the glass. You can hear it clear as day on the air. >>PLAY BIT
5/6/11 - THE CURSE OF DALE ARNOLD - The temas that Dale has called are a combined 2 and 9. Is is possible that there is a jinx involved here? >>PLAY BIT
5/4/5 - THE ADVENTURES OF MR. TOMMY & DR. HEINSOHN 2 - listen to what the stress of the playoffs is doing to our beloved play-by-play man. >>PLAY BIT
5/3/11 - WHEN BLOGGERS ATTACK - Listen to two bloggers from attack Jack Edwards while he's roaming out in the a soccer game. >>PLAY BIT
4/28/11 - JACK EDWARDS VIAGRA - If the stress of the Bruisn season is messing with your performance then this E.D. remedy is for you. >>PLAY BIT
4/27/11 - GLENN ORDWAY TALKS TOO MUCH - The Big O claims he los this voice because of a cold. The REAL reason is revealed here. >>PLAY BIT
4/25/11 - RED SOX 'BEST TEAM EVER' RAP...FOR REAL - unlike the mocking version of the Best Team Ever rap, thsi one actually celebrates teh Sox recent success. >>PLAY BIT
4/21/11 - BILL BURT'S CONFIRMATION ON THE SHAQ STORY - Here's the inside scoop on who Bill Burt's "League Sources" are in regards to teh Shaq being out for teh play-offs story. >>PLAY BIT
4/19/11 - CRAZY JACK EDWARDS - A montage of some of Jack's most wonderful and crazy moments during Bruins games. >>PLAY BIT
4/12/11 - THE SHINE IS OFF THE GYRO-BALL - Listen to how EXCITED Boston was when they first got Daisuke vs. how they feel now. >>PLAY BIT
4/11/11 - JOHN LACKEY EXCUSE MAKING MAGIC 8 BALL - What's John's latest excuse for another crappy performace? Shake this 8 Ball to find out. >>PLAY BIT
4/7/11 - BEST TEAM EVER 0 AND 6 REMIX - The REd Sox lowlights from their 0 and 6 start set to music. >>PLAY BIT
4/6/11 - THE RED SOX "BEST TEAM EVER" RAP - Lowlights of the 0 and 4 Red Sox set to music. >>PLAY BIT
4/5/11 - BILL WALTON IS DISGUSTED WITH UCONN - Just when the CT hoopsters thought they had soemthing to be proud of, Walton craps all over their cruddyperformance in the finals. >>PLAY BIT
4/4/11 - THE FASTEST LET-DOWNS IN BOSTON SPORTS HISTORY - Shaq and teh Sox. 2 HUGE let downs than hit us all at once on the weekend of April Fools. >>PLAY BIT
3/31/11 - THE CELTICS LOSING RAP - The post-Perkins wowes of the Boston Celtics set to music. >>PLAY BIT
3/30/11 - WHY LEBRON JAMES MISSED THE PRE-GAME INTRODUCTIONS - If you missed it, LeBron did a whole 1 hour special before teh game discussing why he'd be missing the introductions. >>PLAY BIT
3/30/11 - AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS WITH MUT - Before Mut joined WEEI he was on teh Jr. High School talk show circuit. >>PLAY BIT
2/29/11 - THE ADVENTURES OF MR. TOMMY AND DR. HEINSOHN - Did you ever notice the massive change Tommy undergoes from his in-game calls to his post-game analysis? >>PLAY BIT
3/28/11 - PAWTUCKET R.I. IS AMERICA'S LITTLE JAPAN - Hear how the Sox made Hideki Okajima's move to Pawtucket sound not all that bad. >>PLAY BIT
3/25/11 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK EDWARDS - During the Bruins/Canadians game Jack wanted to make sure EVERYONE knew it was his birthday. >>PLAY BIT
3/24/11 - WHERE IS THE BIG SHAMROCK - Shaq seems to have been everywhere in Boston EXCEPT for on the court. >>PLAY BIT
3/21/11 – HYPOCRITICAL CANADIAN HOCKEY FANS – Canadian hockey fans always stand up for ice injustice…and by ALWAYS we mean only when it’s one of their players. >>PLAY BIT
3/18/11 - ROB BRADFORD'S REPORT FROM FLORIDA (IN THE BATHROOM) - Listen to the stellar phone quality and background noise of Rob's Report from FLA. >>PLAY BIT
THE AMBIGUOUSLY GAY YANKEES- A bit that ran only 1 time on WEEI because it was deemed “far too offensive”. When A-Rod joined the Yankees, we took a page out of SNL’s book and deemed them “The Ambiguously Gay Yankees” >>PLAY BIT
FOX SOUNDS OF THE GAME - picks up the sound of A-Rod running down to 1st base during the ALCS >>PLAY BIT
DR. FELIZ- The Original Dr. Feliz bit where Pedro sits down with the good Dominican doctor to discuss his feelings. >>PLAY BIT
DR. FELIZ 2- Pedro is back on the Doctor Feliz Show and discussing his need to feel wanted during his contract negotiations. >>PLAY BIT
FAN OF THE GAME- A truly mean spirited bit. During the 2004 Sox season Eric Freed from NESN interviewed a girl in the stands who “skipped” her prom to go to a Sox game. This bit says what we were all thinking during the interview. >>PLAY BIT
FRANK FROM GLAUCESTER PHONE CALL- A bit from the summer of 2003 where I rearranged some of Frank’s most famous lines to create this one phone call >>PLAY BIT
MAYOR’S RAP UPDATE- Quite similar to the original Mayor’s Rap but with additions of his cookie prediction and more. >>PLAY BIT
MILLAR SUCKS- When Kevin Millar went on “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” and ripped EEI, well, we were pretty merciless in our response. >>PLAY BIT
MILLAR WHOOPS- Well, the day after we ripping the living crap out of Millar saying how terrible he was, he went on a tear making us look kinda silly. So uh…..whoops. >>PLAY BIT
NBA IS FANTASTIC- After the Pistons/Pacers brawl we used the NBA’s official music for the 2004/5 season to show just how “fantastic” the league really is. >>PLAY BIT
NGP- Take off on the movie JFK trying to describe exactly how Nomar hurt his ankle using a similar conspiracy theory. >>PLAY BIT
NOMAR SELF HELP TAPES- Take a page out of Nomar’s book and learn to help yourself just like he did. >>PLAY BIT
SESAME STREET FRANCONA- A whole bunch of Sox errors set to the sesame street “manamana” song with Terry Francona making excuses. >>PLAY BIT
9/13/5 – RANTING MESSAGES- Who leaves messages like this? >>PLAY BIT
BIG SHOW TELEPHONE GAME- Don’t believe that you’ve been ripped by the Big Show until you hear it for yourself. >>PLAY BIT
JOSE CANSECO PSYCHIC HOTLINE- Call Hose and he will tell you your future……in September. Audio in this bit is taken from the infamous “in September” interview with Jose. >>PLAY BIT
INSIDE DAKOTA’S HEAD- Get inside the head of this WEEI caller to hear how cool he thinks he sounds. >>PLAY BIT
DALE SVEUM GOT UKIE RUN DOWN AT HOME PLATE- Parody song take off on “Grandma Got Over By A Reindeer”. >>PLAY BIT
DALE SVEUM’S OTHER JOBS- Find out what the Sox 3rd base coach did before he got his job with the Sox. >>PLAY BIT
DALE SVEUM GOT UKIE RUN DOWN AT HOME PLATE- Parody song take off on “Grandma Got Over By A Reindeer”. I'm told it's a favorite of Dale and Kevin's! >>PLAY BIT
INTERVIEWING THE ELDERY- makes fun of the Fox interviews done during the World Series 2004 with all the elderly people. >>PLAY BIT
ITAILIAN WITHOUT A JOB-Take off on the movie “Italian Job’, this is about frank from Glaucester. >>PLAY BIT
KILL BILL- This is a movie parody take-off on the movie by the same name. It’s when Bill Belichick took on Bill Parcells (Pats vs. Cowboys) >>PLAY BIT
LOSE TO WIN- A bit inspired by Michael Gee’s philosophy at the end of the Pats 200./4 season saying they’d better lose one, just to get it out of the way. >>PLAY BIT
NO AUTOGRAPHS- The Big Show refuses to give autographs even though many of the media folk in Boston have been doing just that. >>PLAY BIT
TED IN JAMAICA- Trying to find Ted Serandis on vacation,, we head down to Jamaica. >>PLAY BIT
TOM CARON INTERUPTS- The “Not Your Typical Fan” segment always seems to come at the worst possible moment. >>PLAY BIT
TONY ON S.O.S.H.- Tony Maz logs on to S.O.S.H. to try and chat with Curt Schilling. >>PLAY BIT
MEDIA CONSPIRACY- The Sox believed that there was a media conspiracy to trash them. We caught some flack on this one due to some sexual references. >>PLAY BIT
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM BELICHICK- After Steve Burton asked Bill to wish Steve DiOssi a happy birthday, he decided to make the birthday wishing into a franchise. >>PLAY BIT
FELGER HOSTS TED NATION- The Wisconsin Cheese Head himself fills in for Ted Nation and takes on some of his more popular characteristics. >>PLAY BIT
BUCK vs. MAZ- The famous Steve Buckley vs. Tony Maz fight turned into a message of holiday “cheer”. >>PLAY BIT
HOOKED ON FREBONICS- Learn to understand Fred Smerlas with these tapes that are a take off on the Hooked on Phonics takes. >>PLAY BIT
SENOR SHEPPARDO TRANSLATES PEDRO- After Pedro leaves the Sox, Senor Sheppardo translates the interview he gave down in the Dominican in this episode of Big Show Deportes. >>PLAY BIT
PEDRO AND THE CHUCKLE HEADS- Even after Pedro leaves Boston, the same Chuckle Head reporters follow him to NYC laughing at every single thing he says. >>PLAY BIT
DR. FELIZ 3- Pedro has now left the red Sox and goes on with the good doctor to discuss this decision. >>PLAY BIT
WUSSIFICATION OF THE NFL- Before the 2004 NFL Season, the Colts were doing a lot of whining that their receivers were being manhandled….wimps! >>PLAY BIT
THE MAYOR'S RAP- The Original Mayor's Rap featuring Boston's own Thomas M. Menino on the Sox and his promise for a parade. >>PLAY BIT
BIG SHOW IN AFGANASTAN- Instead of going to the baseball play-offs, the big show got sent to Afghanistan. I don’t think Glen liked the way this one ended very much. He kinda gave us a weird look as the bit wrapped up. >>PLAY BIT
“BUTCH SLAP” IN THE DICTIONARY- The term “Butch Slap” is now in the dictionary and traveling across the globe thanks to Butch Sterns and the Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
BUTCH SLAP CLASSES- Butch Sterns put son this class on how to react and deal with being “Butch Slapped” >>PLAY BIT
BIG SHOW’S COINED PHRASES- The genesis of many of the phrases coined on the big show: “you’re ruining my summah!”, “Butch Slap’ and more. >>PLAY BIT
JOE CASTIGLIONE’S BAD DAY- When the Sox aren’t’ doing so well, Joe’s calls just say it all. >>PLAY BIT
N.I.P.S.- After Curt Schilling helped catch the drunk driver, he and Glenn Ordway (The Nipple) teamed up to dole out more justice on the highways. >>PLAY BIT
SEAN MCADAM “SHUT-UP” SYSTEM- After Sean’s famous “shut up” freak out on the Big Show, we invented this handy product. >>PLAY BIT
BOSTON SPORTS MEDIA GRUDGE MATCHES- Bob Ryan vs. Michael Felger. McAdam vs. Dino and more. These media members settle all their differences in this battle royal. >>PLAY BIT
YANKEES TALK 2- As the Yankees pull farther into first place, the “Yankees Talk” program with Craig and Larry becomes that much more unbearable. >>PLAY BIT
SESAME STREET TERRY FRANCONA- Some of Terry’s baby talking about his players set to the theme of Sesame street (different from the one set to the “Manamana” song) >>PLAY BIT
I, BUCKELY- Take off on the movie “I, Robot”, Buckley claims that it took us 9 years of audio tape to find this many instances of him saying “I”. Truth be told, I only had to listen to about 22 minutes of audio to find it all. >>PLAY BIT
DALE SVEUM RAP- Some of the 3rd base coaches most horrible plays set to music. Joe and Jerry on the calls of course. >>PLAY BIT
DALE’S BINKY- Dale touts his favorite binky, Nomar Garciapara, in this bit which includes the highly requested battle of the binkies as Dale sings off against Meat over the Michigan fight song. >>PLAY BIT
YANKEES TALK 3- The Yankees lead in the AL East has begun to dwindle and Craig isn’t dealing with it very well. >>PLAY BIT
9/13/5- NFL SUNDAY SPOOF- The Big Show takes a shot at Dale’s Sunday morning NFL show. >>PLAY BIT
BIG SHOW DRINKING GAME- Play along at home and take a drink when you hear Danny Ainge say “Glenn”. >>PLAY BIT
TEDDY ON THE BIG SHOW- listen to a promo of what it would sound like if Ted Serandis joined the Big Show for a day. >>PLAY BIT
RON BORGES BUZZ KILL BUDDY- A product that could bring anyone down. >>PLAY BIT
MICHAEL FELGER METROSEXUAL CARE KIT- Look sexy and pretty just like Mike with all the great products in this kit. >>PLAY BIT
THE NIPPLE- Yup, this is it. Glenn Ordway is…..THE NIPPLE! >>PLAY BIT
YANKEES TALK- This is the original “Yankees Talk” bit featuring L.J. and the emergence of the Craig Mustard impression. >>PLAY BIT
EVIL TONY- The Original “Evil Tony” bit >>PLAY BIT
MEN OF REAL LOW STANDARDS- Take off on the “Men of Real Genius Ads”. This one’s also known as the “Fat Tuesday” bit. One of the meanest ones ever J >>PLAY BIT
1/6/4- OVERZEALOUS TED?- Ted goes a little crazy with BC hoops sometimes, but hey, do you think it’s warranted now as they’re 12 and 0? >>PLAY BIT
UNDERAGED BIG SHOW CALLERS- tips for youngsters on how to call the Big Show. This has the audio from when that girl called and her mom picks up and tells her she’ll “smack her” if she doesn’t’ clean her room. >>PLAY BIT
LARRY JOHNSO’S LIST OF APPROVED CHRISTMAS TOYS- includes the Play dough Sandwich Makers, Jehovah Man Trading Cards, the Microsoft Cross Box, and G.I. Jesus. >>PLAY BIT
FRED SMERLAS SINGS THE HOLIDAY CLASSICS- Fred “duh duh duh’s” his way through the classics along with Meat and the Waltham Boys Choir >>PLAY BIT
THE BIG SHOW DEPORTES- The original Big Show Deportes promo. It’s the Big Show in Spanish...kinda. The more Spanish you speak, the funnier this is; especially Sean’s part. >>PLAY BIT
LEARN TO DANCE LIKE A NEW ENGLAND PATRIOT, VOLUME 2- After the rally in Government Center, the Patriots teaches you how to shak eit! Includes a Bill Belichick rap. >>PLAY BIT
WHINEY AWARDS RECAP- after the 2nd annual Whiney Awards, we recap the event and learn how to better do public events. >>PLAY BIT
WEEI’s DREAM JOB- 10,000 hopefuls gathered to try and win the slinkiest seat in all of sports and become the new Big show Flash Boy. >>PLAY BIT
WBCN’s SCREAMING MORON- During the Pats games on the radi0, ever hear that really annoying guy screaming in the background of the play-by-play? I friggin’ hate that guy!!! >>PLAY BIT
RED SOX COMIC BOOK- featuring Nomar vs. Sean McAdam (The Analyzer), Tony Maz (The Giggler), and Steve Buckley (Captain Bucket Head) >>PLAY BIT
SHAUGNESSY…GET A LIFE- Seems like everyone hates Shank. This bit includes the old lady Shank Rap. >>PLAY BIT
MAYOR FOR RENT- You can hire out the Mayor Thomas M. Menino to speak at your party. He’ll talk about space ships, sea food and more! >>PLAY BIT
RENT OUT THE WBCN SCREAMER- Now, you can hire out that annoying guy that scrams behind the Pats radio play-by-play for your function. >>PLAY BIT
THE BASEBALL BUDDY- a machine featuring the voices of Sean McAdam and Tony Maz that’ll help you better watch and understand baseball games. >>PLAY BIT
THE RICHARD SIMMONS/MEAT SHEPPARD INFOMERCIAL- Meat and Richard team up to teach people how to lose weight in this late night infomercial. >>PLAY BIT
BILL PARCELLS WITH THE CHUCKLEHEADS- The Tuna is hilarious……well, not rally, but we set him to the Sienfeld tune here and all the reporters think he’s a laugh riot! >>PLAY BIT
SEAN McADAM’s BASEBALL WRITERS DINNER PROMO- Sean (or my impression thereof) does this high intensity promo for the dinner. >>PLAY BIT
DANNY AINGE RAP- Glenn, Glenny, Glenn, Big O! >>PLAY BIT
MEAT AND FRED ROB BRADY- In real life, a television was stolen from tom bray’s house. This bit explains just who did it, and why. >>PLAY BIT
THE BOB LOBEL MULLIGAN MACHINE- You all know this one, right? >>PLAY BIT
MEAT INTERVIEWS BRADY AT FENWAY- After Brady took some swings t Fenway, Meat got to go down on the field and chat with him. >>PLAY BIT
FELGY’S WORLD- Michael Felger’s public access deletion show. The Pats cheerleaders join Fengy on this inaugural show. >>PLAY BIT
DOG BISCUIT- It’s the Ferdinand I into dog food bit. You know, the one that really really pissed Neumy off. >>PLAY BIT
DiOSSI STEALS FRED’S COMMERCIAL- a bit featuring the voice mail message of Fred being pissed about the whole thing, then, clips from the auditions. >>PLAY BIT
BIG SHOW AMERICAN IDOL- Buckely sings “Andrew ate 8 thousand”, and Frank from Gloucester sings “Home on the Range”, >>PLAY BIT
LITTLE SEXY- You’ve been Big Sexy, but now, Chris Collins emerges as Little sexy. The least modest co-host ever. >>PLAY BIT
WHY WOMEN SHOULDN’T’ CALL THE BIG SHOW- Well, at least THESE women shouldn’t. >>PLAY BIT
WHEN HARRY MET FELGY- The classic Michael Felger interview with Harry Sinden. Harry gets “testy” to say the least. >>PLAY BIT
O.B.P.- Parody of the old “O.P.P.” song from Naughty By Nature. It’s all about On Base Percentage and Sean McAdam, Theo Epstien, and bill James are here to rap about just that. >>PLAY BIT
MEAT’S CLEANING LADY RANT, PART 2- This time he goes off on the cleaning lady taking all his NFL notes. “Talk to immigration”! >>PLAY BIT
BUCKETHEAD- A recap of the fight where a caller calls Steve Buckely “Bucketheat”. They also get into the Boggs & Clemmens fight. This is a good buck rant that has him screaming “shut up”! >>PLAY BIT
FELGY’S WORLD 2- in Michael Felger’s public access show, he’s broadcasting with his excellent co-host Sean McAdam. >>PLAY BIT
BILL BELICHICK ON MEAT SHEPPARD- Bill comes into the studio and mocks the hell out of Pet Sheppard. >>PLAY BIT
BACK TO SCHOOL WITH DONALY HAYES- Sesame Street’s Grover takes Donald Hayes, Vin Baker, and Byron DaFoe back to school to teach them a few things. This one’s from 2002, but still pretty funny. >>PLAY BIT
FOOTBALL FOR DUMMIES- John Madden narrates this highly informational football basics tape. Learn about your uh……..stuff…….and stuff. >>PLAY BIT
THE TEDDY DOME- Ted Serandis has built a domed stadium in Manchester N.H. and it’s been built just the way Teddy wanted it. >>PLAY BIT
CHRISTMAS SONGS OF THE BIG SHOW- This one features songs from Fred, Buck, the Meat and Glenn duet, and the Felger and Levin Reed duet. >>PLAY BIT
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF BUCK- Who knows history, better than someone who lives in it? >>PLAY BIT
MICHAEL FELGER’S MANLY LEGS MADE FANTASTICALLY FEMININE LEG CARE KIT- The name says it all. It’s the kit Felger uses to make his legs look so great. >>PLAY BIT
MEAT AT RHODE ISLAND STATE DIVING CHAMPIONSHIP-S Bar none, one of the dumbest bits I’ve ever done in my life, but for some reason, people keep requesting it. Enjoy! >>PLAY BIT
RADDITZ ON DRUGS- Poor Dick. This is a bit made from the audio taken that day Dick Radditz came in on some kind of medication and sounded…well…off. >>PLAY BIT
LEARN TO DANCE LIKE A PATRIOT, VOLUME 1- The Pats teach you how to boogie just like they did at the rally after Championship number 1. >>PLAY BIT
TEDDY’S PANIC ROOM- Take off on the movie “Panic Room”, this bit comes from when we first put our studio down at Fenway Park and Teddy Serandis was none to happy to have to be that close to so many fans. >>PLAY BIT
1/11/5- “NOT IN OUR HOUSE” VISA PARODY- Well this one is actually a Pete’s Bits exclusive…as it did not make it to the Big Show. It’s a loose parody of the Visa ad featuring the Pats. This one features Petey & The Pom Pom. >>PLAY BIT
1/13/5- MEAT AND FRED RUINIGN GILLETTE- The conditions at Gillette Stadium aren’t’ bad so much because of the weather, but more due to what Meat and Fred have been up to over there. >>PLAY BIT
1/14/5- THE COLTS OTHER AMAZING RECORDS- Sure, Payton had 49 TD passes, but what about the “most complaints per minute” by their receivers to the refs, and other records of that sort. >>PLAY BIT
1/19/5- THE MUSIC OF THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS- an ad for a CD containing all the “best” music coming out of the Steel City about their beloved Steelers. >>PLAY BIT
MICHAEL FELGER SPLIT PERSONALITY GREETING CARD- This holiday greetign card send two very different holiday greetings; one for each of Michael'’ distinct personalties. >>PLAY BIT
1/25/5- GAY PHILLY?- OK, this one’s gonna piss some people off, but hey, this is a REAL ad campaign. You can’t make this stuff up. Well, you could…but I didn’t. >>PLAY BIT
1/25/5- PHILLY AD PARODY- A parody of that super-annoying Southwest Airlines ad for lovely Philadelphia. I’ve hated this ad for months and now I finally have a reason to rip on it. Go Pats! >>PLAY BIT
1/24/5- THE BIG SHOW IN JACKSONVILLE- The Big Show’s off to SuperBowl XXXIX and here’s a preview of what we’re all bound to hear. >>PLAY BIT
1/28/5- JACKSONVILLE WELCOMES FRED TO TOWN- Fred Smerlas is heading to (in) Jacksonville and the locals would like to welcome him to town in a way befitting the south. >>PLAY BIT
1/31/5- WHAT FREDDIE MITCHELL HAS FOR RODNEY HARRISON- In this bit, we speculate as to what exactly Freddie Mitchell “has for” Rodney Harrison as he mentioned in a TV interview. >>PLAY BIT
2/1/5- T.O. TALKS TO GOD- T.O. said he was “cleared to play” By who you ask, by God of course. And here’s their conversation. This bit created per suggestion on the Petesbits messageboard. Thanks! >>PLAY BIT
2/2/5- THE BIG SHOW GOES DOG POUND- The “Dog Pound’ show from Atlanta is broadcasting directly behind the Big Show in Jacksonville and their show is so GREAT, the Big Show tries to take a page out of their book. >>PLAY BIT
2/9/5- TED’S MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR- A montage of Ted Serandis calls set to “Magical Mystery Tour”. I’ve gotten a ton of requests to make this one, so, enjoy! >>PLAY BIT
2/4/5- MEAT’S QUESTION TO PAUL TAGLIABUE- Not just the question, but what’s going on inside his head while he’s asking it. >>PLAY BIT
2/11/5- THE MOST UNSTABLE MAN IN AMERICA IS…- Frank from Gloucester. Just listen to this audio and you’ll agree. >>PLAY BIT
2/15/5- FOX SOUNDS OF THE GAME DOES TERRY FRANCONA’S CAR CRASH- This is how Fox would have done Terry’s car crash as heard on the Dale Arnold Show. >>PLAY BIT
2/17/5- JOSE CANSECO LOST AUDIO TAPE- This is audio taken from the Oakland A’s bathroom where Jose is heard dealing steroids >>PLAY BIT
2/18/5- 3RD ANNUAL WHINEY AWARDS WRAP-UP. A warp-up of the whole show. >>PLAY BIT
3/1/5- BIG O’s BINKY IS BACK- Ever since the return on Antoine Walker to the eltics, Big O has been happier than we’ve seen him in a long time. >>PLAY BIT
3/3/5- WEEI TO BE STREAMING ON LINE- The Big announcement…very unofficial promo >>PLAY BIT
3/8/5- N-STAR PSA- With all the dog getting electrocuted on the streets of Boston, N-Star figured it was time to get their spin machine going. (this is a joke…only a joke. Don’t sue me N-Star) >>PLAY BIT
3/9/5- BE DOPE ON THE MIC LIKE MIKE- An instructional tape that will teach you to sound as fly as your new mid-day co-host. >>PLAY BIT
3/10/5- THE DEATH OF B.C. BASKETBALL- Well, that’s a little dramatic, but most of Ted’s calls on B.C. are. >>PLAY BIT
3/15/5- BIG SHOW WINDOW JUMPING- So you don’t believe that Germane Watson of B.C. jumped a second story window? Members of the Big Show have done it before…check it out. >>PLAY BIT
3/18/5- DICK RADDITZ TRIBUTE- A Tribute for anyone who watched, followed or loved The Monster. >>PLAY BIT
3/21/5- FOCUS ON POSITIVES LIKE BIG MAC- Everyone should adopt Mark McGuire’s “focus on the positives” attitude that he adopted at the Congressional hearings. >>PLAY BIT
3/24/5- 1-900-GOT TERD- a take-off on the 1-866-GOT-GERD ad we’re running on WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
4/1/5- NESN’s NEW PRE-GAME SHOW- A promo for this “wonderful” sounding program. >>PLAY BIT
4/4/5- YANKEES TALK ‘05- It’s a new season and we’ve got a new edition of “Yankees Talk” with Mustard and Johnson. >>PLAY BIT
4/6/5- THE IDIOT vs. THE DUMBASS- It’s Johnny Damon’s appearance on Regis and Kelly. (poor Johnny. He’s such a nice guy) >>PLAY BIT
4/7/5- BEAVER ITCH- Take off on the movie “Fever Pitch”. >>PLAY BIT
4/8/5- BEAVER MITCH- Another take-off on Fever Pitch, this one is rated “G”; in response to the fallout from Beaver Itch. >>PLAY BIT
4/12/5- TERRY CASHMAN SONG PARODY- A parody of the song terry played on Red Sox opening day. >>PLAY BIT
4145- TERRY CASHMAN INTERVIEW RECAP- This was a great interview with the baseball balladeer >>PLAY BIT
4/22/5- DRAFTING METERPAREL- Ever wonder if the “Draft Experts” really know what they’re talking about. Let’s see what the had to say about Meter in ’99 to find that out. >>PLAY BIT
4/28/5- BIG SHOW RING TONES- The star Wars ring tones may be cook, but these are even better. >>PLAY BIT
4/29/5- BUTCH STERNS DUALS CURT SCHILLING ON EVERQUEST- Just what the description says; an on-line computer game dual. >>PLAY BIT
5/2/5- BOSTON vs NEW YORK MONOPOLY CHALLENGE- A take off on NESN’s show and their promo. >>PLAY BIT
5/3/5- STEVE DiOSSI APPEARS ON CNN AS A “FAILED MARRIAGE” EXPERT- Steve appears as a talking head on CNN as a response to “The Runaway Bride” story. >>PLAY BIT
5/9/5- “SHAFT” FOR PAUL PIERCE- The “Shaft” theme song sung about Celtics captain Paul Pierce. >>PLAY BIT
5/10/5- MILLAR FINALLY HIT A HOMER!- Kevin Millar only seems to do well AFTER we rip the crap out of him on WEEI. So, well…here we go again. >>PLAY BIT
5/12/5- THE BIG SHOW WIZZINATOR- Sure you can get the classic Wizzinator, or, you can get one thought up by the members of the Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
5/13/5- GREAT RANTS IN WEEI HISTORY- All the best from Teddy and Dakota, Buck and Maz, and Dale on the Yankees Fan. The capper is the all new Peter Gammons rant. >>PLAY BIT
5/16/5- DARTH VADAR SHILLS ON WEEI- Hey, Lucas has his characters in every other ad on the planet. Why not on WEEI? >>PLAY BIT
5/17/5- WEEI TAKES ON STAR WARS CHARICTERISTICS- Well, it worked for Star Wars, so maybe it’ll work for us. >>PLAY BIT
5/19/5- DICKERSON & TANGUAY COMPARED TO STAR WARS CHARACTERS- They tried to do this as an original idea, but we threw it right back at ‘em. >>PLAY BIT
5/23/5- MILLAR ASKS TO BE RIPPED- In trying to defend Edgar, Kevin tells people to “get on me” and we of course are happy to oblige Kevin. >>PLAY BIT
5/26/5- FRED SMIRLAS FOR BOSTON HARLEY- …featuring Bill Burt on his moped >>PLAY BIT
6/1/5- JOHNNY DAMON HITS HIS FACE ON THE WALL- This bit gives reaction from the crowd and Johnny himself >>PLAY BIT
6/7/5- BIG SHOW PREP- Glenn Ordway was quoted in the Boston Globe talking about how he prepares for the show. This is how it really happens. >>PLAY BIT
6/8/5- MILLAR IS NOW GAY- Hey, he said it. This follows the Red Sox appearance on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. >>PLAY BIT
6/9/5- I, BUCKLEY 2- THE I’s HAVE IT- A follow-up to the Blockbuster film I, Buckley from 2004. >>PLAY BIT
6/13/5- NAMED PARTS OF FENWAY- Fisk’s Fowl Pole has just been named, but the Red Sox aren’t stopping there. >>PLAY BIT
6/15/5- ADVERTISERS WHO STEAL FROM THE BIG SHOW- We’ve got so many great ideas on the Big Show (toot toot) that advertising agencies just cant’ help but to steal from us. >>PLAY BIT
6/16/5- MILLAR’S “SUCK” RAP- Kevin Millar set to music in the vein of “The Mayor’s Rap”, “The Nomar Rap” and more. He thinks we suck. >>PLAY BIT
6/20/5- BIG SHOW AUCTIONS- Another sports personality in town is auctioning off some real crap, so The Big Show has decided to follow suit. >>PLAY BIT
6/21/5- WEEI GREETING CARDS- Inspired by Dale Arnold wishing his wife a “Happy anniversary” on air, WEEI has created many other greeting cards. >>PLAY BIT
6/22/5- FRIENDLY SCOOP SPOOF- Jar Jar Binx and an anonymous Storm Trooper play the parts of Greg Dickerson and Gary Tanguay as they interview (kiss the ass) of Kevin Millar on FSN New England. >>PLAY BIT
`6/23/5- THE CELTS ARE BACK WITH ENTERCOM- and now you’ll actually be able to hear ‘em. >>PLAY BIT
7/1/5- TONY MAZ…PROFESSIONAL CRITIC- Tony’s been criticizing the hell out of the Whiner Line lately. The thing is, that’s not the only thing he criticizes. >>PLAY BIT
7/7/5- THE SUMMER BRINGS EXTRA LARRY JOHNSON- Nothing makes the summers better than TONS and TONS of L.J. >>PLAY BIT
7/8/5- ANIMAL PLANET WITH THE WILD VESTED BURTON- Recognized by his distinctive cackle, The Wild Vested (Steve) Burton is really something to behold. >>PLAY BIT
7/15/5- ANGRY BILL’S ADVERTISEMENTS- You’ve heard him on the Fisherman’s Friend ad and now he’s doing spots for other products he uses. >>PLAY BIT
7/18/5- ANGRY BILL DOES PSA’S- From Fisherman’s Friend, to other ads he’s suited to pimp, and now, Bill ‘s been tapped to do PSA’s. >>PLAY BIT
7/2/- EVERYBODY LOVES FELGY- A montage of Felger getting ripped by everyone from Steve Buckley to Willie McGinnist. >>PLAY BIT
7/26/5- CHACH IN CHARGE- Our boss has left morning show producer Steve “Chach” Ciaccio in charge for the week. Yup, it’s “Chach in Charge”. >>PLAY BIT
8/2/5- BILL BELICHICK PRESS CONFERENCES RETURN- It's pre-season and the excitement with Bill begins NOW! >>PLAY BIT
8/4/5- THE “FAT BASTARD GUY’S” PLEA TO HIS BOSS- The Fat Bastard guy got a new job and his boss wont’ let him listen to The Big Show. Listen to this bit to hear what Big Show withdrawal can do to you. >>PLAY BIT
8/8/5- THE “FAT BASTARD GUY” COMPARES SEX TO THE BIG SHOW- Whet’s better than having sex? Nothing. But listening to the Big Show is just as good….according to “The Fat Bastard Guy”. >>PLAY BIT
8/9/5- FRED’S TRIP TO FRANCE- Fred Smerlas spent two weeks in France, and as a result, he’s a canned man. >>PLAY BIT
8/10/5- FRED ON FRENCH- During his time in France, Fred Smerlas decided to learn some of the language. He did so with these tapes. >>PLAY BIT
8/16/5- DALE’S EUROTRIP- Dale Arnold is vacationing out in Europe and in this bit we join him in Vienna and Amsterdam. >>PLAY BIT
8/19/5- LARRY JOHNSON EVALUATES THE PATS ROOKIE CLASS- We check Larry’s accuracy of evaluation by looking back at his previous evaluations. >>PLAY BIT
8/30/5- BIG SHOW CUT DOWN DAY- Just like the NFL, we need to cut down our roster, and here’s who didn’t make the cut. >>PLAY BIT
9/6/5 - OKLAND RAIDER TRAINING TAPE- An instructional tape designed to teach Raider Fans how to dress and act. >>PLAY BIT
9/15/5- A BOSTON RADIO PERSONALITY MAKES A SCENE- This skit is about a Boston radio personality who bursts onto the scene of another radio hosts set, steals the microphone, and goes on to make a scene. >>PLAY BIT
9/29/5- RED SOX CLUE- Play the Red Sox version of the game “Clue” to figure out who made the anonymous comments about Curt Schilling. >>PLAY BIT
9/20/5- BIG O CALLS SEAN GRANDE- When Glenn found out that Grande would be doing the Celtics play-by-play he got a little upset and left the following message. >>PLAY BIT
9/20/5- TUESDAYS WITH STORY- A take-off on the Tuesdays With Mauri ad running on WEEI, this bit chronicles the enormous amount of stories Steve Buckley tells while he’s on The Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
9/23/5- WHY GLENN DIDN’T WIN THE MARCONI- He didn’t’ win because he comes up with ideas like this one. >>PLAY BIT
9/26/5 - DiOssi ON THE REAL POST GAME SHOW- This shows you what the Real Post Game Show is like with Steve, and without him. >>PLAY BIT
9-28-5 ANIMAL PLANET WITH THE CACKLING BURTON HYENA- You’ve heard the call of the Wild Vested Burton Bird, now let’s learn about his cousin, the Burton Hyena. >>PLAY BIT
9/29/5- YANKEES TALK …WIN OR LOSE- It’s two versions of Yankees Talk. The one you’ll hear if the Yankees win this weekend, and the one you’ll hear if the Sox win. >>PLAY BIT
10/5/5- BIG SHOW PICTURE IN PICTURE- We’ve borrowed the technology Fox used to screw up the Sox broadcast where they went PIP with the Cleveland game. This SOUNDS just as good as that LOOKED. >>PLAY BIT
10/6/5- GLENN’S STORY OF BUCK IN CHICAGO- Buck got into a small tussle out in Chicago, but as Glenn heard it, it was an all-out brawl. >>PLAY BIT
10/11/5- CURT SCHILLING ON FRANK FROM GLAUCESTER- Curt’s afraid the Red Sox management is listening to EEI callers like Frank. That couldn’t be true…could it? >>PLAY BIT
10/12/5- NOMAR SAVES THE GIRLS- Nomar Garciapara saved two girls from drowning in the Charlestown Harbor. How did he do it? He did it like only Nomar could. >>PLAY BIT
10/13/5 – MINNESOTA VIKINGS TEAM CRUISE- This cruise is WAY more exciting and titillating than the Red Sox Cruise. >>PLAY BIT
10/17/5- ROMO INTERVIEWSED ABOUT FRED SMERLAS- This is the part of the Romo interview you didn’t hear. >>PLAY BIT
10/19/5- BURTON LAUGHS AT BUTCH- Butch THOUGHT he was the one holding back the huge story, but it was the quiet Steve Burton that was sitting on the big one. >>PLAY BIT
10/20/5- THE BIG SHOW AT THE HEAD OF THE CHARLES- This year during the bye week, the Big Show steps up a notch in class and broadcasts live from the Harvard Boat house. >>PLAY BIT
10/21/5- NFL SUNDAY SHOW BYE WEEK SPOOF- This is what the guys from the NFL Sunday Show are doing with the Bye Week. >>PLAY BIT
10/25/5- PATRIOTS KARAOKE- A compilation of the New England Patriots singing Karaoke. Live audio taken from Landsdown Street. >>PLAY BIT
10/26/5- WEEI AT NIGHT AUDITIONS- The auditions are still ongoing, and it looks like everyone’s getting a shot. >>PLAY BIT
10/28/5- MR. SULU IS OUT AND FRED AND BELIEVE IT- Fred Smerlas doesn’t’ want to admit someone on his favorite show plays for the other team. >>PLAY BIT
11/1/5- BAD EQUIPTMENT AT WEEI- The stuff we have here is total S&*t. The first time this ran on air, I kinda forgot to bleep a couple words....whoops. >>PLAY BIT
10/4/5 – FRED’S NOMINATIONS- Fred Smerlas has been nominated for the NFL Hall of Fame AND the Gay Fashion Hall of Fame. >>PLAY BIT
11/7/5 – VOTE FOR MENINO- The Big Show wants you to vote for Thomas Menino for Mayor. Why? Listen to find out. >>PLAY BIT
11/9/5 – WHAT IF BOSTON WERE LIKE PHILLY?- or more specifically, what if the Boston media was like the media in philly? >>PLAY BIT
12/1/5 – GREAT TRADES IN MIKE O’CONNELL’S HISTORY – We look back at the life of Mike O’Connell to review all the trades he’s made throughout his life leading up to and including the Joe Thornton trade. >>PLAY BIT
11/16/5- METER LOVES THE BIG O- …and he wants to join the Big Show as evidenced by the Percey’s ad he’s been doing. >>PLAY BIT
11/18/5 – STEALING FROM THE BRIGHTON LANDIGN CAFETERIA- The food is so great, we can’t help ourselves. >>PLAY BIT
11/28/5- NFL SUNDAY…WITHOUT DALE- New Executive Producer Chach was supposed to schedule a fill-in for the vacationing Dale…but kinda forgot. >>PLAY BIT
11/29/5 – GAMMONS AND KAPSTIEN ON WEEI- You can only get sound like this from WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
12/7/5 – Ms. BBW EEI- WEEI is currently looking for Ms. WEEI, but the Big Show is looking for a girl more their speed; a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) >>PLAY BIT
11/30/5 – THE FLASH BOYS RAP- This is a modified “Wallach rap”. It includes sound from not just Wallach, but Meter and Sheppard as well. >>PLAY BIT
12/6/5 – THE FULL MONTY- Monty Beisel undressed tom Curran and another Patriots employee in this take-off of a film by the same name. >>PLAY BIT
12/8/5 - RED SOX GM PHONE- It's a bit done by request for Butch Stearns. It's a Movie Phone parody for the current Red Sox GM situation. >>PLAY BIT
12/13/5 – SANTA vs. LARRY JOHNSON- Larry defends Christianity while Santa gets pretty personal with Larry in the Heavyweight battle Royal. >>PLAY BIT
2/6/6 – SEE FRED SMERLAS IN SEPTEMBER- Set to the tune of a song by The Happenings (you’ll know it when you hear it) this is a farewell ‘till September ‘till Fred. He won’t like this one. >>PLAY BIT
1/11/6 – BUY A CAPTAIN KIRK DOLL- Now you too can carry a doll around in your pocket just like Freddie Smerlas does. >>PLAY BIT
1/12/6 – BIG O’s BACK OUT OF YORU BET LINE- call this number to back out of your bets just like the Big O does. >>PLAY BIT
1/13/6 – OLD PEOPLE EPISODE V – It’s our fifth edition of “Old People Don’t Like The Big Show”. >>PLAY BIT
1/20/6 – WEEI RATINGS REWARD- WAAF came in #5 and got a limo to Mohegan Sun. Play this bit to find out what WEEI got for coming in Number 1. >>PLAY BIT
1/23/6 – GLEEN GOES TO BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN- He didn’t’ want to go, but the wife dragged him there. The worst part is…he enjoyed it. >>PLAY BIT
1/24/6 – RED SOX PRESS RELEASES – Instead of press conferences, they’ve decided to communicate in the following way. >>PLAY BIT
1/25/5 – NEW TITLES FOR BIG SHOW CREW- Just like the Red Sox are doing, the Big Show is now handing out brand new titles to all of its’ members. >>PLAY BIT
1/30/6 – THE BILL BURT SHOW- bill made a couple remarks about the Big Show during his weekend shows…so the Big Show Strikes back. >>PLAY BIT
6/14/7 – RED SOX PILL D.D.L – From the makers of the “Bruins Pill” this one will help with Denial of the Declining Lead (DDL >>PLAY BIT
2/3/6 – BELICHICK ON ABC’s SUPERBOWL PRE-GAME SHOW- Here’s bill in the studio just before SuperBowl XL. >>PLAY BIT
2/7/6 – L.J. AND HIS WEEKEND BUDDIES- Larry Johnson talks about the people that call his weekend show….all the time. >>PLAY BIT
2/8/6 – RED SOX DVD TO WIN BACK ROGER- This is actually the music portion of the DVD the Red Sox are putting together for Roger Clemmens. >>PLAY BIT
2/13/6 – STORM COVERAGE ON FOX- The storm coverage on TV was ridiculous. I pick on Fox in this bit because 1. I was watching it and 2. Butch Stearns is in today. >>PLAY BIT
2/15/6 – CHANNEL 4 NEWS JUST KNOWS- Sure Steve Burton “Knows” that NHL Players bet on Hockey but you won’t believe what the rest of channel 4 “knows”. >>PLAY BIT
2/17/6 – WONDERLIC WEEK ON THE BIG SHOW- This is a promo for a contest that’ll pit the Baseball Dudes up against the Football Guys in a battle of wits. Check out the great trash talking. >>PLAY BIT
2/22/6 – THE BILL BURT SHOW EPISODE 2 – A follow-up to one of the most popular bits ever, this time Bill’s doing his weekend show with Greg Dickerson. >>PLAY BIT
3/2/6 –4th ANNUAL WHINEY AWARDS WRAP-UP- The evening’s events wrapped up into 4 minutes and 10 seconds. >>PLAY BIT
3/6/6 – THE POSSIBLE EARLY RETURN OF FRED SMERLAS- He was supposed to stay gone until September, but Freddy wants back. Can he be stopped? >>PLAY BIT
3/7/6 – BIG SHOW PRODUCER ANDY AT STAR WARS TRAINING CAMP- This is why Andy’s been off for the past few days. (it’s also known as “Geek Camp”) >>PLAY BIT
3/8/6 - HOW FRED GOT BACK ON THE BIG SHOW- Fred wasn't supposed to return to teh Big Show until September, so how did he get back on in March? >>PLAY BIT
3/15/6 – E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY ON JASON WOLFE- It’s a follow-up to the article written on Jason Wolfe in the Boston Globe. If Jason is reading this…it’s all in good fun…and you’re the best! (he’s my boss  >>PLAY BIT
3/16/6 – GLENN AT DISNEY – This bit recounts Glenn’s family trip to Disney World. >>PLAY BIT
3/17/6 – TEDDY SAYS THE BC/PACIFIC GAME WAS THE BEST EVER! – Check this one out. Not only will you hear Ted on the BC/Pacific Game, but you’ll also hear some of the greatest moments in Boston sports history. >>PLAY BIT
3/20/6 – “AGREEMENTS” WITH THE RED SOX- Bronson had a handshake agreement he wouldn’t’ be traded…but he did get traded. What other “agreements” have the Sox not stuck to? >>PLAY BIT
3/23/6 – BEST IMPERSONATION OF A BIG SHOW CO-HOST……BY A BIG SHOW CO-HOST – Fred’s taking a shot at winning a Whiney in 2007 with these great impersonations. >>PLAY BIT
3/24/6 – V FOR VAGINA – It’s the Adam Morrison story. A parody of “V for Vendetta’….which by the way is a great movie. >>PLAY BIT
3/30/6 – YANKEES TALK : LARRY’S BACK- In this episode of this classic bit Larry Johnson returns to the show and the extremely repetitive format of the program is exposed. >>PLAY BIT
3/28/6 – BRUINS GM SEARCH- They fired the old one and need to find a new one…….as cheaply as possible >>PLAY BIT
3/27/6 –F.O.B.- Ron Borges said that the Big Show kisses up to Bill Belichick too much and calls them Friends Of Bill (FOB). The Big Show however has found something else that FOB can stand for. >>PLAY BIT
3/31/6 – BIG SHOW THEATRE- Buckley and Sheppard somehow got roped into doing a theatre performance out in Lowell. This bit explores other members of the Big Show on stage. >>PLAY BIT
3/29/6 – PROMO FOR THE WOMEN’S FINAL 4 IN BOSTON- How do you promote the women’s NCAA basketball championships? This I show. >>PLAY BIT
4/4/6 – SPOOF OF “RED SOX BASEBALL TODAY”- I couldn’t’ nail the voice of Mike Adams, but his personality is captured well in this spoof of “The Sunday Show” >>PLAY BIT
4/5/6 – BUCKLEY ON WOMENS’ SPORTS- Bucks passion for Women’s’ sports was exposed in his recent article on the Women’s’ NCAA hoops finals. Now, he gets to cover women’s’ sports exclusively. >>PLAY BIT
4/6/6 – BIG SHWO PREDICTIONS ON PATS SEASON- This is what members of the Big Show have to say about the Pats chances in the upcoming season. >>PLAY BIT
4/10/6 – HEAD SCRATCHING DEEP THOUGHT WITH JOHNNY DAMON- This bit is just that; a deep thought from the New York Yankee himself. >>PLAY BIT
4/12/6 – WHERE ARE THE WHINERS- a ton of regular Whiner Line callers have been missing lately. This episode of “America’s Most Wanted” profiles these missing Whiners. >>PLAY BIT
4/12/6 – HEAD SCRATCHING DEEP THOUGHT WITH JOHNNY DAMON EPISODE 2- In this version, Johnny TRIES to give us another thought to ponder. >>PLAY BIT
4/14/6 – RED SOX BASEBALL TODAY SPOOF: BUCK’S BIRTHDAY EDITION- In this episode Mikey gets all excited about Bucks’ birthday but Sean finally gets fed up with his antics. >>PLAY BIT
4/18/6 – THE PATRIOTS DAY BIG SHOW- …featured Mike Adams, Larry Johnson and Bill Burt. Sorry about that. >>PLAY BIT
4/19/6 – BILL CELICHICK’S PRESS CONFERENCE ABOUT NOTHING- What did Bill tell us all in his April 19th press conference about the draft? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. >>PLAY BIT
4/24/6 – THE BILL BURT WEEKEND SHOW WITH ROB BRADFORD- The highlights of this weekend’s show included Merrimack College Hockey talk and a wonderfully botched PowerAde live read. >>PLAY BIT
4/25/6 – REMY ON THE RADIO PITCHING HIS PRODUCTS- He pitches tons of them everywhere else so why not in this radio infomercial. >>PLAY BIT
5/4/6 – REVENGE OF THE NERDS- The mid-day show wasn't too thrilled with the “3 and a Half Nerds” bit. This is their response as contrived by the Big Show. Look for me to be forced to do a stupid response bit to this one on the D&H show soon. >>PLAY BIT
4/27/6 – GUIDE TO THE FRIENDS OF FRED- it’s a handy audio guide that will help you to know who it is that Fred Smerlas is talking about when he’s doing all that name dropping. >>PLAY BIT
5/1/6- DEEP THOUGHT WITH JOHNNY DAMON EPISODE 3- This is Johnny’s Head scratching Deep Thought given to us just before he returns to Fenway as a Yankee. >>PLAY BIT
5/3/6 – 3 ½ NERDS- A take-off on the TV Show 2 ½ Men this show features Dale Arnold, Jon Wallach, Jimmy Stewart and Michael Holley. >>PLAY BIT
5/8/6- YANKEES TALK: THE RETURN OF CRAIG- Craig returns to talk about the Yankees and disparage the Sox….and Larry loves it. >>PLAY BIT
5/10/6 – NESN’s VOICE OF THE FAN SEGMENT- In order to be the “voice of the fan” you apparently must be worth at least $200 million according to NESN. >>PLAY BIT
5/11/6 – DeOSSIE DATING- If your little girl needs a date to the prom call the “Double D Service”. It’s DeOssie Dating. >>PLAY BIT
5/15/6 – UNDERWATER WHINERS- It’s tough living in your Mom’s basement these days with all this rain. >>PLAY BIT
5/16/6 – NEW SPONSORSHIPS ON THE BIG SHOW- In order to pay for the new red Sox contract at Entercom you may be hearing some new sponsorships like these. >>PLAY BIT
5/17/6 - VOICE OF THE FAN WITH ANGRY BILL- NESN ried Jack Welch and are now auditioning another "voice of the Fan". >>PLAY BIT
5/18/6 – COACH BUCKLEY’S OLD TYME BASEBALL TRAINING FILM- After being dubbed “Coach Buckley” by Curt Schilling Buck has decided to cash in on his new baseball cache with this training film. >>PLAY BIT
6/7/6 – GLENN’S BUSTEED FOOT- Johnny Damon has one. Barbaro’s got one. Now Glenn has one. The question is how did it happen and how will he deal with it? >>PLAY BIT
6/30/6- MATT CLEMENT’S GREAT STUFF- The Big O always says Matt “has great stuff”, but what dos he mean by that? This bit explains. >>PLAY BIT
5/31/6 – VOTE FOR TEDDY- It’s our first political promo to help get Ted Serandis elected to the Governor’s Council in District 6. Go Teddy! >>PLAY BIT
5/31/6 –McADAM AT PEARL JAM-Reports from the garden say that McAdam, while immobile for the entire concert, did indeed sing along to each and every one of the songs. Listen here. >>PLAY BIT
6/1/6 – EXTREME SPELLING BEE- The spelling Bee is actually going to be on ABC in prime time tonight. To make it interesting they’re spicing it up a little bit. >>PLAY BIT
6/5/6 – A PARADE FOR ex-BOSTON PLAYERS- Just like the Mayor did for Ray Bourque we’re guaranteed to have a parade in this town for the winners of this years NBA and NHL finals. >>PLAY BIT
6/7/6 – BUTCH STEARNS WINS AN EMMY- and its’ going straight to his head. >>PLAY BIT
6/8/6 – THE RECYCLER- If you haven’t noticed, pretty much everything Larry Johnson says on air is something someone else has already said. That’s why he is … The Recycler. >>PLAY BIT
6/13/6 – WHY SOCCER PLAYERS ARE WUSSIES- Here are three reasons why. >>PLAY BIT
6/15/6 – BEN’S RUN- A take-off on Fred’s Run, this bit is a tasteless promo for a motorcycle rally hosted by Ben Rothlisberger. Steelers fans will probably be pissed at this one. >>PLAY BIT
6/16/6 – FRED SMERLAS TAKES OVER- Fred’s in studio for the first time in a long time and he doesn’t wana leave. Like Mikey Adams did, he may be locking himself in. >>PLAY BIT
6/19/6 – BUY A KYLE SNYDER- From the makers of disposable paper towels and Popsicle sticks comes the “one time use” Kyle Snyder. >>PLAY BIT
6/20/6 – THE SCREECHER- From the makers of the film “The Recycler” comes a new film about the high pitched screaming Glenn Ordway – The Screecher. >>PLAY BIT
6/28/6 – DR. FELIZ 3 - Pedro Martinez returns to Boston and to the De. Feliz Show after nearly a two year lay-off from the program. >>PLAY BIT
6/29/6 – BRUINS PRESS CONFERENCE TO INTRODUCE NEW COACH- Unfortunately for the Bruins, they didn’t quite draw an many members of the press as they may have hoped for their big announcement. >>PLAY BIT
7/10/6 – PHONY ITALIAN FANS- After Italy won the World Cup everyone was running around claiming to be Italian. >>PLAY BIT
7/11/6 – DALE TAKES HIS CUE FROM THE NET- A sincere apology to Dale for this one. Apparently his referrals to certain internet outlets merited this bit today. >>PLAY BIT
7/12/6 – BASEBALL WRITER ON BASEBALL WRITE RCRIME- Today Steve Buckley was supposed to be on the Big Show but instead we’ve got Sean McAdam. Wanna know what happened? >>PLAY BIT
7/13/6 – JERRY REMY’S RUN FOR THE BORDER- The Globe reveals that tons of kids have been sneaking into Fenway via Jerry’s Restaurant. Always the capitalist Jerry has figured out a way to make money the same way through illegal immigration. >>PLAY BIT
7/14/6 – BIG SHOW TECH TALK- If you missed it when the Big show started doing technical talk about the Tunnel, here’s a (parody) recap of our local engineering experts. >>PLAY BIT
7/18/6 – ROB BRADFORD AS FRED FLINTSTONE- It’s been referenced on the show before that Rob Bradford looks like Fred Flintstone. Here is the day in Rob/Fred’s life. >>PLAY BIT
7/24/6 – UNSANITARY BUTCH – After walking in the WEEI bathroom with it’s pee soaked floor bare foot, then dropping his cell phone in the crapper then using it, Butch has been named the most unsanitary man on Earth. >>PLAY BIT
7/21/6 – TOO MUCH TAYLOR HICKS – If you’re tired of the Ford ad that Taylor Hicks is doing then this is the bit for you. >>PLAY BIT
7/25/6 – ANGRY BILL DOES THE FLASH – This bit contains actual audio of Angry Bill in studio (trying) to do the Flash. >>PLAY BIT
7/27/6 – SEAN MCDONOUGH’S “FRIENDS” – Sean McDonough went on air and called Don Orsillo one of his “friends” then (uncomfortably) ripped the crap out of him. You’ve gotta hear this. >>PLAY BIT
7/31/6 – GLENN IN ALASKA – This is kind of a silly bit featuring Glenn on his vacation to Alaska…which he is really doing this week. >>PLAY BIT
8/2/6 – THE INTERRUPTOR – Larry Johnson isn’t just “The Recycler”, he is also “The InterRuptor”. His constant interrupting of everything that anyone says has earned him this title. >>PLAY BIT
8/9/6 – A-TEAM REMAKE WITH MAURICE CLARETT – Did you hear about Maurice getting pulled over while wearing body armor and having 4 guns in his car? He was just practicing for his new role as B.A. Baracus in the A-Team. >>PLAY BIT
8/11/6 – LESLIE VISSER IS IN THE HALL OF FAME AND FRED SMERLAS IN NOT – This bit explains why the NFL Hall of fame inducted Leslie and not Fred. >>PLAY BIT
8/15/6 – FRED’S ALL-INCLUSIVE RUN- This year, Fred’s Run will allow people from every race, gender and preference to ride. All of Fred’s favorite people are in this bit. >>PLAY BIT
8/16/6 – NEW TOUCHDOWN CELEBRATION SONG FOR THE PATS- Since the NFL has banned Gary Glitter, the Pats needed to pick a new song. These are suggestions members of the Big Show made. >>PLAY BIT
8/17/6 – AND THE BIGGEST MEDIA WHORE FOR THE YEAR 2006 IS… - Sean McAdam wins the award this year for, amongst other things, appearing on some 13 year old kid’s Pod Cast. >>PLAY BIT
8/22/6 – THE BIG SHOW ON JUNIOR SEAU- Hey Junior, if you wanna hear what the Big Show was saying about you before you got here, check this out. >>PLAY BIT
8/23/6 – FAKES DOWN THE DRAIN – A take-off on the movie “Snakes on a Plane”, this is a story of the 2006 Boston Red Sox. >>PLAY BIT
8/24/6 – LARRY JOHNSON TALKS ABOUT GOD – Right in the middle of an interview with Curt Schilling, L.J. started talking about God. God’s great and all but a conversation with Curt seems an odd time to bring him up. >>PLAY BIT
8/28/6 – REAL POST GAME SHOW TRAIN WRECK 2 - Last year the producer for the Real Post Game Show absolutely destroyed the broadcast. This year, we’re hoping for a better performance from the new producer(s). >>PLAY BIT
8/31/6 – THE BIG O IS BORED- Glenn’s on vacation this week but he’s got nothing to do, so he’s sitting at home, listening to EEI and calling everyone on the phone. >>PLAY BIT
9/5/6 – SNAKE IN THE STUDIO – Another parody of “Snakes on a Plane”, this one's humorous because it’s true. During the Dale and Holley Show, a snake was actually spotted in the studio down at Gillette. >>PLAY BIT
9/6/6 – WEEI SAYS – Kevin Youkilus says the fans in New England take their cue from us at WEEI. Since he said it, it must be true, so let’s go ahead and play this game. Much like “Simon Says”, it’s “WEEI Says.” >>PLAY BIT
9/6/6 – BOOING IN BOSTON- This is a very old bit we’ve dusted off to play as a result of Tavaris’ comments about booing in Boston. >>PLAY BIT
9/7/6 – BIG SHOW RING TONES FOR SALE- Entercom Management says they’ll soon be selling ring tones featuring snippets from WEEI personalities. Well…that’s’ news to us. >>PLAY BIT
9/8/6 – WHAT DEON’S DOING DURING THE GAME- Here’s a little sneak peek as to what Deon Branch will be doing during the Pats/Bills game on Sunday. >>PLAY BIT
9/12/6 – BILL BELICHICK PRESS CONFERENCE COMMERICAL FO RCOORS LIGHT – You’ve seen the ones with Dick Vermiel and Bill Walsh, but you haven’t seen one with Belichick. This is why. >>PLAY BIT
9/13/6 – BOSTON UNIVERSITY WUSSIFIES THEIR STADIUM- and we’re afraid other sports teams may follow suit. >>PLAY BIT
9/14/6 – BILL BELICHICKS’ FAT ex-COACHES- Did you notice that a TON of Bill’s old coaches have gotten rather HUGE lately? >>PLAY BIT
9/15/6 – WEEI SURVIVOR – We pit the Greeks, vs. the Jews vs. the Blacks vs. the Italians vs. the Nerds here at WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
4/26/7 – OTHER FAKE THINGS FROM 2004 – Now that we know Curt’s bloody sock was “fake”, it’s time to come clean with all of the other fake stuff from '04. >>PLAY BIT
9/20/6 – THE SOX WANT TO BUY A NASCAR TEAM- In this bit, we explore how purchasing a NASCAR team will effect the make-up of your Boston Red Sox. >>PLAY BIT
9/22/6 – BIG SHOW APOLOGIES – Dale started us off today, and now it’s time for members of the Big Show to issue some sincere apologies. >>PLAY BIT
9/26/6 TED SERANDIS’ WEBSITE PROMOTING HIS RUN FO ROFFICE- Teddy’s running for Governor’s Council and his site at is awesome. BTW…vote for Ted! >>PLAY BIT
9/27/6 – HAWK HARRELSON’S WORDS COME BACK TO BITE HIM IN THE ASS- Remember what he said in July? Remember how AMAZING he said the White Sox are. Well…guess who’s missing the play-offs? >>PLAY BIT
9/29/6 – ex-ATHLETS ON THE RADIO- it’s the Cartoon adventure of Fred Smerlas 7 Steve DeOssie as they take on Alan Greenberg. >>PLAY BIT
10/3/6 – THE BIG SHOW CONDEMS HEAD STOMPING- Andre Haynesworth did it, but we wouldn’t’…would we? >>PLAY BIT
10/4/6 – SEAN WANTS BACK ON THE BIG SHOW- Ever since the Sox season ended, the baseball guys haven’t been on the Big Show much. Sean McAdam is having troubles adjusting to and dealing with this. >>PLAY BIT
10/10/6 – WHAT A-ROD IS UP TO NOW- Ever wonder what A-Rod’s been doing since the Yankees got bounced from post-season play? >>PLAY BIT
10/11/6 – THE BRUINS PILL- A new product from the Big Show Catalog, this pill will turn your Bruins “blah”’s to an outright Bruins love affair. >>PLAY BIT
10/12/6 – CHANNEL 4’s “PATRIOTS 5th QUARTER – Tune in to Channel 4 after the game to hear the talk about who should be the player of the game for at least 20 minutes. >>PLAY BIT
10/18/6 – NFL SUNDAY SPOOF 2006 – This one’s just like last year’s NFL Sunday Show spoof but with the whole new cast of characters. >>PLAY BIT
10/19/6 - TELFIAR AT JUSTIN’S – A Big Show Recreation production showing exactly what happened to Sebastian Telfair in NYC. This bit never made it to air. >>PLAY BIT
10/20/6 – HOLLEY CALLS OUT FRED – First, Callahan challenged Holley to a debate, then, Holley didn’t show. After that, Fred called out Holley, and that’s’ where this bit picks up. >>PLAY BIT
10/26/6 – THRILLED TO BE ON IN SPRINGFIELD- This is the first bit we ever ran in Springfield Mass. We care so much and know so much about the area, this is what we came up with. >>PLAY BIT
10/25/6 – FRANKENBLEDSOE- Move like Frankenstein, look like Bledsoe with the all new FrankenBledsoe costme for Halloween. >>PLAY BIT
10/27/6 – CHACH’S GREAT SHOW IDEAS – It was Chach’s idea to pair up Everett and Jermane, so let’s see what other great ideas he’s got. >>PLAY BIT
10/31/6 – TRICK OR TREATING AT THE HOUSES OF BIG SHOW MEMBERS – Here’s what to expect when you show up to their houses on Halloween. >>PLAY BIT
11/1/6 – CALL CHACH TO GET A SHOW- Everett & Jermaine got a Show by calling Chach, now certain members of the staff here at WEEI are trying to do the same thing. >>PLAY BIT
11/2/6 – GLENN GETS BOOED AT THE GARDEN - …but was the crowd really booing him? Listen here to find out. >>PLAY BIT
11/3/6 – FRED & STEVE HOLD WEEI HOSTAGE – After being on air 4 days out of the last 5 it would seem that Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie are actually holding WEEI hostage. >>PLAY BIT
11/6/6 – FRED & STEVE HOSTAGE CRISIS ENDS– After more than a week on air together, Fred and Steve finally let go of the WEEI airwaves. >>PLAY BIT
10/7/6 – THE BIG O’S BAD PREDICTIONS- From “the Yankees will roll in the play-offs” to “the Pats will have no trouble with Indy”, Glenn has really been on a roll with his predictions lately. >>PLAY BIT
11/8/6 – SEAN McADAM LAUGHS ABOUT THE DEMOCRATS VICTROY IN THE ELECTION – Sean Cranks Glenn, Fred & Gerry Callahan to laugh about his party’s victory. >>PLAY BIT
10/9/6 – THE REAL STORY OF TED SERANDIS RUNNING FOR OFFICE – Hear real sound of Teddy talking about his run for Governor’s council. >>PLAY BIT
11/10/6 – CURT SCHILLING ON JEOPARDY- This is a recap of Curt’s 3rd place finish on the game show Jeopardy! >>PLAY BIT
11/14/6 – RICHARD SEYMOUR’S VOICE MAIL – He gave out the number on air and now we get to hear who’s calling that number. >>PLAY BIT
11/15/6 – LEARNING JAPANESE – To prepare for the Sox new pitcher, members of the Big Show decided to try to learn some Japanese. >>PLAY BIT
11/17/6 – BIL BELICHICK'S NEW SUIT- A parody of the Men’s Warehouse spot featuring Bill Belichick getting a suit. >>PLAY BIT
11/20/6 – NFL SUNDAY SHOW TECHNICAL ISSUES- After a weekend of doing the show on the phone, NFL Sunday gets another spoof. >>PLAY BIT
2/7/7 – JAPANESE STYLE BIG SHOW PROMO- It’s a parody of the Daisuke Matsuzaka beer ad. That ad was so great, we just had to copy it. >>PLAY BIT
11/28/6 – MICHAEL IRVIN ON “THE SIMPEL LIFE” – On the heels of Michael’s brilliant comments, ESPN put Michael out on the farm for the new season of “the Simple Life”. >>PLAY BIT
12/4/6 – NEW PACKAGES ON 877-PATSFAN- Since Fred Smerlas lost his Pats season tix, he needed to find a new way to make up for lost cash. >>PLAY BIT
12/5/6 – GOOSE RIPPING- Tony Siragusa has A LOT to offer Fridays on the Big Show. Actually…he doesn’t. That’s why we rip him in this bit. >>PLAY BIT
12/6/6 – BOB RYAN-LIKE RUDENESS- Just like bob did to Theo, here’s some members of the Big Show doing a similar thing. >>PLAY BIT
12/8/6 – THE ULTIMATE BALL WASHING CHALLENGE – It’s the rump-swabs from the Real Post Game Show vs. the Celtics kiss-ups from FSN New England. >>PLAY BIT
12/14/6 – BIG TIME- With a little help from Peter Gabriel and Jonathan Papelbon, this bit explains why Steve Burton is “Big Time”. >>PLAY BIT
12/15/6 – MATSUZAKA’S VERY FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE – Featuring the worst Japanese to English translator ever. >>PLAY BIT
12/19/6 – FRED AND SEAN’S CHRISTMAS CD- Fred Smerlas and Sean McAdam tam up in this RARE collaboration for a Christmas CD with music and comedy. >>PLAY BIT
12/20/6 – DALE ARNOLD’S COMPILATION OF THE WORST CHRISTMAS MUSIC EVER – Just as heard on the Dale and Holley Show, this is some terrible Christmas music. >>PLAY BIT
1/3/7 – SUGGESTIONS FOR THE DOLPHINS- The organization is asking for your help in how to proceed on the search for a new coach. >>PLAY BIT
1/4/7 – PLUGS ON PLANET MIKEY – It seems like Mikey is always asking for something in return for a “plug”. >>PLAY BIT
1/8/7 – COACH BELICHICK JACKS UP THE PHOTOGRAPHER – Here’s a re-cap/analysis of Coach Belichick beating up the photog right after the Pats/Lets game. >>PLAY BIT
1/9/ - BUTCH TEACHES TEASING 101 – A class designed by Butch Stearns teaching students how to do a news tease just as excellently as he does them. >>PLAY BIT
1/11/7 – CHARGER RADIO – Wanna hear what San Diego sports radio sounds like right now? >>PLAY BIT
1/11/7 – SAN DIEGO PEP RALLY – This one’s an ad for the San Diego Chargers Pep Rally….yes…they’re actually having one. >>PLAY BIT
1/12/7 – MORE OF WHAT’S ON SAN DIEGO SPORTS RADIO – Back by popular demand, its’ a glimpse as to what they’re up to out on San Diego Sports Radio. >>PLAY BIT
1/16/7 – INAPPROPRIATE FRED – Just like when he went on ESPN and started talking about partial birth abortions, Fred Smerlas now goes on ESPN to talk about Adam Vinatieri and Stephen Gostkowski and brings up the Adam & Eve vs. Adam & Steve argument. >>PLAY BIT
1/23/7 – BLOW PEOPLE OFF LIKE BILL – This is a training video endorsed by Bill Belichick entitled “Get the F&^k Out Of My Face…Punk” teaching you to blow people just like he does. >>PLAY BIT
1/25/7 – REASON #21 WHY BILL BURT IS THE GREATEST BIG SHOW CO-HOST EVER – The 58 second go-nowhere question. (this is completely unedited) >>PLAY BIT
1/29/7 – BARBARO PUPPY CHOW – A totally tasteless bit promoting this new puppy chow made from the former champion race horse. >>PLAY BIT
3/13/7 – NERDS IN PARADISE – The Dale and Holley Show down in Fort Meyers, Florida. >>PLAY BIT
2/5/7 – SEE FRED IN SEPTEMBER 2 – This time, the baseball co-hosts say adios to Freddie >>PLAY BIT
2/9/7 – CRYING ON FSN WITH GREG & GARY – After each Celtics loss tune in to FSN New England to see the guys cry their eyes out. >>PLAY BIT
2/12/7 – COME SEE THE RED SOX EQUIPMENT TRUCK LEAVING – If you pony up enough cash maybe you can even help to load it up. >>PLAY BIT
2/14/7 – BIG SHOW CANCELATIONS – Here’s a list of what’s being cancelled due to the inclement weather. >>PLAY BIT
1/15/7 – TOP MOMENTS IN HOMOPHOBIC HISTORY – Thanks to Tim Hardaway, we now explore some of the biggest homophobic moments in sports history. >>PLAY BIT
2/23/7 – THE RECYCLER 2 – Larry Johnson is back yet again as everyone’s favorite copy catfish. >>PLAY BIT
3/2/7 – OVERUSE OF THE BRUINS PILL- A warning from the Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
3/5/7 – THE REPEATER- Larry Johnson, A.K.A “The Recycler” now has a surely sidekick in his quest for ultimate mimickery. Ron Borges joins Larry as “The Repeater”. >>PLAY BIT
3/8/7 – D&C PLAGIARIZE THE BIG SHOW (SHORT VERSION) – It’s not just the Bob Kraft guy that D&C stole from the Big Show. It’s o much more. >>PLAY BIT
3/9/7 – B.C. BASKETBALL PREEMPTS THE BIG SHOW – and the ISP does a terrible job in doing so. >>PLAY BIT
3/12/7 – BUTCH’S BULLSHIT MACHINE – Need an excuse for plagiarism? Butch’s Bullshit Machine can take care of that for you. >>PLAY BIT
3/16/7 – IT’S SNOWING!!! – and just like Channel 4, we’re gonna interrupt our programming to tell you all about it. >>PLAY BIT
3/19/7 – WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE? – a bit exploring the “celebrities” used to endorse products on WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
3/20/7 – 38 BITCHES – It’s Sean McAdam’s answer to Curt Schilling’s Blog “38 Pitches”. >>PLAY BIT
3/21/7 – MANNY IS SELLING STUFF ON-LINE – It’s not just his grill on eBay, it’s so much more than Manny is selling on-line now. >>PLAY BIT
3/21/7 – FRED & STEVE’S STEAKHOUSE – An “ad” for Fred Smerlas’ and Steve DiOssie’s new steakhouse at Lincoln Park. >>PLAY BIT
3/26/7 – 25 ALIVE – It’s Buck’s new blog that always ends up being about Tony C. >>PLAY BIT
3/26/7 – YANKEES TALK CALL SCREENING – It’s the Larry Johnson automated Yankees Talk Call Screener. >>PLAY BIT
3/28/7 – CRAZY LARRY FROM NEWBURYPORT – Well, I guess he’s not really crazy, but this audio wouldn’t help acquit him of such an accusation in a court of law. >>PLAY BIT
3/28/7 – FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS ANNOUNCMENT OF THE CELTICS COMING TO WEEI- You won’t believe how this announcement went. >>PLAY BIT
4/3/7 – RIGHT WING RED SOX – Now that the Red Sox are on WRKO, do you think they’ll have a right wing slant? >>PLAY BIT
4/4/7 – RED SOX WEDNESDAYS – After Red Sox Wednesdays get ready for Revolution Thursdays, Cannons Fridays and more. >>PLAY BIT
4/11/7 – 1967 INTRODUCTIONS AT FENWAY- If you missed the tribute to the ’67 team at Fenway, here’s a recap. >>PLAY BIT
4/17/7 – BILL BURT AND LJ ON PATRIOT’S DAY – It was Bill’s first chance ever to host the Big Show…and Larry stepped all over it. >>PLAY BIT
4/18/7 – NESN’s SOX APPEAL – It’s a sneak preview of the new NESN show with episode 1 starring the one and only Angry Bill. >>PLAY BIT
4/20/7 – CELEBRITY NANNY STARRING ALEC BALDWIN – with audio taken from that awful call he made to his daughter. >>PLAY BIT
4/23/7 – WE KNOW IT’S ONLY APRIL BUT…– It may only be April, but sweeping the Yankees and hitting 4 consecutive homers is still pretty cool. >>PLAY BIT
4/24/7- SHERYL CROW’S LINE OF EARTH SAVING PRODUCTS- Help save planet earth from Global Warming with Sheryl’s special products. >>PLAY BIT
4/26/7 – DRAFT WEEKEND COVERAGE PARODY – In this bit we poke a little fun at our own draft weekend coverage on WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
4/30/7 – FRED SMERLAS LOVE RANDY MOSS – Fred used to hate Randy but now that he’s a Patriot, Fred loves him and has even made him a part of Al Pro Productions >>PLAY BIT
5/1/7 – MAGIC 8 BILL – It’s just like the Magic 8 Ball but uses the voice of Coach Bill Belichick. >>PLAY BIT
5/4/7 – BEING ROB BRADFORD – A “Being John Malkovich” parody based on the fact that when you log onto it redirects you to Bill Burt’s log. >>PLAY BIT
5/7/7 – SUZYN WALDMAN GUSHES OVER ROGER – Let’s listen to Susan Waldman get giddy over the return of Roger Clemmens to the Yankees. >>PLAY BIT
5/8/9 – TICKLE ME SUSAN WALDMAN DOLL – The Tickle Me Susan Doll can giggle like a goof or over-react to any situation. >>PLAY BIT
5/9/7 – THE WEEI TOM TOM EXPANSION NAVIGATION PACK – Tom Tom has a Curt Schilling add-on, so why not have a WEEI one too. >>PLAY BIT
5/10/7 – FRED’S 5TH 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY – Come celebrate Fred Smerlas’s 50th birthday party for the fifth time. >>PLAY BIT
6/8/7 – MICHAEL VICK’S RESTAURANT – The new outlet for his blood lust. Pick out and even kill your own cow. >>PLAY BIT
5/16/7 – GUIDE TO WHEN AND WHERE THE SOX GAMES ARE ON – confused as to when and where the Sox games are on here at Entercom? This might help…maybe. >>PLAY BIT
5/18/7 – IS THE SOX GAME CANCELLED? – It’s a question we keep getting on the Big Show. The answer is…we don’t know yet! >>PLAY BIT
5/21/7 – BYE BYE TO BORGES – Most of us on the Big Show will miss Ron. MOST….of us. >>PLAY BIT
5/22/7 –TWILIGHT ZONE AT FSN (version 1) – I actually created this version first…before they informed me that we’ve done away with the Gary Tanguay “Stormtrooper” voice….whoops. >>PLAY BIT
5/22/7 –TWILIGHT ZONE AT FSN – This explores the 2 alternate realities of the Celtics either getting draft pick #1 or #5. >>PLAY BIT
5/23/7 – BAGDHAD BOB SPINS FOR THE CELTICS – Hey…they need someone to spin this damn 5th pick. >>PLAY BIT
5/24/7 – CEDRIC MAXWELL’S CELTICS RADIO COOKBOOK – For sale soon, it’s the book entitled “Go In The Kitchen And Make Me Some Bacon & Eggs” >>PLAY BIT
5/24/7 – CELL PHONES AND TERRY FRANCONA – Terry’s getting a little pissed at all the media members leaving their phones on during his interviews. >>PLAY BIT
5/25/7 – BOB RYAN/J.D. DREW RAP – A “rap” created with audio taken from the Bob Ryan/Theo Epstein conference call about J.D. drew. Inspired by J.D’s recent poor play. >>PLAY BIT
5/29/ 7 – DON’T WORRY NEW YORK, ROGER CLEMMENS IS COMING TO SAVE YOU – Roger is coming and things are gonna be great. >>PLAY BIT
5/30/7 – A-ROD AT THE STRIP CLUB – Wanna hear what it sounded like when A-Rod when to the strip joint? Check this one out. >>PLAY BIT
5/31/7 – MINE! – Believe it or not, A-Rod is not the first person in the history of man to have called out “mine”. >>PLAY BIT
6/1/7 – FRANK FROM GLAUCESER “GUMP” – Frank either lied his ass of to the people from Fox 25, or he really has been everywhere and done everything. >>PLAY BIT
6/5/7 – WHEN DRUNK CHICKS DIAL THE BIG SHOW – When you drink and dial this is what happens. >>PLAY BIT
6/6/7 – WELCOMING TOM CARON TO THE BIG SHOW – A nice little welcome piece for Tom Caron delineating the differences between working at NESN and The Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
6/11/7 – HOW THE SOPRANO’S SHOULD HAVE ENDED – The way it ended sucked…and tell don’t me how smart you are because it was “so deep” and only you got it. >>PLAY BIT
6/13/7 – I, BUCKLEY IV: AN EYE FOR AN EYE– A film starring Steve Buckley and Goose Gossage. >>PLAY BIT
6/20/7 – BIG SHOW CORPORATE SOLUTIONS- Use the power of the Big Show to effect change at your work place. >>PLAY BIT
6/26/7 – DREAM COME TRUE- A parody of the CONSTANT promos currently being run during Sports Center. >>PLAY BIT
7/2/ - BUCKLEY ON THE BULLS – it’s Steve’s column on himself…and the Durham Bulls. >>PLAY BIT
6/20/8 – MAX RUINS EVERY CALL THROUGHOUT HISTORY – Imagine if Cedric Maxwell had been there for all the great calls in history. >>PLAY BIT
75/7 – VOTING FOR HIDEKI – How is it that the Red Sox keep winning the Fan Nomination for the All-Star Game ever year? >>PLAY BIT
7/10/7 – BILL BURT TAKES OVER FOR HOWIE CARR – From weekends on EEI to full time on RKO, it’s everyone’s favorite Bill Burt Show. >>PLAY BIT
7/11/7 – THE SELF-RECYCLER – It’s Episode 3 of Larry Johnson as THE RECYCLER. This time, he’s copying himself. >>PLAY BIT
7/18/7 – SWEARING ON AIR – NESN did it so why can’t we? >>PLAY BIT
7/24/7 – SEAN McADAM VS. BILL FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE – Audio taken from THE SUNDAY SHOW will a little Buckley thrown in as well. >>PLAY BIT
7/25/7 – EA SPORTS PRESENTS MICHAEL VICK’S EXTREMEM DOG FIGHTING 2K8 – A very new and very tasteless game. >>PLAY BIT
7/27/7 – FRED & STEVE POPPING UP – Fred & Steve pop-up ads have taken over the internet. >>PLAY BIT
7/31/7 – THE CELTICS ARE RELEVANT - …and boy are we excited! >>PLAY BIT
8/21/7 – GREATEST LOCK-OUTS IN WEEI HISTORY – In honor of the one that’s going on right now, let’s explore some more of the greatest lock-outs ever. >>PLAY BIT
8/23/7 – THE ROB, ROB & HIS IMAGINARY FRIEND LARRY SHOW – It’s Flash Boy Rob Finnerty’s very own talk show here on WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
8/27/7 – MICHALE VICK FOUND JESUS – Now that Vick has found Jesus all should be forgiven….right? >>PLAY BIT
8/28/7 – NFL2K10 – Michael Vick gets back into the league in 2010 and is featured in this EA Sports video game. >>PLAY BIT
9/5/7 DALE AND HOLLEYS’ OVERLY ENTHUSIATIC CHEERING- If they cheer this hard for a mock draft just imagine what else they’d cheer for. >>PLAY BIT
9/7/7 – BREAKING UP FRED & STEVE – This bit signifies the end of Fred & Steve on Football Fridays on The Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
9/11/7 – 3 GAMES TO GLORY IV; THE BILL BELICHICK BOOTLEGS – order now and watch Bill break down his illegally obtained video. >>PLAY BIT
9/18/7 – NBC STANDS FOR “NOTHING BUT CAMERA-GATE” – After the Pats/Chargers game that’s definitely what NBC stands for. They didn’t cover anything else. >>PLAY BIT
9/21/7 – THE EXCITEMENT OF THE JOHN RISH SHOW – The 2 callers in this bit are LOVIN’ John. >>PLAY BIT
9/27/7 – THE BIG SHOW CO-HOST RAP – Another rap ditty featuring signature sounds from Steve Burton, Steve Buckley and Larry Johnson. >>PLAY BIT
10/1/7 – MAYOR’S RAP 2007 – A redux of the old Mayor’s rap making it a bit more timely for today’s big Sox rally. >>PLAY BIT
10/1/7 – CONSUMATION WITH THE COACH – it’s the Kiss-Ass version of “Coffee with the Coach” you’ll hear after the Bengals game tonight. >>PLAY BIT
10/2/7 – “CAVEMEN” FEATURING GRED AND STEVE – From the makers of ABC’s “Cavemen” Show this is one for WEEI featuring Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie. >>PLAY BIT
10/5/7 – McADAM’S REVENGE – After getting tooled on all day by Fred and Steve it’s Sean’s turn to get back at them. >>PLAY BIT
1/2/8 – FRED WAS RIGHT – For the first time EVER Fred Smerlas made a prediction and was actually right. Listen to this bit to figure out what he was right about. >>PLAY BIT
10/10/7 – WATCH THE SOX ON TV AND LISTEN ON THE RADIO – Here’s a guide on how to accomplish said complicated task. >>PLAY BIT
10/11/7 – MIAMI HEAT INTRODUCTION Check this one out to hear how Antoien Walker will be getting introduced in Miami this season. >>PLAY BIT
10/16/7 – SENILE STEINBRENNER – Poor Georgey is stepping down and the sons are taking over. >>PLAY BIT
10/18/7 – BIG SHOW FLUB WEEK – it’s been a week full of errors here on the Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
10/23/7 – DINO INTERVIEWS BRADY – John Dennis was crapping on the Big Show’s interviewing style so this bit fires right back at Dino. >>PLAY BIT
10/25/7 – DEFENDING THE PINK HATS – Listen as the Dale and Holley Show protect the honor of the “Pink Hat” female fans. >>PLAY BIT
10/29/7 – GUIDE TO CELEBRATING A CHAMPIONSHIP – a guide for all the college kids of Boston. >>PLAY BIT
10/30/7 – MAYOR MENINO ON THE ’07 ROLLING RALLY – Listen to the Mayor describe the 2007 Red Sox Rolling Rally…and hear “Dropkick Murphy” too. >>PLAY BIT
10/31/7 - COVERAGE OF THE RALLY COVERAGE - Here’s some very harsh (and somewhat unfair) criticism of the TV coverage for the Red Sox Rolling Rally. >>PLAY BIT
10/31/7 – COSTUME IDEAS FOR HALLOWEEN – Here are four great costume ideas you can use on Halloween. >>PLAY BIT
11/2/7 – BANK OF AMERICA AD PARODY – You’ve heard the Boston version of this ad, now check out the Indianapolis equivalent. >>PLAY BIT
11/7/7 – WHAT IS FOX 25 DISCUSSING THESE DAYS? – With all that is going on in the world of Boston sports, you’ll never guess what Butch Stearns is talking about on Fox. >>PLAY BIT
11/9/7 – THE REAL POST GAME SHOW: UNSOLVED MYSTERIES EDITION – In this episode the guys of the RPGS try to unravel the mystery of the “corrupt” NFL officials. >>PLAY BIT
11/16/7 – BROKEBACK BUFFALO – A bit done by request for Fred Smerlas. >>PLAY BIT
11/20/7 – SOCCER MOMS IN THE MORNING – Listen as D&C interview Tom Brady. >>PLAY BIT
11/27/7 – DR. CHARLES TRIBUTE DVD – Like the one he did for Roger Clemmens, the Red Sox are now doing one for Dr. Charles on his way out. >>PLAY BIT
11/28/7 – DID YOU MISS PLANET MIKEY? – You’re not the one. >>PLAY BIT
11/29/7 – THE HARDY BOYS AND THE MYSTERY OF THE DEAD DEFENSIVE BACK – Listen as the Hardy Boys (D&C) try to crack this case all by themselves. >>PLAY BIT
11/30/7 – STEVE STEALING FRED’S THUNDER – Steve steals everything from Fred including his binky. >>PLAY BIT
12/11/7 – BURTON & LOBEL WEEKENDS – If you missed their show then check this out. >>PLAY BIT
12/12/7 – THE ERIC MANGINI DOLL – He’s paranoid, pudgy and a complete tattle tale. >>PLAY BIT
12/13/7 – BIG SHOW CANCELATIONS – Thanks to the snow here’s a list of what’s being cancelled today. >>PLAY BIT
12/14/7 – THE MITCHELL REPORT ON TAPE – Read by Larry Johnson and Sean McAdam through Big Show Books on Tape. >>PLAY BIT
1/3/8 – THE COMMIE AND THE CATFISH – Hear Mustard and Johnson on WRKO. >>PLAY BIT
1/7/8 – CLEMMENS RAP – featuring sound from the 60 Minutes interview. >>PLAY BIT
1/8/8 – THE JERKY BOYS ARE BACK – Catch their new album headlines with a crank call to Roger Clemmens. >>PLAY BIT
1/10/8 – DALE ON K.G’s LANGUAGE – Dale Arnold is not a big fan of K.G’s language on the court. This is what he’d rather hear. >>PLAY BIT
1/16/8 – JIM THE WRESTLING GOON’S FAVORITE LOVE SONGS – Listen to these “highlights” from Jim’s new album. >>PLAY BIT
1/17/8 – THE HARDY BOYS AND THE CASE OF THE MOSS MYSTERIES – Listen as D&C take on their latest case. >>PLAY BIT
1/22/8 – PROMO FOR THE BIG SHOW AT THE SUPERBOLW – Check this one out to hear all about the Big Show’s coverage of the Superbowl from Arizona. >>PLAY BIT
1/25/8 - THE CHANNEL 7 RAP - Featuring John Dennis. >>PLAY BIT
2/11/8 – THE BIG HSOW JINX – It’s the Big Show’s fault the Pats lost the Sueprbowl. Listen to this bit to find out why. >>PLAY BIT
2/12/8 – A BUTCH STEARNS THEORY FACT CHECK – Let’s see what Howie Long has to say about Butch’s latest theory about Chris Long. >>PLAY BIT
2/13/8 – THE CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS – Check out the greatest fight in history taking place in D.C. >>PLAY BIT
2/14/8 – CLEMMENS VALENTIN’ES DAY CARDS – Inspired by the Congressional Hearings. >>PLAY BIT
2/20/8 - MATT WALSH CAREER BUILDER - a handy piece of software that helps you build yoru resume by lying yoru ass off. >>PLAY BIT
2/21/8 – QUEER EYE FOR THE SPORTS GUY – It’s Tangway and Felger live from Florida…in some very snazzy clothes. >>PLAY BIT
2/29/8 - YANKEES TALK INFOMERCIAL – Just like WRKO, WEEI will be going all infomercials on the weekends. >>PLAY BIT
3/6/8 – ESPN COVERS FAVRE’S RETIREMENT – Check this bit out to hear how over-the-top ESPN’s coverage was. >>PLAY BIT
3/11/8 – PORKY’S IV – A not-so-flattering film starring Steve deOssie. >>PLAY BIT
3/18/8 – FAT TONY – A bit on the heels of Tony Maserati’s BIG picture on the cover of the Bosotn Herald. >>PLAY BIT
3/25/8 – “PAC MAN” THROWS PEOPLE UNDER THE BUS – Hey Jermaine and Neully, look out for that bus Pac Man is driving. >>PLAY BIT
3/26/8 – LOU FROM THE RED SOX – A loose parody of the “Bob From account Temps” ads. >>PLAY BIT
3/27/8 – SPRING CLEANING DAY AT ENTERCOM - …everybody do your part. >>PLAY BIT
4/1/8 – CURT SCHILLIGN vs. JOSE CANSECO – Listen to the latest on the cat right between these two guys. >>PLAY BIT
4/4/8 – JOSE’S MAGICAL HANG UP TOUR – Listen as Jose Canseco hangs up on E3VERYONE. >>PLAY BIT
4/9/8 THE YAWKEY CONCERT SERIES – A concert series at Fenway Park featuring music that all middle-aged white men will LOVE. >>PLAY BIT
4/11/8 – BRUINS PLAYOFF HOCKEY IS BACK – and it’s oh-so exciting. >>PLAY BIT
3/14/8 – A CANADIANS GUIDE TO BOSTON – A guide to Boston for all the Montreal Canadians fans who are currently in town. >>PLAY BIT
4/15/8 - "E" FOR ETHNICITY - Tune in to WEEI on the weekends for a ton of diverse programming. >>PLAY BIT
4/18/8 – THE MUSIC WE PLAY THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHY – a complication of tunes ripped right off of the Dale & Holley airwaves. >>PLAY BIT
4/23/8 – LIVE FROM THE BOSTON GARDEN – The Big Show is live at the Garden today and this place is rockin’…..really……we swear. >>PLAY BIT
4/25/8 – FRED IS PISSED ABOUT ZO – Scott Zolak is on the Big Show today…and Fred Smerlas is not happy. >>PLAY BIT
4/28/8 – NO ONE MISSES FRED – and everyone loves Zo. >>PLAY BIT
5/30/8 – TO CATCH A PREDATOR FEATURING ROGER CLEMENS – Say hi to Chris Hanson, Roger. >>PLAY BIT
5/1/8 – THE MAYOR IN STREET JAM ’08 – More fantastic rapping from the Mayor Thomas M. Menino. >>PLAY BIT
5/2/8 - THE MAYOR'S RAP 2008 It's just the rap from the STREET JAM bit seperated and on it's own for yoru listening pleasure. >>PLAY BIT
5/5/8 – EIGHT BELLS DOG FOOD – another tasteless bit brought to you by the makers of the Barabaro Puppy Chow bit. >>PLAY BIT
5/6/8 – ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A BIG SHOW CO-HOST? – It’s America’s favorite new game show. >>PLAY BIT
5/7/8 – COURTSIDE WITH GREG DICKERSON – You’ve seen him on TV during the Celtics games and now you can hear what he’s saying while not doing a live hit. >>PLAY BIT
5/8/8 – DON’T CHECK THE FACTS EPISODE 2 – Listen in as the Boston Herald’s John Tomase gets some very unreliable tips about Bill Belichick he then runs with. >>PLAY BIT
5/8/8 – DON’T CHECK THE FACTS EPISODE 1 – Listen in as the Boston Herald’s John Tomase gets some very unreliable tips about Bill Belichick he then runs with. >>PLAY BIT
5/13/8 – JOHN TOMASE HEARD GOODELL’S PRESS CONFERENCE - …and he’s not very happy about it. >>PLAY BIT
5/19/8 – DALE vs. MAZ – It’s the fight of the week that ends with a bit of a whimper. >>PLAY BIT
5/20/8 - BELICHICK ON THE BIG SHOW - Ever wonder why the Big Show kisses Bill's bum so much? >>PLAY BIT
5/21/8 – THE MAN ON THE WAY UP IS BACK – and crazier than ever. >>PLAY BIT
5/27/7 – BUCK’S PET PEECE – Steve Buckley’s pet peeve today is Glenn Ordway’s composure at the Boston Garden. >>PLAY BIT
5/28/8 – THE LAST TIME MAZ AND MAX WERE ON – Max got to say pretty much……….nothing. >>PLAY BIT
5/29/8 WHAT WALLACE IS SAYING wanna hear what Rsheed Wallace is REALLY saying? >>PLAY BIT
5/30/8 – MEN BE WARNED – The “SEX AND THE CITY” movie is out and a woman in your life might wanna drag you there. >>PLAY BIT
6/2/8 – THE RECYLER IS BACK – Larry Johnson has yet another great line…stolen right off the Whiner Line. >>PLAY BIT
6/3/8 – MIKE ADAMS LOST AT PLANET MIKEY IDOL – and he’s been whining about it ever since. >>PLAY BIT
6/4/6 - THE RPRODUCERS BLOG - Chach and Iggy are blogging on free! >>PLAY BIT
6/4/8 – THE NBA FINALS – where fraudulent fans happen. >>PLAY BIT
6/5/8 – FLASH BOY ON FLASH BOY CRIME – It’s the Original Flash Boy taking a few pot shots at the current Flash Boy…or should I say “Flash Middle Aged Man.” >>PLAY BIT
6/9/8 – THE BIG SHOW…WHERE AMAZING HAPPENS – A Bill Burt and Larry Johnson split screen bit. (Parody of the NBA ads) >>PLAY BIT
6/10/8 – ROGER, SUSAN AND VIAGRA – Susan Waldman is quite excited about the fact that Roger has been using Viagra. >>PLAY BIT
4/12/8 - THE BIG SHOW IS NOT IN CALIFORNIA- and complaining about it all the time. >>PLAY BIT
6/18/8 - MAX RAP 2 - Cedric Maxwell Rap updated after the Celts won banner 17. "Max got the ball!" >>PLAY BIT
6/19/8 – WEEI’S BOAT AT THE ROLLING RALLY – All your favorite WEEI personalities were on the boat for the rally. >>PLAY BIT
6/26/8 – LOU MERLONE’S ITALIAN EYE FOR THE WHITE GUY On the heels of his article in the Improper Bostonian it’s Lou’s new radio show. >>PLAY BIT
7/8/8 – WHAT ELSE WILL GET SPONSORED ON DALE AND HOLLEY – First the “Lightning Round”…what next? >>PLAY BIT
7/14/8 – GLENN IS LIVING THE HIGH LIFE ON THE VINEYARD – but even that’s not enough for him. >>PLAY BIT
7/16/8 – MAX IN HISTORY – Cedric Maxwell didn’t just interrupt the most important call in Celtics history, he’s done it throughout ALL of history. >>PLAY BIT
7/18/8 – FRANK ON A PAY PHONE – Hey Frank from Gloucester…bring more quarters next time. >>PLAY BIT
7/21/8 – THE ABSOLUT LOCK OF THE WEEK – is absolutely not a lock. >>PLAY BIT
7/22/8 – I, BUCKLEY 5 – The Letter I. >>PLAY BIT
7/23/8 – FELGER IS A BASEBALL GENUIS – you’ll hear why in this bit featuring Terry Frnacona and Peter Gammons. >>PLAY BIT
7/29/8 – BUTCH STEARNS FOR MAYOR – Tired of Menino? Vote for Butch. >>PLAY BIT
8/1/8 – ADIOS TO MANNY – Boston remembers the newly departed #24. >>PLAY BIT
8/12/8 – LOU MERLONE CALLS LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL – Here are some of the calls you DIDN’T hear on NESN. Special thanks to Lou for playing along in this one. >>PLAY BIT
8/7/8 – JOHN BROWN’S SUPER PUNCH OUT – not to be confused in any way with NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown. >>PLAY BIT
8/20/8 – BILL COSBY HATES THE BIG O – he really seemed to dislike Glenn on this particular day. >>PLAY BIT
8/20/8 – THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS – Featuring Fred, Steve, Petsie and Zo. >>PLAY BIT
8/25/8 – THE D.B. AND THE MAN FROM MAINE SHOW – It’s the Michael Felger and Dale Arnold Show. >>PLAY BIT
8/27/8 – WHO AGREES WITH FELGER? – Not a whole lot of people. >>PLAY BIT
9/2/8 – MUSTARD & JOHNSON’S LAST SHOW EVER – Thanks to Rob Brandford M&J just had their last show ever. >>PLAY BIT
9/4/8 – BUTCH STEARNS: EXPERT PARTY CRASHER – Thanks for showing up to the WEEI ratings party Butchy! >>PLAY BIT
9/5/8 – PETER KING’S FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM – player by player…by player…….by player. >>PLAY BIT
9/8/8 – FELGER THE JINX – Brady is hurt…and it’s all Fenger’s fault. >>PLAY BIT
9/9/8 – THE ARBITORS OF COOL – It’s the Big Show on the Dale & Holley Show on fantasy football. >>PLAY BIT
9/11/8 –THE BIG O CALLS DUSTIN PEDROYA SHORT– Hello Pot, this is Kettle calling. >>PLAY BIT
9/12/8 – PLUMBING TALK – it’s the all new show on WEEI featuring Scott Zolak and Mike Adams. >>PLAY BIT
9/16/8 – WEEI.COM PRODUCED BY AL GEZIRA – Have you seen and heard the quality of the site yet? >>PLAY BIT
9/18/8 – THE BIG O’s ACCEPTANCE SPEECH – If Glenn wins a Marconi you know it will be all about him. >>PLAY BIT
9/19/8 – THE BIG O LOST THE MARCONI AWARDS….AGAIN – but at least he lost to a real pro; Ryan Seacrest. >>PLAY BIT
9/22/8 – THE DOLPHINS AND THEIR HOMER ANNOUNCERS – They sound just like a bunch of high school kids. >>PLAY BIT
9/23/8 - JOSH F'ING BECKETT - potty mouth. >>PLAY BIT
9/30/8 - DOOM AND GLOOM WITH DAKOTA - It's Dakota from Braintrree's new, uplifting weekend radio show. >>PLAY BIT
10/1/8 - SURVIVOR CAVONE - the ilsnad of Italian stereotypes. >>PLAY BIT
10/2/8 - DUSTIN PEDROYA IS MY LITTLE PONY - You can thank Chip Carrey for this one. >>PLAY BIT
10/6/8 – CURSE OF THE CABALLITO – the new book from Dan Shaughnessy. >>PLAY BIT
10/9/8 – HERE’S GRANDE. WHERE’S MAX? – someone was suspiciously not present in the Celtics open. >>PLAY BIT
10/10/8 – THE BIG GAY BIG SHOW – See what Glenn’s little comment about being a “homo” has started. >>PLAY BIT
10/14/8 – WHAT HAS McADAM BEEN UP TO? – While Sean was “banned” from the Big Show he had to keep himself busy somehow. >>PLAY BIT
10/15/8 - BATTING STANCE GUY - If you love Batting Stance Guy you'll love some of these other impersonators on >>PLAY BIT
10/17/8 – BOB RYAN/J.D. DREW RAP 2 – This is what we’re gonna accomplish with J.D. Drew, Bob. >>PLAY BIT
10/20/8 - CURT SCHHILLING ON DAN SHAUGHNESSY - Tell us Curt, how do you REALLY feel about Shank? >>PLAY BIT
10/21/8 – FRED SMERLAS: GAY SEX SYMBOL Fred is one hot “BEAR”. >>PLAY BIT
11/3/8 – STEVE’S RADIO ETIQUETTE FOR D&C – Dennis and Callahan are taught some manners. >>PLAY BIT
10/31/8 – DeOSSIE AND HIS GIRLFRIEND OUT ON HALLOWEEN – You probably know where this one is going. >>PLAY BIT
11/3/8 - ORLANDO ON CRACK - This is what happens when Orlando dials WEEI at 1:40 AM. >>PLAY BIT
11/6/8 – LOOK WHO’S COMING TO DINNER – Fred Smerlas finally gets an invite to the White House. >>PLAY BIT
11/7/8 – NO SOFTBALLS HERE – Listen to Glenn's brutal interviews with Mark Kotsay, Dustin Pedroya and Dan Duquette. >>PLAY BIT
11/10/8 – PETEY AND THE POM POM ARE CHEATING – They’ve found a new man. >>PLAY BIT
11/11/8 – SHIRA SPRINGER, MEDICINE WOMAN – Watch Shira on the Case of Tom Brady’s Knee. >>PLAY BIT
11/17/8 – THE NFL NETWORK PRODUCES THE BIG SHOW – Like what they did with the Pats/Jets game? You’ll love what they do with the Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
11/19/8 – THE EVAN GRANT BEATDOWN – The Big Show beats down the guy that left Dustin Pedroya off his MVP ballot. >>PLAY BIT
11/24/8 – THE WEEI GAME DAY BLOG – it’s the most insightful thread about the Pats game anywhere eon the net. >>PLAY BIT
11/24/8 – JOHN RYDER GOT BEAT UP BY A GIRL – Listen to the bloodbath in “John Ryder vs. Kim from Boston”. >>PLAY BIT
12/1/8 – FRED AND HIS CONCEALED GUN – Remember back in the day when Fred had a Plaxico Burrus-like accident? >>PLAY BIT
12/2/8 – THE PATRIOTS PILL – With The Bruins Pill being discontinued it’s time to start popping the Patriots Pill. >>PLAY BIT
12/4/8 – THE SOLILOQUIES OF SEAN GRANDE – Heard each and every night during the Celtics pre-game. >>PLAY BIT
12/5/8 – REACTION TO THE O.J. VERDICT – …from the whitest towns in the Bay State. >>PLAY BIT
12/9/8 - WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAY IN VEGAS - It's teh wild and crazy Bradford and Spear rip to Sin Ciyt. >>PLAY BIT
12/10/8 – HOCKEY TALK ON THE BIG SHOW – Passionate hockey talk for the most passionate fans in the country. >>PLAY BIT
12/11/8 - BLUE LOU - Like The Smurfs? Maybe you should check out Lou Merlone live in Vegas. >>PLAY BIT
12/12/8 - FRED THE PISSED OFF CO-HOST - Sung to teh tune of "Dominick the Donkey"/"Fred the Christmas Donkey". >>PLAY BIT
12/17/8 - THE HOLIDAY CONTRACT SONGS OF TEH BIG O - It's a new holiday CD sung by teh Big O with money and contracts on his mind. >>PLAY BIT
1/5/8 – THE BIG O HAS RE-SIGNED – let’s see who’s happy about that. >>PLAY BIT
1/6/9 – THE BIG SHOW ON TV – Here’s a few ways in which The Big Show might be taking to the airwaves. >>PLAY BIT
1/8/9 – THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF TED SERANDIS – Hear Teddy when the Eagles are winning vs. when they are losing. >>PLAY BIT
1/9/9 – SEAN McADAM HOSTS THE BASEBALL WRITERS DINNER – it’s a reenactment of Sean’s stand-up-like routine at the baseball writers dinner. >>PLAY BIT
1/12/9 – GETTING BACK AT ZAK – It’s a revenge bit getting back at Zak DeOssie for last year’s Whiney Awards Show taunts. >>PLAY BIT
1/14/9 – THE CLAUDE JULIAN DRINKING GAME – take a swig every time you hear someone on WEEI say “Clode”…but not “Claude”. >>PLAY BIT
1/16/9 – STRANGE ENDORSEMENTS – If you thought that Glenn Ordway being the spokesperson for a health club was odd, wait ‘til you hear these sponsorships. >>PLAY BIT
1/20/9 – FELGER’S ASS RAP – A little rap all about how much Michael Felger likes Larry Fitzgerald’s ass. >>PLAY BIT
1/26/8 – LOU AND NOMAR’S BIG WEEKEND – Here’s what Lou Merloni did with Nomar Garciaparra while Nomar was back in town. >>PLAY BIT
1/27/9 – BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AT THE SUPERBOWL – Hear what Bruce has to SAY at Super Bowl 43. >>PLAY BIT
1/29/9 – GRANDE BAILS ON A BIG SHOW RIP – Sean Grande sets himself for a perfect rip on The Big Show…then bails. Why would he do such a thing? >>PLAY BIT
2/2/9 – FRED INTERUPTS FRANK CALIENDO – Frank was really funny during this segment. We think he was at least. It’s hard to tell with Fred going nutty. >>PLAY BIT
2/3/9 – ALEX FLANNAGAN VS. A ROBOT – who do you think could be the better sideline reporter? >>PLAY BIT
2/6/9 – ANGRY ANDY – Don’t steal from the Big Show’s office (Howie Carr) or you will set off Angry Andy. >>PLAY BIT
9/6/9 – DALE “RON BURGUNDY” ARNOLD – What do Dale and Ron have in common? Well, the apparently both red EVERYTHIGN on the page in front of them. >>PLAY BIT
2/11/9 – A GREAT BIG APOLOGY – a bit apologizing for…well…all the other bits. >>PLAY BIT
2/18/9 – OVERDOSE ON STEROIDS TALK – Have you heard enough roids yet? >>PLAY BIT
2/19/9 – THE WEEI DOT COM HOUSE IN FLORIDA – Hear what the dot commies are up to while covering Spring Training in Florida. >>PLAY BIT
2/20/9 – POLITE MIKE – Mike Muttnanski is the most polite sports talk radio show host in all of America. >>PLAY BIT
2/23/9 – A CONVERSATION WITH THE FAT BASTARD GUY – Excerpts taken from his weekly Saturday Morning rants on The Whiner Line. >>PLAY BIT
2/24/9 – THE LYNN BORN SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE – The Glenn Ordway Story. >>PLAY BIT
2/26/9 - BIG SHOW INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES - Listen to how the master interviews/assaults his guests. >>PLAY BIT
2/25/9 – UNSCRUPULOUS SALES TACTICS – it’s not just the L.A. Dodgers that use them. >>PLAY BIT
3/3/9 – THE AMBIGUOUSLY GAY ZOLAK – Come on…he came to work today with frosted tips . we had to make this bit. >>PLAY BIT
3/4/9 – THE GOON SINGS “GENERATIONS” – It’s Jim the Wresting Goon’s awful Karaoke album #2. >>PLAY BIT
3/5/9 – MANNY THE JACKASS – just how happy is Manny Ramirez to be the hell out of Boston? Check out this bit for the answer. >>PLAY BIT
3/9/9 – GLOBE O.T. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE – the paper that ripped us is now going out of business and everything in their offices is ON SALE! >>PLAY BIT
3/13/ - DR. MAX – He’s the nation’s foremost expert on women, Doctor Max, Cedric Maxwell. >>PLAY BIT
3/24/9 – 1-900-TALK-FRANK- Call today to learn how to talk like Frank from Gloucester. >>PLAY BIT
3/25/9 – SOUND BYTES ON THE BIG SHOW – A quick explanation to our new Cape Cod listeners as to what they’ll be hearing on the Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
3/31/9 – CAPTAIN KILLJOY – Big Show producer Brett can de-motivate anyone. >>PLAY BIT
4/2/9 – JACK EDWARDS LAUGH BOX – Express yourself in the most unprofessional and inappropriate way ever with the Jack Edwards Laugh Box. >>PLAY BIT
4/3/9 – CHAT ABOUT FANTASY BASEBALL – set up a fantasy baseball draft and then sent out about 300 inter-office e-mails about it. Most of them were from Curt. >>PLAY BIT
4/10/9 – GABE KAPLER LOVE FEST II – A reprisal of an older bit featuring some of our on air talent gushing over Gabe. >>PLAY BIT
4/9/9 – PHISH AT FENWAY – Hear a preview for America’s Greatest Jam Band coming to Fenway Park. >>PLAY BIT
4/14/9 – ISIAH THOMAS HIRED AT F.I.U – College….a great place to send someone like Isiah. >>PLAY BIT
4/16/9 – TROUBLES WITH WEEI DOT COM – Here’s why the site went down for a little bit. >>PLAY BIT
4/21/9 – PLANET MIKEY’S PATRIOTS DAY TANTRUM – Mikey had to work Patriots Day…and was not happy about it. >>PLAY BIT
4/23/9 – McADAM AT SPRINGSTEEN – This is what Sean was doing instead of covering the Red Sox and Bruins games. >>PLAY BIT
4/27/9 – WEEI’s WONDERFUL WEEKEND COVERAGE – A snapshot of some stellar broadcasting from the WEEI weekend. >>PLAY BIT
4/28/9 – WHERE IS ORDWAY ON VACATION? – Did someone say something about the Swine Flu? >>PLAY BIT
5/5/9 – MAX’S CIRCUMCISION STORY – Another bizarre moment in Cedric Maxwell’s life. >>PLAY BIT
5/6/9 – McADAM TALKS FOREVER – Sean McAdam goes for the world record in talking the longest, uninterrupted. >>PLAY BIT
5/13/9 – ANDY AT STAR WARS FAN CAMP - Big Show producer Andy is NOT gonna like this one : ) >>PLAY BIT
5/18/9 – MIKEY-OKE WHINING – Listen to Mikey Adams complain about the fairness of his own competition. >>PLAY BIT
5/19/9 – BUTCH STEARNS ON R.B.I.’s – it’s a riveting weekend discussion on baseball’s favorite acronym. >>PLAY BIT
5/20/9 – THE 5 THINGS WE DON’T GIVE A S*&T ABOUT – an all new segment on The Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
5/26/9 – PISSING OFF THE MUT MAN – Steve From Fall River actually manages to piss off the usually mild mannered Mike Mutnanski. >>PLAY BIT
5/29/9 – RECAP OF THE 2009 MIKEY-OKE COMPETITION – a bit also known as “Angry Mikey 2” >>PLAY BIT
6/1/9 - THE LEBRON JAMES DOLL - Buy one to play with your kid....but try not to beat it in anything. It might pout...or leave. >>PLAY BIT
6/2/9 - WHAT ARE THE PRODUCERS WATCHING ON TV - is is Spanish soaps, porn or women's tennis? >>PLAY BIT
6/16/9 – ROMERO ON NESN – NESN gets joined by their new baseball “expert”, some dude named Romero. >>PLAY BIT
6/17/9 – SOMEONE STOLE FROM THE BIG SHOW – and they ripped him mercilessly. >>PLAY BIT
6/17/9 – SOMEONE STOLE FROM THE BIG SHOW – and they ripped him mercilessly. >>PLAY BIT
6/18/9 – BUTCH CALLS A RACE AT SUFFOLK DOWNS – you want excitement? You want butch on the call! >>PLAY BIT
6/19/9 – DEEP THOUGHTS WITH STEVE BURTON – straight out of a fortune cookie and off the backs of Snapple caps. >>PLAY BIT
6/19/9 – BILL COSBY ON WITH D&C – I can’t believe I’m crapping on Bill Cosby…but I really had to after this interview. >>PLAY BIT
6/23/9 – THE 2009 WHINEY AWARDS SHOW ARE COMING – and this is what you have to look forward to. >>PLAY BIT
9/2/9 – THE RICK PITINO SCHOOL ON HOW TO DEAL WITH P.R. PROBLEMS – Apologize and then attack. >>PLAY BIT
7/9/9 – LEBRON GOT DUNKED ON – and much like some people here at WEEI, he wanted no evidence of his low moment. >>PLAY BIT
7/1/9 – LOU MERLONE INTERVIEWS NOMAR – it’s the most romantic interview of the year. >>PLAY BIT
7/17/9 – ANTOINE WALKER RADIOTHON – it’s time to dig deep and help us bail out The Wiggle. >>PLAY BIT
7/16/9 – SOFTBALL THURSDAYS WITH DALE AND HOLLEY – it’s a new and exciting feature on the WEEI Sports Radio Network. >>PLAY BIT
7/20/9 - THE ODD COUPLE OF CEDRIC MAXWELL AND BOB MCADOO - The strangest roommates in teh NBA cerca 1979. >>PLAY BIT
7/22/9 – WATCHING ERIN ANDRES – Reactions from WEEI personalities as they watch the Erin Andrews video. >>PLAY BIT
7/23/9 – WORLD’S LONGEST TALKER COMPETITION 2 – This time Sean McAdam takes on Curt Schilling. >>PLAY BIT
7/27/9 – CRAZY TRADE TALK TIME ON WEEI – When there’s nothing else going on….then talk trade. >>PLAY BIT
8/3/9 – RED SOX SUMMER JOBS – on the heels of some rather interesting news concerning certain Red Sox employees. >>PLAY BIT
8/7/9 – THE BURTON RULE – NO more eating in the studio and no more showing up late. >>PLAY BIT
8/10/9 –THE MUSTARD AND JOHNSON SHOW IS BACK – and it’s exactly the same as it was before. >>PLAY BIT
8/12/9 – RICK PETINO ON JERRY SPRINGER – Real White Trash people doing really trashy things. >>PLAY BIT
8/17/9 – DON ORSILLO’S LATEST PARTNER – Frank Viola really knows his stuff, but something about him just sounds weird calling Boston games. >>PLAY BIT
8/18/9 – WEEI DOT COM 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PART – a part like you read about…in Computer Geek Magazine. >>PLAY BIT
8/19/9 – COVERAGE OF FAVRE’S UNRETIREMENT…AGAIN – The weeping network coverage is ridiculous. >>PLAY BIT
8/20/9 – THE VERY ATHLETIC BIG SHOW – Featuring all sorts of “athletes”. >>PLAY BIT
8/21/9 – MAX AT MOBIL – It’s a BIG APPEARANCE for Cedric Maxwell at Mobil Gas all thanks to the popularity he’s gained from The Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
8/26/9 – MAX AT THE PUMP – THE concert of the summer featuring Cedric Maxwell appearing at….believe it or not……gas stations. >>PLAY BIT
9/3/9 – SCHILLING FOR SENATE – It’s Curt’s very first political ad! >>PLAY BIT
9/8/9 – RICHARD SEYMOUR OAKLAND FAN HOTLINE – slightly different than his New England fan hotline. >>PLAY BIT
9/9/9– THE GREATEST DAY IN THE LIVES OF FRED AND STEVE – all courtesy of Bill Belichick. >>PLAY BIT
9/10/9 – WHERE IN THE WORLD IS RICHARD SEYMOUR- Carmen San Diego parody from the Raider’s perspective. >>PLAY BIT
9/16/9 - LOU MERLONE'S MAILBAG ON WEEI.COM - Ask Lou anything.......about Nomar. >>PLAY BIT
9/21/9 – JETS BEAT THE PATS MONTAGE – it’s Rex Ryan’s now-infamous phone call set to game and post-game “highlights”. It all came eerily true. >>PLAY BIT
9/23/9 – SLOW BRADY – What’s u p with Tom Brady? He’s been slowing down both on and off the field. >>PLAY BIT
9/22/9 – THE JETS FANS WANT A HANDSHAKE AND A HUG – winning the game wasn’t’ enough for them, they wanted a better handshake from Bill. >>PLAY BIT
9/24/9 – THE BIG O FREAKS OUT ON A CALLER – Glenn’s football résumé was questions and he did not like that one bit. >>PLAY BIT
9/25/9 – THE SOX AND YANKEES ON FOX – In reality it doesn’t really mean all that much but Fox is gonna PUMP THE HELL OUT OF IT anyway. >>PLAY BIT
9/28/9 1-900-DAKOTA-BETS – Dakota From Braintree’s new gambling line that couldn’t be more wrong. >>PLAY BIT
9/29/9 – THE JOE AND SUSAN VARIETY HOUR – starring Joe Castiglione and Susan Waldman >>PLAY BIT
9/30/9 – THE BIG O JINXED THE SOX – right after Glenn predicted them to go to the World Series the Red Sox went in the tank. >>PLAY BIT
10/4/9 – 1-900-DICK-OTA-BETS – Dakota from Braintree predicts a romp of the Patriots by Baltimore. >>PLAY BIT
10/6/9 – WHAT VERITEK WILL BE DOING IN THE POST SEASON – riding the bench….mostly. >>PLAY BIT
10/7/9 – MESSING WITH “THE YANKEES FAN” – If he didn’t like it when The Big Show pitched up his poem wait until he hears this. >>PLAY BIT
10/8/9 – GETTING RID OF J.T. THE BRICK – Talking badly about Tom Brady is a sure fire way to get yourself off of the WEEI airwaves…forever. >>PLAY BIT
10/9/9 – THE “JOE WEST SUCKS” RAP – performed by Curt Schilling and Lou Merlone to Joe West, C.B. Bucker and Greg Gibson. >>PLAY BIT
10/12/9 – THE BIG JINX – Renamed from The Big O all thanks to his 2009 Red Sox World Series prediction. >>PLAY BIT
10/13/9 – BILL BELICHICK’S SNAPPY ANSWERS TO BIG SHOW QUESTIONS – When Bill doesn’t feel like answering a question, he answers it like this. >>PLAY BIT
10/14/9 – STEVE BUCKLEY’S NEW BOOK ON TAPE – 342 pages in hard cover. 627 cassettes when read by Buck. >>PLAY BIT
10/19/9 – THE TALKER – Glenn Ordway is “The Talker” (parody of The Talker” commercials by Ooma) >>PLAY BIT
10/20/9 – TOM BRADY IS GOING TO HELL – according to Carolina’s Amazing Grace Baptist Church he is. >>PLAY BIT
10/21/9 – MR. FAT CHICK LOVIN CHUBBY CHASER – an ode to Steve Phillips set to the tune of Real Men of Genius. >>PLAY BIT
10/22/9 – FRED SMERLAS IS THE INTERRUPTER – he talks over everyone…especially Coach Bill Belichick. >>PLAY BIT
10/23/9 – LARRY JOHNSON’S PLAY BY PLAY AUDTION TAPE – Hear Larry Johnson trying his hand at play by play for the Patriots. >>PLAY BIT
10/26/9 – GENEROUS GLENN – If The Big O doesn’t’ stop being so amazingly generous he might end up just as broke as Antoine Walker. …yeah right! >>PLAY BIT
10/28/9 – THE EXTENDED SOLILOQUIES OF SEAN GRANDE – even longer than before!!! >>PLAY BIT
11/3/9 – LEARN TO TALK LIKE A YANKEES FAN – lessons on how to sound like a complete New York buffoon from The Yankees Fan. >>PLAY BIT
11/4/9 – THE BIG O CAN NOT BREAK ON TIME…EVER – A 24 parody showing that the Big O is completely incapable of breaking on time. >>PLAY BIT
12/6/9 – SAME OLD STERLING – Every time John Sterling calls a World Series win for the Yankees he does it the EXACT SAME way. >>PLAY BIT
11/9/9 – THE WHINEY MIAMI ANNOUNCERS – When they weren’t talking about how awesome the Dolphins are they were whining about the game calls. >>PLAY BIT
11/10/9 – BUCKLEY IS SELLING A BOOK – He wrote it and is now pitching it to anyone and everyone…everywhere. >>PLAY BIT
11/11/9 – A TRIBUTE TO BUTCH STEANRS – on the heels of his departure from Fox 25 here are some his greatest sports highlights. >>PLAY BIT
11/16/9 – REAL POST GAME DIRGE – Listen to this funeral procession that was The Real Post Game Show after the Indy game…with some Belichick bashing involved. >>PLAY BIT
11/18/9 – GROUNDHOG DAY – every day, all day, people just want to talk about 4th and 2. >>PLAY BIT
11/19/9 - FRED'S WASHED UP ALL STARS - group of ex-NFL players ou can hire to come rough people up at yoru next event. >>PLAY BIT
11/20/9 - THE CRYIN' REX RYAN DOLL - He'll cry at anything. >>PLAY BIT
11/23/9 - TEXT THE BIG SHOW - Now you can text the Big Show at 850850 but when doing so keep all of this in mind. >>PLAY BIT
11/30/9 – TIGER WOODS BUYS A BIG-ASS RING – Parody of a very popular jewelry commercial as Tiger tries to make up for his infidelity. >>PLAY BIT
12/2/9 – TIGER TALES – The new phone app from Tiger Woods offering life advice for any problem you might encounter. >>PLAY BIT
12/4/9 – I DID TIGER WOODS – A parody of the old I Am Tiger Woods ad campaign by Nike. >>PLAY BIT
12/9/9 – THE STEVE PAGLIUCA COMPILATION CD SET – featuring 84 CD’s….just a small sampling from Steve’s run for the Senate. >>PLAY BIT
12/15/9 – LOUBONICS – Listen to Lou Merlone’s speech pattern change when he’s around Cedric Maxwell. >>PLAY BIT
12/16/9 - LARRY JOHNSON'S NEW BOOK - it's a picutre book....on tape. >>PLAY BIT
12/22/9 – EVERYONE LOVES THE BIG SHOW – even guys who just so happen to host shows on other radio stations. >>PLAY BIT
1/4/10 – SNAPPY ANSWERS TO STUPID SPORTS REPORTERS – also known as a Bill Belichick press conference. >>PLAY BIT
1/5/10 – FRED INTERUPTS BILL BELICHICK – during a GREAT Bill Belichick interview, Fred just keeps on jumping in. >>PLAY BIT
1/6/10 – ROB BRADFORD ON THE LASER SHOW – Listen to how Mut and Bradford host one of the biggest possible guests a Boston radio station could ever hope to get. >>PLAY BIT
1/7/10 – FRED INTERUPTS FRED – Fred interrupts everyone…so why not himself. >>PLAY BIT
1/12/10 = 1-900-BIG-WRONG-O – on the heels of going 0 for 4 on Wild Card Weekend this is a betting line you absolutely MUST call. >>PLAY BIT
1/14/10 – GRAMMAR TALK ON THE BIG SHOW – we discuss Curt Schilling’s use of the word “hyperbole” and the Big O’s use of “mobile”. >>PLAY BIT
1/19/10 – ANTI-BIG O AD – done in the style of the negative ads done on Scott Brown. >>PLAY BIT
1/20/10 – SCOTT BROWN FOR FRED AND STEVE – One good endorsement deserves another. >>PLAY BIT
1/25/10 – BUTCH FOR HIRE ON BUTCH STEARNS.COM – Hear what’s new on Butch Stearn’s website. >>PLAY BIT
1/26/10 – DOGGIE TALK ON THE BIG SHOW – Steve DeOssie turns this once very manly show into a big doggie talk fest. >>PLAY BIT
1/27/10- BLACK LOU 2, HIS BLACK IS BACK – Another day sitting along an African Male and it’s another day of Lou Merlone’s very urban accent. >>PLAY BIT
1/28/10 – BUTCH STEARNS FOR HIRE – Hire Butchy to come to any of your events. >>PLAY BIT
2/1/10 - WHEN BUTCH IS IN FOR GLENN – This is what it sounds like when Butch Stearns fills in for the Big O. >>PLAY BIT
2/2/10 – AN ENTERTAINING STORY vs. A BORING STORY – also known as a Cedric Maxwell story vs. a Steve Buckley story. >>PLAY BIT
2/4/10 – FRED AND STEVE’S BIG SHOW SHOW-PREP – Wanna hear how Fred and Steve get ready for the Big Show? >>PLAY BIT
2/8/10 – CANCELATIONS FOLLOWING SUPER BOWL 44 – the following is a list of things that are either cancelled, postponed or sill on after the results of super Bowl 44. >>PLAY BIT
2/16/10 – STEVE BUCKLEY’S MOVIE LOFT – When Buck is supposed to be talking sports he somehow ends up talking movies. Special thanks to former Movie Loft host Dana Hersey on this one. >>PLAY BIT
2/17/10 – HOW NOT TO ACT WHILE YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED – a spoof on Butch Stearn’s calling on the air someone who texted his show. >>PLAY BIT
2/19/10 – THE TIGERBOT 5000 – He apologizes ALMOST like a real human would…but without all the emotion. >>PLAY BIT
2/23/10 – GLENN ORDWAY IS THE OLYMPIC SPOILER – Listen as the Big O gives out the Olympic results six hours or more before they show up on TV. >>PLAY BIT
2/26/10 – CELEBRATING BLACK HISTORY MONTH ON THE BIG SHOW – we look back at the greatest African American achievements in Big Show history. >>PLAY BIT
3/1/10 – THERE’S NO CRYING IN HOCKEY – Jeremy Roenick got so excited about the U.S.A. vs. Canada that he was almost reduced to tears. Hockey was ALMOST the manliest sport in town again. >>PLAY BIT
3/4/10 - TRASH TALK LIKE A CELTIC – listen to this training tape so that you too can trash talk just like a Boston Celtic. >>PLAY BIT
3/5/10 - TALES FROM THE FLIP SIDE - Listen to Glenn flippity floppty about the Celtics acquisition of Michael Finnley. >>PLAY BIT
3/8/10 – BLOWOUT SALE AT JONATHAN CITY – Everything is at bargain basement prices at Jonathan City at Patriot Place this Free Agent off-season. >>PLAY BIT
3/9/10 – GET YOUR TINY TOWN ON THE MAP – Milledgevilla GA knows how to do it. Just invite an NFL player to town and watch him go hog wild. >>PLAY BIT
3/11/10 – THE I.T. GUY STEALS FROM MIKEY – Listen as Mikey gets progressively angrier and angrier about his stolen lobster tail. >>PLAY BIT
3/16/0 – TOM D. CURRIN – Say something stupid around Tom E. Currin and he reverts to Tom D. Currin…where the D stands for DICK! >>PLAY BIT
3/19/10 - TOM BRADY'S WWF AD - You thought he was reading for the World Wildlife Foundation? Think again. >>PLAY BIT
3/25/10 – RICK PETINO CPA – Hire Rick to help you figure out where all your money went…and to have him laugh at you. >>PLAY BIT
3/26/10 – WEEI’S PRODUCERS ARE “ON THE STREETS” – come out and see all of your favorite WEEI producers at promotional events today. >>PLAY BIT
3/30/10 – DRAGON – Parody of “How To Train Your Dragon” starring Tom E. Currin as DRAGON. >>PLAY BIT
4/2/10 – AYLA BROWN VS. ANY GUY IN BASKETBALL – it’s the Big Show response to Ayla’s squawking in the Inside Track. >>PLAY BIT
4/5/10 – A KINDERGARDEN KID’S RALLY SPEECH FOR THE BIG O – it worked for the Red Sox on opening night. Why wouldn’t it work to get the Big O out of bed and into work? >>PLAY BIT
4/7/10 – CLEAN UP – Gerry throws Dino under the bus regarding the CLEAN UP rant directed towards Mikey Adams. >>PLAY BIT
4/8/10 – TIGER WOODS NIKE AD PARODY – Tiger has his Dad running through his mind while Buckley has different voices in his head. >>PLAY BIT
4/20/10 – ASS-KICKED – A parody of the movie Kick-Ass starring the 2010 Boston red Sox. >>PLAY BIT
4/23/10 – PATRIOTS ROUND 1 DRAFT PROMO – With their first round pick the Patriots select VALUE >>PLAY BIT
4/26/10 – CSI MIAMI: THE BEER DUMPING EPISODE – It’s the story of Sean Grande getting the beer dumped on him during the Celtics/Heat game. >>PLAY BIT
4/28/10 – ANNOYING NOISE WEDNESDAY – On the heels of Terry Francona’s fire alarm interview in Toronto, it’s Annoying Noise Wednesday. >>PLAY BIT
4/30/10 – 8TH ANNUAL WHINEY AWARDS SHOW RECAP – recap of the Big event that took place out at Showcase Live at Patriot Place. >>PLAY BIT
5/4/10 – DELUSIONS OF GRANDE – it’s another moment on air with the greatest broadcaster of all time; Sean Grande. >>PLAY BIT
5/5/10 - NOMAR GARCIAPARA NIGHT AT FENWAY - It's yoru chance to come celebrate teh man who almost nose what it's like to be a winner. >>PLAY BIT
5/6/10 – THE “I GOT BALLS" ALBUM – A response to Dale saying the Big Show’s Brett has no Balls…Dale proves that he does. >>PLAY BIT
5/11/10 – MAYOR MENINO’S JASON VARITEK RAP – a musical tune featuring the Mayor’s latest flub about “Varitek splitting the uprights”. >>PLAY BIT
5/13/10 – THE BRUINS NEW THEME SONG – it’s almost EXACLY like the original “Zombie Nation” song….but just a LITTLE bit different. >>PLAY BIT
5/14/10 – POLICE ACADEMY 19 – starring Cedric Maxwell taking over for the mouth sound effects of Michael Winslow as Larvell Jones. >>PLAY BIT
5/17/10 – THE B’S WHO BLEW IT – A brand new album featuring tunes relating to the Bruins collapse. >>PLAY BIT
5/18/10 – GLORIA JAMES DATING SERVICE – Wanna date your friends Mom? Call up LeBron James’ Mom and see if she can hook you up. >>PLAY BIT
5/20/10 – MTV CRIBS: THE BIG O’S HOUSE – on the heels of the big article about his home theatre system in “Electronic House” magazine, MTV is doing their own features on the Big O’s place. >>PLAY BIT
5/24/10 – A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY AND A LITTLE BIT GHETTO – It’s Jason Williams. He seems to be a little bit of both. >>PLAY BIT
5/26/10 – GARZA’S GOOP – a brand new candy from Willy Wonka made from all that stuff the Ray’s Matt Garza is constantly spitting out during the games. >>PLAY BIT
5/28/10 - MANHOOD ALERT – The new film Sex And The City 2 is out and if you’re not careful….you might get dragged to it. >>PLAY BIT
6/2/10 – MAX TEACHES THE N WORD ON SESAME STREET – Cedric Maxwell teaches Grover how to use the “N” word on the latest episode of Sesame Street. >>PLAY BIT
6/7/10 – THE SOLILOQUIES OF SEAN GRANDE: FINALS EDITION – Before the big game, get relaxed with the Soliloquies of Sean Grande. >>PLAY BIT
6/8/10 – THE PAUL PIERCE RETRACT-A-TWEET – amazing new technology that lets you Tweet whatever you want then claim that it wasn’t you. >>PLAY BIT
6/9/10 – TERRY FRANCONA IS LISTENING – Proof positive that along with all of the Boston Athletes, Terry Francona is listening to WEEI. >>PLAY BIT
6/10/10 – BILL SIMMONS LIKES THE BIG O – Contrary to popular belief, Bill Simmons is actually a big fan of Glenn Ordway. >>PLAY BIT
6/14/10 – MICHAEL THOMPSON WAS W-R-O-N-G – A montage of Michael Thompson’s trash talk about the Celtics going terribly wrong for him. >>PLAY BIT
6/15/10 - MAX KNOWS WOMEN - Cedric Maxwell knows how to talk to women, how to treat women and how to deal with women. >>PLAY BIT
6/23/10 – WEEI COVERS THE WORLD CUP??? – apparently hired a guy to cover the world Cup…which was news to even the air staff. >>PLAY BIT
6/24/10 – A MESSAGE TO FAKE ITALIAN SOCCER FANS – now that “your” team has been eliminated you can go back to rooting for the USA. >>PLAY BIT
6/25/10 – DUSTIN PEDROY’S 3 HOME RUN RAP – Featuring Dustin’s 3 Home Runs from the Colorado game called by Joe and Dave with music by Eminem. >>PLAY BIT
6/28/10 – RED SOX M*A*S*H – After their injury filled weekend in San Francisco this seemed like a pretty good TV show to compare the Red Sox to. >>PLAY BIT
6/29/10 - REMAKE OF THE A-TEAM - we're putting Dale Arnold back together with Eddie Angleman...whether he wants to do it or NOT. >>PLAY BIT
7/1/10 – BUTCHY’S WORLD – Live on a laptop near you it’s Butch Stearns’ new show. >>PLAY BIT
7/8/10 – ESPN’S LEBRON WATCH 2010 BIT 1 – ESPN continues to continue covering all the excitement with Rachel Nichols live at Lebron’s compound. >>PLAY BIT
7/8/10 – ESPN’S LEBRON WATCH 2010 BIT 2 – ESPN brings you all the excitement of watching a clock tick time away as we await the big announcement at 9 PM. >>PLAY BIT
7/8/10 – ESPN’S LEBRON WATCH 2010 BIT 3 – ESPN throws it to every possible city they can trying to get some information about what Lebron might do tonight. >>PLAY BIT
7/8/10 – GREAT MOMENTS IN CONFERENCE CALL HISTORY – featuring Bob Ryan, some dude and his Mom along with Tom. E. Currin’s wife. >>PLAY BIT
7/12/10 – JIM GREY’S CAREER SELF DESTRUCT – Listen to Jim blow up his entire career in just a few minutes with LeBron James. >>PLAY BIT
7/15/10 - WHEN BUTCHY'S WORLD BREAKS NEWS - can almost kinda hear it. >>PLAY BIT
7/20/20 – HAPPY GIRTHDAY GISELLE – Patriots fans want to wish Giselle a happy birthday in return for all the great moments they’ve experiences since she met Brady. >>PLAY BIT
7/22/10 - MEL GIBSON CALLS LARRY JOHNSON - Mel Calls L.J. in order to get a little spritual guidance...but gets a book instead. >>PLAY BIT
7/27/10 – EVERYBODY LOVES LOU – On today’s episode a rather creepy caller shows up to try and reminisce with Lou. >>PLAY BIT
7/29/10 – 15 SECONDS – The Petino/Sypher story relayed in 15 seconds increments in order to indicate just how short a period of time that is. >>PLAY BIT
7/30/10 - MY NAME IS JOHN RISH...NOT HERB CHAMBERS - Clearing up a little confusion on teh Herb Chambers Pre-Game Show. >>PLAY BIT
8/3/10 – ELLSBERRIES – who wants big berries when you can have some tiny little Ellsberries. >>PLAY BIT
8/5/10 – THE EXCLUSIVE BRETT FAVRE INTERVIEW – a quality interview heard only on the World Wide Leader. Many thanks to Brett Favre. >>PLAY BIT
8/6/10 – THE BIGGEST MEDIA WHORE FOR 2010 - …and the award goes to Lou Merloni. >>PLAY BIT
8/10/10 – TOM E. CURRIN IS THE NEW BILLY MAYS – if you’ve heard Tom’s new Comcast commercial you’ll see what we mean. >>PLAY BIT
8/30/10 – FRED SMERLAS ACTUALLY LIKES SOMEONE – check this one out to figure out who Fred actually LIKES. A rare thing indeed. >>PLAY BIT
9/1/10 – SPYGATE AFTER DARK – The brand new video series from NFL Films and Brandon Spikes. >>PLAY BIT
9/2/10 – THE NFL’s NEWEST FAMILY FRIENDLY SHOW – why it’s Hard Knocks of course. Great for the whole family to watch. >>PLAY BIT
9/4/10 – HURRICANE GAME – Hurricane Earl is on the way but as of now…the Red Sox game is STILL ON! >>PLAY BIT
9/7/10 – SLEEPY PORK CHOP – The story of Joe “Pork Chop” Haggerty oversleeping for his shift on the morning show. >>PLAY BIT
9/8/10 - WELCOMING RON BORGES TO THE POM POM CLUB - Ron will fit right in with all the Patriots bum smoochign you hear right here...won't he??? >>PLAY BIT
9/9/10 – TOM BRADY NEW “CARS” SONG – parody of Gary Numan’s CARS. >>PLAY BIT
9/10/10 – MORE OF TOM E. CURRAN ON COMCAST – They promosed us more of Tom….so where is he? >>PLAY BIT
9/13/10 – MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL SONG FOR THE JETS – Sung to the tune of the Monday Night Football song this one is for the NYJ. >>PLAY BIT
9/15/10 – BUTCH STEARNS SPENDS $5000 ON A SHIRT – Thinking he was bidding $1000, Butch actually spent $5000 on a Randy Moss jersey. …only Butch. >>PLAY BIT
9/16/10 – THE LAME FANS AT GILETTE STADIUM – Brady pointed it out…and here’s what he was talking about. >>PLAY BIT
9/17/10 – LARRY JOHNSON VOICE OVERS – you love his art and now you can hire Larry for his voice. >>PLAY BIT
9/20/10 - CONGRATS TO THE JETS - a rather sarcastic congratulations to the Jets for their big, huge week 2 win over the Patriots. >>PLAY BIT
9/21/10- THE FOOTBALL INSIGHT OF BILL BELICHICK – Click here to hear the amazing insights of Bill Belichick. >>PLAY BIT
9/22/10 - THE RED SOX ARE MAILING IT IN - a montage of all the mailed in plays from teh Sox recent series with the O's. >>PLAY BIT
9/23/10 – CAN TOM BRADY CUT HIS HAIR – Brady told The Hill Man we’d have to ask his wife if he can cut his hair. So…we did. >>PLAY BIT
9/24/10 - EXTENZ FOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS - if your team isn't lasting long enough then pick up Extenz for Football Players today. >>PLAY BIT
9/27/10 - LARRY JOHNSON AND JOHN RYDER TO (DELAYED) PATRIOTS PLAY BY PLAY - Listen to teh most exciting Pats play by play on the radio right here. >>PLAY BIT
9/28/10 -SECRETARIAT - the movie trailer for the film you feel like you've already seen before. >>PLAY BIT
10/1/10 – WHO IS SEAN GRANDE – you can ask some of the Boston Celtics players…….but apparently they don’t even know. >>PLAY BIT
10/1/10 – WHERE HAS MIKEY BEEN? – it’s been a very long time since we’ve heard Mikey Adams on the Planet Mikey Show. Where you been man? >>PLAY BIT
10/5/10 - DOLPHINS vs. PATS RECAP - a montage of the Dolphins lowlights set to T Pain's Dolphins fight song. >>PLAY BIT
10/6/10 - RANDY MOSS HIGHLIGHT MONTAGE - 1 minute and 15 seconds of some of Randy's most amazing highlights set to a very cool beat. Thanks, Randy! >>PLAY BIT
10/7/10 – CHRIS CARTER NOT SO COOL WITH D&H – Listen to former NFL Wide Receiver Chris Carter treat Dale and Holley with far more contempt than merited. >>PLAY BIT
10/11/10 - TOM E. CURRIN RIPS SEAN MCADAM - Sportswriter on sportswriter crime comitted on the Dan Patrick Show....for no apparent reason >>PLAY BIT
10/18/10 – LE-FAVRE-RA – From the makers of levitra, it’s an all new male enhancement drug you don’t actually have to “take”. >>PLAY BIT
10/19/10 – THE NATIONAL BIG SHOW…WITHOUT THE BIG O – Big Show co-hosts Merloni and Curran went national on the Dan Patrick show…but forgot to bring the Big O. >>PLAY BIT
10/20/10 - THE SUNSHINE BOYS - it's a big happy shiney day when Borges and Neumy come in to visit the Big Show. >>PLAY BIT
10/21/10 – THE LONG TERM EFFECTS OF BUMPING HELMITS INT EH NFL – examples provided by our very own All-Pro, Fred Smerlas. >>PLAY BIT
10/22/10 – BIZARRE BIG SHOW CALLERS – you don’t think we have nutty callers? Listen to this guy call in to talk about his junk. >>PLAY BIT
10/26/10 - FOOTBALL BY DUMMIES - A brand new book wrieen by Norv Turner and the coaching staff of the San Diego no-so-Super Chargers. >>PLAY BIT
11/26/10 – LeBRON’S NEW AD – this one features LeBron’s new Nike ad with instant feedback and reaction from America. >>PLAY BIT
10/28/10 – UNFUNNY FRED – Listen as Fred Smerlas tries and tries again to make Coach Bill Belichick laugh…and fail. You won’t believe who succeeds though. >>PLAY BIT
10/29/10 – THE BIG O IS NOW ON TWITTER – Get all the insights of the Big O at >>PLAY BIT
11/1/10 - OPERATION: BRETT FAVRE - it's a new version of Milton Bradley's Operation game featuring a very needy patient. >>PLAY BIT
11/3/10 – THE NBA CARES…AND SO DOES KEVIN GARNETT – On the heels of his comments on the court last night the NBA launches their brand new Caring Campaign with K.G. >>PLAY BIT
11/5/10 – WHY PRIOR GOT FINED – listen to this bit to learn why it took the NFL nearly a week to fine Prior for the hit on Favre. >>PLAY BIT
11/8/10 - GREATEST GATORADE DOUCINGS IN HISTORY - Mangini and the Browns have entered the pantheon of the greatest doucings in history. >>PLAY BIT
11/9/10 – BRAIN DAUBACH’S NEW JOB – Here’s a look into the future of Brian’s new job as A Ball Manager for the Nationals. >>PLAY BIT
11/11/10 – CALL JOSE CANSECO – Here’s what happens when you call Jose Canseco’s fan line. >>PLAY BIT
11/17/10 - STEVE IN FALL RIVER IS A DOWNER - Steve is the WEEI version of SNL's Debbie Downer. >>PLAY BIT
11/18/10 - THE FOLGER'S CHALLENGE WITH TERRY FRANCONA - comedian Graig Murphy fakes out Dustin Pedroi with his Terry Francona impersonation. >>PLAY BIT
11/22/10 – THE COLTS ANNOUNCERS FOCUS ON FLAGS – While the Colts were busy losing to the Pats the Indy announcers kept seeing yellow. >>PLAY BIT
12/9/10 - 2001: NOT A BRIDGE YEAR - it only cost them $300 mil but the Sox can finally say that 2011 is NOT a bridge year. >>PLAY BIT
12/10/10 - CHRIS CARTER AS A GUEST ON WEEI - He's mean to Dale, wrongly rips the Patriots and trashes Deion Branch. >>PLAY BIT
12/13/10 - THE WORD OF THE DAY IS "HOMO". - Glenn Ordway said he was one a long time ago and now it's Phil Simms turn. >>PLAY BIT
12/14/10 - THE YANKEES ARE BARGAIN SHOPPING - This year the Yankees are looking to pick up players on the cheap. >>PLAY BIT
11/15/10 - THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME IN BOSTON SPORTS - a montage of teh amazing things that have happened in Boston over teh last 2 weeks. >>PLAY BIT
12/20/10 - WOODHEAD SELLING WOODHEAD JERSEYS - Reebok put Danny in a store trying to sell his own jerseys. He was NOT well recognized. >>PLAY BIT
1/3/11 - WHO IS BILL MACATEE - He was the play-by-play guy for teh Pats/Fins game. You didn't know? Neither did J.B. from CBS. >>PLAY BIT
1/4/11 – HEDONISM 4 EAST RUTHERFORD – The New York Jets are sponsoring all sorts of debauchery at this new resort in Jersey. >>PLAY BIT
1/5/11 - RON BORGES IS A FAN OF BELICHICK????? - What a rare article indeed written by Ron about the Amazing Bill Belichick. >>PLAY BIT
1/7/11 – PETE CARROLL MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING FOR LITTLE KIDS – Pete’s speaking style is PERFECT for little kids so hire him for your Youth Organization today. >>PLAY BIT
1/11/11 - REX RYAN VS. BILL BELICHICK - it's the REAL battle going on at Gilette this weekend! >>PLAY BIT
1/12/11 - THE ASSHOLE BOWL - Thanks to the trash-talking of Ryan and Cromarti that's the new name for teh Pats/Jets game this weekend. >>PLAY BIT
1/13/11 - 1-900-INES-WINS - The all new sports betting line with advice from Ines Sainz. Pick #1: The JETS! >>PLAY BIT
1/14/11 - THE WES WELKER FOOT RAP - a bunch of wes's foot references set to a funky beat. >>PLAY BIT
1/18/11 - WORD DEFINITIONS WITH BART SCOTT - The Jets linebacker helps to define classy, humble and gracious for us. >>PLAY BIT
1/19/11 - COCK SHOTS - Brett Favre's side company that teaches you how to take great pics of your junk to text to women. >>PLAY BIT
1/19/11 - COCK SHOTS (country hick version)- Brett Favre's side company that teaches you how to take great pics of your junk to text to women. >>PLAY BIT
1/20/11 -DASTARDLY DALE - Dale Arnold takes aim and goes all Wild West on...everyone! >>PLAY BIT
1/21/11 -OAKLAND RAIDERS AUTUMN WIND POEM REDUX - The classic poem now has some sad & confused statements from Al Davis mixed in. >>PLAY BIT
1/24/11 - REX RYAN'S SUPER BOWL ENDORSEMENTS - The Jets won't be playing but Rex himself will be all over teh FOOTball broadcast on Super Bowl Sunday. >>PLAY BIT
1/25/11 - JETS GEAR GOES WORLDWIDE - The Jets have had to ship all their Super Bowl gear off to places like Zambia,Armeni, and Nicaragua >>PLAY BIT
1/27/11 - THE JERSEY SHORE GOES TO ITALY - Who could rape the Itailian culture better than the classless thugs from the Jersey Shore? >>PLAY BIT
1/28/11 - LATE CURRIN - Tom E. Currin explains his many and varied reasons for being late to work again and again and again. >>PLAY BIT
1/31/11 - K.G'S EXCUSES FOR THE NUT SHOT - Listen to K.G. and the Cetltics alternate reasons for his nut shot on Channing Frye. >>PLAY BIT
2/1/11 - CANCELLATIONS - a fun and funny list of things being canceled today due to the 18th storm of the season. >>PLAY BIT
2/2/11 - REPLACING CEDRIC MAXWELL WITH TWEETS - Hear what happens when they try to replace Cedric Maxwell with Tweets during a Celtics broadcast. >>PLAY BIT
2/3/11 - BEN ROETHLISBERGER SINGS - audio of a drunken Big Ben performing at Pete's Piano Bar in Texas. >>PLAY BIT
2/4/11 - STEVE DeOSSIE GOES GREEN - After promoting CFL's you won't believe what Steve DeOssie is promoting next. >>PLAY BIT
2/7/11 - THE WORST NATIONAL ANTHEM VERSIONS EVER THANKS TO CHRISTINA AGUILERA - A compilation of some of the worst versions of the Star Spangled Banner ever performed capped off by Christina at the Super Bowl. >>PLAY BIT
2/9/11 - RENT MARK SANCEZ FOR YOUR LITTLE GIRL - Wanna rent out Mark Sanchez for a Sweet 16 Party or a High School Prom? Good news...he's available! >>PLAY BIT
2/14/11 - CEDRIC MAXWELL'S VALENTINE'S DAY ADVICE - If you don't know what to do for yoru lady on this special day, just clkick on this bit. >>PLAY BIT
2/15/11 ALEX SPEIER AT RED SOX SPRING TRAINING - Check out live updates from's Alex Speier as his text-to-speech portrayal betrays him yet again. >>PLAY BIT
2/28/11 - HOLLEY AND ORDWAY RAP - A "rap" featuring Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley both getting pretty upset. >>PLAY BIT
2/28/11 - KENDRICK PERKINS RAP - Perk highlights and sound set to a fast tune as he heads out of town. >>PLAY BIT
3/1/11 - CHARLIE SHEEN & ALAN IVERSON RAP - A rap tune about practice and being a warlock with Adonis DNA. >>PLAY BIT
3/2/11 – THE DEACON’S SPEECH – The follow-up film to The King’s Speech starring Frank from Gloucester. >>PLAY BIT
3/3/11 - BIG SHOW TEAM WORK - Check this bit out to see just how smoothly Glenn and Michael are gelling. What teamwork!!! >>PLAY BIT
3/7/11 – THE BIG O AFTER DARK – Listen to this promo for Glenn Ordway’s HOT new late night show. >>PLAY BIT
3/8/11 - TOM BRADY AMBER ALERT - Have you seen the Patriots Quarterback lately? >>PLAY BIT
3/9/11 - HOW THE BOYCHUCK VS WHITE FIGHT REALLY WENT DOWN - Hear the Jack Edwards call vs how it really went down. >>PLAY BIT
3/10/11 -CANADIAN LAW FIRM AD - If you're a Canadian who wants to sue a hockey player assication with an American team, listen up! >>PLAY BIT
3/13/11 - YOUR 2011 NFL SEASON - Check this out to hear what your 2011 NFL season will sound like. >>PLAY BIT
3/15/11 - THE WEEI SEXY TIME RAP - A rap full of wonderfully out of context lines from all of the WEEI personalities. >>PLAY BIT
3/16/11 - TOMMY HEINSOLM RAP - Rap song featuring the vocal stylings of the Boston Celtics Tommy Heinsolm and Mike Gorman. >>PLAY BIT
3/17/11 - OBAMA'S BRACKETS - No matter what's going on in the world our President is never too busy to fill out his brackets. >>PLAY BIT
Red Sox
8/27/13 - JIMMY FUND RADIOTELETHON DAY 2 RECAP - a recap of all the best and most amazing moments from day 2 of the 2013 Jimmy Fund Radiotelethon. >>PLAY BIT
8/27/13 - JIMMY FUND RADIOTELETHON DAY 1 RECAP - a recap of all the best and most amazing moments from day 1 of the 2013 Jimmy Fund Radiotelethon. >>PLAY BIT
9/12/12 - JOE CASTIGLIONE 30 ANNIVERSARY MONTAGE - Here just a few of the best calls from Joe over the last 30 years. >>PLAY BIT
8/30/11 - 2011 JIMMY FUND DAY 1 RECAP - Check out this five minute recap featuring the very best stores from day one of the Jimmy Fund radio-telethon. >>PLAY BIT
8/30/11 - 2011 JIMMY FUND DAY 2 RECAP - Check out this five minute recap featuring the very best stores from day two of the Jimmy Fund radio-telethon. >>PLAY BIT
RED SOX 2004 RETROSPECTIVE- Well, this is neither a bit, or even anything I created. Red Sox Exec. Producer Chris Eno made this and it’s gotten a lot of requests…so Enjoy! >>PLAY BIT
Paul Allen calls the end of the Jets/Vikings game from Monday 10/11 VERY funny >>PLAY BIT
A grumpy Rando Moss does NOT wanna talk. he didn't do it in NE and he won't do it in MN >>PLAY BIT
Dan Patrick Show open for 10/18/10 featuring Tim McCarver and Rish Eisen >>PLAY BIT
Rich Eisen from the NFL Network and Dan Patrick do their best Bill Belichick impressions from before, during and after hsi press conferences. >>PLAY BIT
What will Maurice Jones Drew dress up like for Halloween? Sound from the Dan patrick Show >>PLAY BIT
CNBC's Darren Rovell joins Dan Patrick to talk about the Seattle Freehawks >>PLAY BIT
Dan Patrick tells Rich Eisen that he slept with Mark Sanchez >>PLAY BIT
San Francisco Gaints copy read on Friday 10/29 >>PLAY BIT
2 great soundbites of Jim Nantz and Deion Sanders endorcing my work on the Dan Patrick show. Thanks guys! >>PLAY BIT
9:20 AM on 11/3 Jeff Fisher is "considering" Randy Moss...but hasn't looked at any film. Hours later, they pick him up. >>PLAY BIT
Sound from the Dan Patrick Show. Mike Holmgren could make Eric Mangini nervous with talk like this. >>PLAY BIT
Rich Eisen tells Dan Patrick why he thinks Randy Moss got booted out of Minnesota. 11/5/10 THE DAN PATRICK SHOW >>PLAY BIT
Deion Sanders tells about his very first run-in with Bo Jackson on the Dan Patrick Show >>PLAY BIT
This is what you hear when you call Jose Canseco @ 310 862 6309 >>PLAY BIT
Rich Eisen joins the Dan Patrick Show to discuss Deion Sanders performace at the combine >>PLAY BIT
Rich Eisen on Deion Sanders from the Dan patrick Show >>PLAY BIT
2/1/12 - NEW SHOW NAME FOR "THE SHOW WITH JOHN RYDER" - Check out the new and improved name of "The Show with John Ryder"! >>PLAY BIT
National Bits- aired outside of Boston
3/26/13 - MICHAEL HOLLEY FOR IBS - Finally, Holley has found a cause that he REALLY wants to champion. >>PLAY BIT
11/15/12 - DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE - Check out the new movie about General Petraeus. >>PLAY BIT
11/14/12 - OPERATION MAYOR MENINO - The Mayor is in the hospital so it is time to play your favorite game from the 80s: Operation. >>PLAY BIT
5/27/11 - EBJ vs. THE BLACK EYED PEAS - oddly similar >>PLAY BIT
YUPPIE AND THE ALIEN- I actually did not write or produce this one, but I am the main voice of it. It’s featured in the game Grand Theft Auto Vice City so I thought it would be cool to add here. >>PLAY BIT
AUNT JAMIMA- This one’s actually a take off on the Aunt Jamima bits, but if I told you the name of the product I parodied, it would give the bit away. Take a listen to find out. >>PLAY BIT
BODY DISPOSAL FOR HOMICIDAL MANIACS- A guide of how to get rid of a body. >>PLAY BIT
STAR TREK UNREHEARSED- The original version of Star Trek where the crew still didn’t’ quite get how to do this space travel thing. >>PLAY BIT
JUST A LITTLE SLOW- A New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day parody song sung to the tune of “Just A Gigolo” >>PLAY BIT
COMCAST AD- This actually never aired anywhere. Most of it is a Comcast Ad that was running in the Boston Market for a long time. It ran CONSTANTLY and started to bug me, so I made a little change to it. Enjoy >>PLAY BIT
THE ACCENT- Use a phony accent to get chicks >>PLAY BIT
WRESTLING ON WEASEL- Another one I did not write or produce, but another one featured in grand Theft Auto. This time, the San Andreas version. This spot is in the game, and on the sound track. >>PLAY BIT
9/12/5- VAGINA TOP BEER- This one has never, and most likely will never end up on the air at WEEI. That’s why we’ve got though. You’ll love it. >>PLAY BIT
BOOK OF EXCUSES- An ad for a book full of great excuses you can use to get out of work. >>PLAY BIT
SOPRANO’S SEASON 5 PREVIEW SONG- Soprano’s theme song parody previewing the not-so-anticipated season 5. >>PLAY BIT
COMMANDO PEST ERADICATION- More cool stuff from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It is the second of two commercials that play within the game that I am featured on. >>PLAY BIT
Pete and this site were written up in the Boston Sunday Globe (SuperBowl Sunday edition). See an internet transcript of the story here. (no audio with this file. >>PLAY BIT
5/13/6 - THE GREATEST OPEN EVER- An open created for Dickerson and Bradford in response to Dick saying the open I made the week before was "the worst one he'd ever heard on radio ever". >>PLAY BIT
6/5/7 – STEVE BAILEY ON FINNERAN’S FORUM – If for some reason you happen to listen to Steve Bailey with Tom Finneran on WRKO, you might enjoy this one. If you don’t know it…skip this bit. >>PLAY BIT
8/20/7 - DUH – Parody of the popular “DUH" car commercial promoting The Real Post Game Show. >>PLAY BIT
7/22/8 – PLANET MIKEY METAL THEME – Planet Mikey’s new Hard Rock/Metal Theme. >>PLAY BIT
030409 - WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU INTERUPT A VOICE-OVER GUY? - This is what happens when my phone rings in the middle of me reading a promo. 9listen all the way through) >>PLAY BIT
5/13/ - WALK THIS WAY KARAOKE – my entry into Planet Mikey-Okie. It’s me doing Chach & Pete Sheppard doing “Walk This Way”. Vote early and often! >>PLAY BIT
5/21/9 - GOLD DIGGER - My Round 3 entry to Mikey-oke. I use the Pete Sheppard & Chach voices to cover Kanye's "Gold Digger" >>PLAY BIT
Commercial for Bawstins Energy Drink read by Pete >>PLAY BIT
12/8/10 - BORGES ON TWITTER - Listen to how Ron Borges has tranferred his grumpiness about the Patriots to the online realm of Twitter. >>PLAY BIT